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Health Department — Get rid of standing water to help prevent West Nile, Zika virus
disease insect management prevention treatment

Trumbull has had a significant amount of rain this spring, which is why the Health Department is encouraging residents to take be vigilant in preventing mosquito breeding areas around the home

Researchers crack small hive beetle genome
biology genetics insect pesticide photographs treatment

The breakthrough should help scientists develop targeted control methods and more efficient insecticidal treatments

Willmar Area Lakes Association to meet May 22
photographs weed

Combating invasive species and improving water quality top the agenda for the Willmar Area Lakes Association

Herbicide Application on Chautauqua Lake Now Underway
management pesticide treatment weed

The effort to battle weeds in areas of Chautauqua Lake with herbicide is now underway.

Is a soybean villain lurking in your field?
definition nematode photographs spread

Get out your soil probes and shovels and help Penn State Extension, the SCN Coalition, and the Pennsylvania Soybean Board track the Soybean Cyst Nematode.

Tuta absoluta pest detected in the Canary Islands
climate damage insect specialty_crops spread

The tomato producing sector of the Canary Islands is in trouble due to an unusual Tuta absoluta pest

Decoded small hive beetle genome could help control invasive honeybee parasite
definition pesticide photographs prevention treatment

Scientists at the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Research Service have deciphered the genome of a serious threat to honeybees.

photographs public_response weed

The award-winning Plant Positive project are once again back out in the East Wight and are inviting new people to join their band of volunteers who tackle Himalayan Balsam

Japanese knotweed – should you be worried and what should you look for?
cost definition identification insect inspection photographs

Japanese knotweed, the invasive plant that has been known to damage buildings and knock thousands off property prices

Green Mountain Reservoir to open with improvements to combat invasive species
inspection mollusk

Invasive quagga mussel larvae invaded the reservoir in 2017. A mandatory inspection and decontamination will be in place again this summer.

Canines trained to sniff out diseases
biocontrol biosurveillance cost disease insect prevention

Dogs have long been known for their dazzling sense of smell, and the right dogs can be trained to sniff out everything from drugs and explosives to bugs and native plants.

Tiny warriors get nasty on Canada thistle
biocontrol insect photographs weed

The West Central Forage Association has another biocontrol that can help you win the war against Canada thistle.

Stink bugs bugging you? Asian species spotted on Eastern Shore
definition insect map pesticide photographs video

An invasive species of stink bug from Asia that has long been a nuisance in the western part of Virginia is reported being seen by Eastern Shore residents inside their homes.

Residents urged to keep their eyes open for moth
insect photographs public_response reporting

Oak trees are important for wildlife but they are also home to the pest, the oak processionary moth.

EU Xylella update: still no cure - control measures crucial
disease eradication map prevention spread

The European Food Safety Authority has updated its assessment of the risks posed by Xylella fastidiosa to plants and crops in the EU.

Crops at risk from changing climate
climate disease specialty_crops

Climate change is leaving crops at risk. Driven by global warming – and with it ever greater extremes of heat, drought and rainfall

OPINION: Our View — Many can play roles in fighting invasive species
cost eradication insect pesticide spread treatment weed

When invasive species are introduced into new ecosystems, there may not be any malicious intent involved.

The 'Indiana Jones of Insects' Rescuing SoCal Palm Trees
cost definition history nematode photographs slides

A ruinous insect is on its way to kill L.A.’s already diminishing palm trees

South Australia: Ceduna fruit fly restrictions lifted
eradication insect photographs quarantine

Quarantine restrictions are being lifted in the Mediterranean fruit fly outbreak area in Ceduna, although restrictions will remain in Thevenard until at least October.

Officials: Buy firewood, don't haul it
insect quarantine spread

Wisconsin outdoor officials warned that hauling firewood from home, instead of buying local or certified firewood, can spread pests and invasive species

Growing number of Illinois beekeepers welcome new hobbyists, warn hive health risks
insect pesticide treatment

The decline of bees can be due to pesticides, pathogens, parasites and poor nutrition

Emerald Ash Borer Found Near 37th and Minnesota Avenue
insect overwinter photographs spread

The city of Sioux Falls announced today that a satellite of emerald ash borer have been discovered at 37th street and Minnesota Avenue.

‘One of the most destructive forest pests’ infests Richmond trees
insect photographs public_response tree_removal

The Virginia Department of Forestry (VDOF) says the emerald ash borer has infested ash trees in the city of Richmond.

South civic body in Delhi writes to agencies to clear drains
pesticide weed

The South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) has expressed concern over the proliferation of water hyacinth, floating garbage and silt in drains and water bodies in areas under their jurisdiction, citing them as obstacles in spraying insecticides to kill mosquito larvae breeding in them.

Office of Physical Plant to spray University Park elms May 18-19
disease treatment

The Penn State Office of Physical Plant will conduct its annual elm spray this weekend

Murkowski Questions Forest Service on Spruce Beetle Mitigation in Alaska, Wildfire Prevention Efforts, and Timber Production
insect video

“The spruce bark beetle is back in Alaska and on steroids this time,” said Senator Murkowski.

Resistant Corn Borer Found
biology insect management resistance

Scientists have found populations of European corn borer in Canada that are fully resistant to the Bt trait Cry1F, sold under the brand name Herculex I.

Farmers Cautioned About European Corn Borer Resistance
insect resistance spread

Manitoba Agriculture Entomologist John Gavloski has concerns following recent findings of European corn borer (ECB) resistance to single-trait Bt corn in the Maritimes.

Update on pollinator pilot and wild parsnip spraying
insect public_response spread treatment

The Municipality of Mississippi Mills had a great opportunity to acquire wildflower seed through Lanark County and the Canadian Wildlife Federation.

What is Japanese knotweed? The damage it causes is legendary – but its effect on house prices might have been exaggerated
damage history photographs weed

Homeowners who are struggling to sell their property or get a mortgage because of Japanese knotweed could soon be granted some relief.

Little Fire Ant Infestation in Happy Valley Spans 3 Acres
funding insect slides video

A meeting is being held tonight to discuss a new infestation of the invasive little fire ant on the island.

USACE Publishes Hydrilla Risk Assessment for the Great Lakes Basin
management prevention survey weed

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Buffalo District, in cooperation with the Engineer Research and Development Center, has published a risk assessment that summarizes the potential for hydrilla introduction within the Great Lakes

Montana loving students learn about invasive plant species at Riverfront Park
management public_response survey video weed

An important invasive species mentioned today is the Leafy Spurge, which has already overrun the banks of the Yellowstone River, and is making its way down to Riverfront Park.

Residents not happy with Co Council’s reply on weed
photographs public_response spread weed

RESIDENTS of a Clonakilty housing estate, who have publicly voiced concerns over the spread of knotweed, have said they are not satisfied with the County Council’s response.

Help Coquitlam rid itself of invasive plant species
photographs public_response spread weed

The city of Coquitlam is looking to residents to assist in its battle against invasive plant, the giant hogweed.

Fungal Disease, Lethal to Ash Trees, Will Cost British Government £15 Billion
cost disease insect municipal prevention quarantine

Ash dieback, an invasive fungal disease, is expected to kill 95% to 99% of the UK’s native ash trees if local governments do not intervene.

Ignorant travellers pose billion-dollar risk to WA economy, quarantine officers say
cost insect inspection quarantine stone_fruit

Quarantine officials are warning that inexperienced travellers are putting Western Australia's $8 billion agriculture industry at risk with tonnes of potentially destructive organic produce being seized at borders, and more detected every year.

Ceduna fruit fly restrictions lifted
insect photographs quarantine

A whole community effort has been credited for quarantine restrictions being lifted in the Mediterranean fruit fly outbreak area in Ceduna, although restrictions will remain in Thevenard until at least October.

Diversity, lessons from the trees
disease insect photographs tree_removal

This insect is progressively killing off billions of ash trees across the country, including thousands of trees here in Boulder County.

EFSA: No cure for olive plants pest, the whole EU is at risk
disease spread

In two opinions released on Wednesday (15 May), the EU Food Safety Agency confirmed that there is still no known way to eradicate the xylella fastidiosa from a sick olive tree.

Fighting against the dangerous cheatgrass invasion in the county
public_response weed

The threat cheatgrass poses is apparent along county roads, the hillsides of Almont and nearly every alley within Gunnison city limits.

Garlic Mustard 101
definition identification spread weed

Don’t know what invasive garlic mustard is or how to identify it?

Podcast: Could a benign virus save Florida's devastated orange industry from citrus greening disease?
citrus definition disease technology

Citrus attacking diseases

Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention Groups Work To Build Partnerships
audio cost eradication mollusk prevention spread

building connections between local groups and water managers will be crucial to prevent the spread of zebra and quagga mussels in Montana.

May long prep: even paddleboards can transmit invasive mussels
inspection mollusk photographs public_response

The increased movement of boats and other types of watercraft into and around the Shuswap means that there’s an increased risk of an accidental introduction of zebra and quagga mussels

More parasitic insects detected in Manipur
corn insect

The entomologists of Central Agricultural University (CAU), Iroishemba in Manipur has claimed to have detected two more insects which are responsible for the vast destruction caused to maize plantations across the state.

Invasive species warning - have you seen these bugs in your neighborhood?
definition insect video

The state DEC [of New York] is asking all of us to be on the lookout for an invasive bug species this spring.

Special Report| The Buzz About Bees
beneficial cost impact insect

With a decreasing bee population, the insect as well as their role in pollination is harder for local farmers to depend on during the growing season.

DCNR to check boats at Pa. state parks for invasive species
inspection nematode prevention weed

Boaters at state parks in York County this summer can have their vessels checked for invasive species.

Communities Around Chautauqua Lake Begin Aquatic Herbicide Treatments
pesticide treatment weed

akeside towns and villages will begin applying herbicides to Chautauqua Lake in an effort to cut down on weed overgrowth.

Highland staying one step ahead of the Emerald Ash Borer
insect prevention treatment video

More than 100 trees are being treated at James Monroe's Highland this week to help protect them from the invasive species known as the emerald ash borer

Quincy tree service begins treating ash trees
insect pesticide video

Warmer weather means the threat of the Emerald Ash Borer in the city of Quincy again.

McAlester residents encouraged to avoid fire ants in public places

The McAlester Parks and Recreation Department is urging area residents and visitors to watch and beware of fire ant colonies in public spaces and parks this summer.

Gypsy Moth poses threat to oak trees: Here's how you can help
definition insect public_response

The City of Grand Rapids is asking for your help, to protect against a predator that’s recently been on the rise.

Gypsy moths have returned to Western Mass.
definition identification treatment video weed

They're back. Entomologists said that gypsy moths so pervasive last year are back with a vengeance this year.

McGuire’s bill to combat Pierce’s disease in winegrape vines heads to Assembly
cost disease grape

To ensure that California’s wine industry can continue to conduct research, inspect, and control Pierce’s disease, Sen. McGuire introduced SB 449

Volunteers needed for invasives control

The Putney Mountain Association is organizing a special Work Day to focus on invasives control.

Japanese knotweed wipes thousands off home value as guidelines are 'overly cautious', say MPs
cost photographs video weed

The ‘seven-metre rule’, the danger zone from the invasive plant used to decide mortgages, is not now based on the latest scientific evidence.

The Addicted Gardener: Get rid of Japanese knotweed
definition eradication impact photographs slides weed

Getting rid of the Japanese knotweed

PBR Cowpea: Providing Solution To Farmers’ Plight
biocontrol definition pesticide prevention resistance specialty_crops treatment

JULIANA AGBO examines benefits of a new genetically modified beans variety known as Pod Borer Resistant (PBR) cowpea

Protect Vegetable Crop Vitality From Melon Thrips Menace
damage disease history insect management pesticide photographs specialty_crops spread

Melon thrips cause severe injury to infested plants. Look out for them and know how to manage the them.

Kitsap County introduces weevils to fight Scotch broom
biocontrol cost photographs prevention weed

Researchers are tackling the scotch broom problem with six-legged critters

Eleven things you can do to help avoid fusarium head blight
disease management pesticide prevention resistance treatment

While there is no so-called cure for fusarium head blight a whole series of proper agronomic practices can be applied to stave off the impact of the disease

Be Ragwort aware
cost damage definition history identification management photographs prevention spread weed

Controlling Common Ragwort growth is best achieved through a preventative management program

Taking on invasive garlic mustard weed
management photographs prevention slides weed

If you see a plant with clumps of small white flowers growing on tall stalks, beware — it could be the highly invasive weed garlic mustard

An Important Community In Restoration Efforts To Protect The American Chestnut Tree
definition history management prevention spread

Over the last century, there have been a number of efforts to confer blight resistance and restore the chestnut

Italian organizations worried about Citrus Black Spot
citrus damage disease inspection photographs prevention spread

The Citrus Black Spot (CBS) is a disease that affects citrus fruit on a global level

Scouting for Black Cutworm 2019
corn identification insect management map photographs prevention trapping

Black cutworm (BCW) is a migratory pest that cuts and feeds on early vegetative-stage corn

ISN holding Japanese Barberry trade-up days
cost definition photographs prevention weed

The Northwest Michigan Invasive Species Network will hold its annual unique and innovative series of events encouraging the removal of invasive barberry and replacing it with a habitat-healthy alternative

Black Cutworm Risk in 2019?
behavior damage insect overwinter trapping

Black cutworms do not survive Minnesota winters

What can be done about swallow-wort?
definition weed

There are two types of swallow-wort to look out for: pale and black.

Rainproof pesticide uses sticky peptides to defend against Asian soybean rust
biology disease photographs prevention

Devastating fungal disease tackled with antimicrobial and anchor peptide combo

How scientists contained a deadly tomato pest that travelled across the world
damage insect management pesticide photographs prevention specialty_crops spread

Though tomato is the primary host, Tuta absoluta attacks other vegetable crops as well. If not properly managed, the leaf-miner can cause 100 per cent yield loss

Living with the Giant African Snail in Cuba
behavior disease management mollusk photographs prevention

With exotic dimensions that can exceed the size of an adult’s fist, the giant African snail catches the attention of many people in Cuba who chase after it, adopt it as a pet or use it as bait for fishing.

Anglers urged to guard against mudsnails
management mollusk photographs prevention survey

When the opportunity arises, spend a moment telling your friends and fellow anglers how they can help protect the sport they love by preventing the spread of New Zealand mudsnails

Insects and the polar vortex: How will soybean aphids fare after the cold winter?
beneficial insect map overwinter prevention soybean

Cold winters help prevent many potential pest insects from establishing here or requires species that cannot survive our winters like potato leaf hopper or black cutworm

CABI-led study recommends improvements to how impacts of non-native species are assessed
cost insect management prevention trapping

CABI has led an international team of non-native species specialists who have compiled a list of recommendations to improve the way in which the impact of a range of invasive pests are assessed

Dangerous Caterpillar Infestation Expected To Hit Quebec This Spring
forest_health forest_oak insect photographs

Dangerous forest tent caterpillars are expected to cross Quebec this spring and may lead to mass defoliation

It takes a village to bring down invasive species
management municipal photographs prevention weed

National Invasive Species Awareness Week is the perfect time to share, again, the importance of identifying and controlling invasive, exotic plant and animal species.

DEC, CLP Reveal Herbicide Treatment For Lake
pesticide prevention treatment weed

Chautauqua Lake users should be better able to navigate the Ellicott channel with their boats after herbicides are applied starting May 15.

Local exterminator warns of Formosan Termite swarm
insect photographs

The Formosan Termite Swarm has begun throughout the state of Louisiana and is expected to last through Mother’s Day, May 12, 2019.

2018 delivered many DON lessons for corn
corn disease management pesticide photographs prevention small_grains

Last fall’s weather was partly to blame, but so too were the lack of management options and strategies

Possible alternatives to peach cultivation in Campania
citrus disease grape specialty_crops

Vitis Aurunca and peach cultivation

Watch out for flowering rush in advance of infestation
definition identification prevention reporting weed

Flowering rush: It’s not a problem invasive species in Idaho County, yet, and officials are asking the public to be vigilant to get ahead of infestations early.

Landscaping with conservation in mind
prevention weed

Spring is the time that many people plant their landscapes for the coming year. This year, consider landscaping with conservation in mind

Dogs are used to sniff out vineyard pests
biocontrol grape insect pesticide prevention

There are many benefits of the vineyard dogs you may have not considered. In addition to their companionship, their keen sense of smell and protection instincts make them invaluable vineyard workers.

Engaging Youth: Oneida County takes the AIS fight to the next generation
beneficial invasives mollusk weed

Educating youth about the importance of the environment

Scene in Edmonds: Cub Pack 331 pulls for parks
management photographs prevention public_response slides weed

The Saturday morning drizzle did nothing to deter Cub Scout Pack 331 from their goal of cleaning out a large area of invasive English ivy that had taken over much of Edmonds’ Maplewood Park

For the Birds: Protect birds from invasive species
beneficial eradication weed

Some nonnative plants sit relatively benign, only taking up space that could, if replaced with natives, benefit birds.

Dry season accelerates red palm mite
climate insect specialty_crops

Harsh dry weath­er con­di­tions are trig­ger­ing an in­crease in the red palm mite which has dev­as­tat­ed 80 per cent of co­conut es­tates in T&T.

Burlington Working to Control Pests in the City
funding insect management pesticide photographs prevention replanting

Burlington is actively working on planting more trees in the city. Also, the city is now doing even more to control invasive pests.

New Science Framework Provides Basis for Conservation and Restoration of Sagebrush
management weed

Today, lower elevation sagebrush systems with low resistance to cheatgrass are burning more frequently and over larger areas, which means we may need to look at management of those systems differently.

Thrakika quality drive sees ginned cotton levels fall in 2018
cotton insect

Greek cotton mil says a recent drive to increase production of higher quality cotton has led to a dip in output

Waukewan needs lake hosts
management prevention public_response weed

Lake Waukewan is looking to enlist volunteer and paid lake hosts for shifts from Memorial Day through Labor Day

Lake Benton pondweed control planned this spring
beneficial pesticide prevention treatment weed

Treatment for curly-leaf pondweed at selected locations in at Lake Benton will take place within the next several weeks.

April showers bring May termites
cost damage eradication insect photographs treatment

There is insect that is also starting to become active in Tallahassee, the Formosan subterranean termite.

If you’re going to watch the sheep, leash your dogs or leave them at home
biocontrol prevention weed

Our favorite sheep friends are working hard to reduce cheatgrass for fire season, and while people are permitted to go and coo over how adorable they are, multiple people have been also bringing their furry friends without leashing them, which scares the sheep and makes it difficult to perform their important work

Field survey of Drosophila suzukii (Matsumura) and Zaprionus indianus Gupta (Diptera: Drosophilidae) in Maui, Hawaii
biology insect specialty_crops survey

Drosophila suzukii (Matsumura) and Zaprionus indianus Gupta (Diptera: Drosophilidae) are notable agricultural pests of soft-skinned fruits.

Gardening Q&A: Tread carefully with Nandina species
definition photographs weed

When and how do you prune Nandina in the South?

Forest Tent Caterpillars
definition forest_oak identification insect photographs

hey’re small…they’re fuzzy…and they’re numerous. What do they want? And should we be worried? Let’s talk facts about the forest tent caterpillar in today’s article.

Council plans to eradicate toxic caterpillars from Bexley parks
insect pesticide photographs treatment

Toxic caterpillars which can cause skin rashes, conjunctivitis, sore throats and breathing problems are to be exterminated in a series of council spraying operations starting next week.

Argentinian researchers working on an early detection system for HLB
citrus disease insect prevention survey

The Huanglongbing disease, or HLB, is considered the most destructive citrus disease and, so far, there is no cure for it.

Protecting Melons From Silver Leaf Whitefly
cotton damage insect photographs prevention specialty_crops

Silver leaf whitefly can be a severe yield-robbing pest in melons, but there are ways to prevent the damage

Cartagena Town Hall Begins Anti-mosquito Spraying

As the weather warms up preventative measures against mosquitoes get carried out

Medfly detected in Southern Belize
eradication import insect photographs stone_fruit

BAHA urges Belizeans to keep the country free of the medfly by obtaining a BAHA permit for any fresh fruit or vegetable importation.

Disease threatens to wipe out Britain's favourite banana
disease specialty_crops

Yes, soon we REALLY may have no bananas: Almost all the 5 billion bananas Britons eat each year come from a single variety created 180 years ago, but now a disease is threatening to wipe it out

Stopping the Spread of Disease Killing Texas Oak Trees
disease forest_oak spread video

pruning the trees during the springtime can have unintended consequences that may leave trees in danger

Country diary: quarry spoil is dingy skipper heaven
biocontrol prevention weed

Only bird’s-foot trefoil flourishes here – but that suits these picky butterflies and the green tiger beetle that preys on them

False alarm: Caterpillars spotted in Leudelange not
forest_oak photographs slides

Recent years have seen increased proliferation of these little critters, and the first ones of 2019 have been spotted in Leudelange. But in this case it was a false alarm.

Crops at risk from changing climate
climate disease

Climate change is leaving crops at risk. Driven by global warming – and with it ever greater extremes of heat, drought and rainfall

Volunteers plant trees at Magoon Creek
eradication replanting weed

A group of volunteers helped plant trees at Magoon Creek Natural Area recently.

European Corn Borer Resistant to Bt Trait Cry1F (Herculex I) Found in Canada
biocontrol insect photographs resistance

Scientists have found populations of European corn borer in Canada that are fully resistant to the Bt trait Cry1F, sold under the brand name Herculex I.

Stink bug invasions roil communities, economies around the world
behavior climate funding insect overwinter photographs prevention video

A stinky bug eating its way through the economy of an agricultural region in Eastern Europe stands as a stark example of how climate change creates opportunities for pests and havoc for farmers

Deadly poison hemlock found growing near Killian sports fields
pesticide photographs slides weed

A sharp-eyed visitor from Texas thought the tall weeds growing near the Killian Sports Complex soccer fields looked suspicious.

Montana mussel discovery has Wyoming on high alert
inspection mollusk prevention

Yellowstone National Park and Wyoming Game and Fish are becoming increasingly vigilant about the dangers to waterways from zebra and quagga mussels

Flexing muscles over mussels
cost damage inspection interception map mollusk

Barely a month into Idaho's watercraft inspection season, mussel-fouled vessels are already being intercepted.

New Zealand gets first-hand lesson from visiting BMSB expert
impact insect

The invasive Brown Marmorated Stink Bug poses a huge threat to New Zealand’s primary industries.

Experts work to prevent spread of invasive Spotted Lanternfly
damage insect pesticide photographs prevention video

As we head into summer, experts in the Winchester area are concerned that the Spotted Lanternfly will pose a major threat to the region.

Bell: Understanding tar spot in corn
corn definition disease pesticide photographs prevention

Although tar spot has been observed to some degree in Illinois since 2015, 2018 was the year the disease made its mark, in terms of both incidence and severity.

The Impact of Elevated CO2 on Soybean Growth and Herbivore Resistance
climate insect prevention soybean treatment

ow plant-insect interactions might change in the future in response to CO2-induced climate change is of growing interest to scientists, including the research team of Zhang et al

Clary Gardens planting outdoors education this summer
insect public_response weed

Garlic mustard pull and butterfly exhibition set for this summer

The Biocontrol Brief: How to monitor mealybugs in your table grape vineyard
behavior damage definition grape identification insect photographs

the nice weather and moderate winter in the Golden State is particularly attractive to mealybugs.

Tree canopy in Hennepin County to be restored after presence of emerald ash borer
insect replanting video

Hennepin County is working to replace trees lost largely to the prescence of emerald ash borer.

What impact will emerald ash borer have on future forest health?
insect photographs prevention spread video

Action is being taken around Vermont to prevent the spread of the emerald ash borer to save the few trees left.

Presque Isle, Pymatuning add invasive species boat checks
inspection invasives mollusk prevention weed

DCNR staff this week will start doing the voluntary checks at boat launches on park lakes. They also will hand out informational brochures and demonstrate how to do an inspection

Mir Alam Tank likely to get facelift
photographs prevention spread weed

Known for its harmful effects on the marine life, water hyacinth, coupled with Algal Blooms, is gradually swallowing the entire pleasant surface of the otherwise beautiful Mir Alam Tank, which carries almost 215 years of glorified history.

damage pesticide photographs prevention spread weed

After the loss of habitat, the encroachment of non-native invasive plants is the greatest threat to our native plants and critters. One of the really nasty plant invaders is English ivy

Field Scouting Guide: Morning Glory
behavior definition identification pesticide photographs spread weed

We’ve reached out to experts to learn how to spot and treat the weed, field bindweed

Fire ants popping up by the mounds after heavy rain
climate insect pesticide prevention video

The recent rains have sent mosquito populations up and it seems to have also stirred up fire ants.

Gypsy Moth spraying in Lackawanna County
insect prevention treatment

The Department of Conservation and Natural Resources has announced the start of Gypsy Moth Spraying.

Watch Out, Framingham, Gypsy Moth Caterpillars Are Back
behavior insect management pesticide photographs prevention

The recent rain might have kept the population down for now but there's no telling what the rest of the season will bring.

Work bee for the bees! May 18, 9-12
pesticide prevention treatment weed

If you have been discouraged by the town’s decision to spray toxic herbicides on many kms of our rural roadsides to control Wild Parsnip, despite so much expert advice that there are better, healthier, planet enhancing ways to go, you have a chance to help prove it!

Pelahatchie Bay reopens to reservoir boaters
inspection video weed

Pelahatchie Bay has been closed to boaters since October because of an invasive plant that still lives in the waterway. Most of the giant salvinia plant has been killed, but not all of it

Noxious weed season battle opens in earnest
eradication photographs weed

State noxious weed officials say chances are way better than average that what you are actually seeing is an infestation of a particularly bad invasive, noxious weed known as Hoary Cress

Soybean cyst nematode tough in dry beans too
definition history management nematode pesticide photographs soybean specialty_crops spread

Soybean cyst nematode (SCN) is now a threat to producers with cranberry beans, white beans, kidneys and adzukis

Farmers sampling for soybean cyst nematode surprised by what they find
cost definition management map nematode soybean survey

The samples for the soybean cyst nematode is not what was expected

PCN problems building up
nematode specialty_crops

Although on the surface all seems well in the Scottish potato industry, there is a growing problem lurking in the soil which might affect future prospects

Nematode Control Increases Cotton Yield Potential
audio cost cotton nematode prevention

For cotton growers battling nematodes, University trials across the South continue to show an increase in yield and profit with an at-plant nematicide application

APHIS Establishes Mexican Fruit Fly (Anastrepha ludens) Quarantines in Sullivan City, Hidalgo County and Salineño, Starr County, Texas
citrus insect prevention quarantine

Effective April 15, 2019, the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) established a Mexican fruit fly (Anastrepha ludens or Mexfly) quarantine in residential areas of Sullivan City, Hidalgo County, Texas. Effective April 16, 2019

Fusarium Head Blight Update in Wheat
definition disease map pesticide prevention

I have heard that wheat is starting to flower in parts of southern Indiana, and the Fusarium risk forecast is still red for most of the state indicating a high-risk potential for infection.

The Fight Against The Red Palm Weevil Goes On In Murcia
eradication history insect pesticide prevention

The red palm weevil has been a threat to the palm trees of Murcia and other coastal Spanish regions and the fight to prevent it still continues

UAE government reviews red palm weevil threat - The National
cost eradication insect photographs prevention spread technology

The UAE Council for Climate Change and Environment has reviewed its efforts to eradicate a deadly pest wiping out date palms

MORGAN: The Pecan Nut Casebearer
insect nematode pesticide prevention treatment

It’s almost that time of year to start scouting for the infamous Pecan Nut Casebearer eggs

Grants for green solution to rid forests of deadly pine tree weevil
cost definition forest_pine insect management pesticide prevention

The large pine weevil is a serious pest of conifer forests across the whole of Northern Europe, wherever clear-felled sites are replanted

With solidarity and generosity, we can eliminate the red palm weevil
definition eradication insect invasives management prevention spread treatment

Deeply rooted in the economies and cultures of the people of the Near East and North Africa, the date palm is under severe threat, and with it the livelihoods of an estimated 50 million farmers in the region.

State receives funding for pecan pests
cost eradication insect photographs prevention

In Chaves County, the pecan weevil is a serious pecan crop pest, but statewide the brown marmorated stink bug is also among the insects that scientists are seeking to control or eradicate

Fredericton plans to increase efforts to combat Dutch elm disease
cost disease overwinter prevention spread survey treatment tree_removal

Fredericton is doubling its efforts to protect its trees against Dutch elm disease, a tree-killing fungus

Verticillium wilt disease ratings 'one step closer'
disease photographs prevention resistance

Consistent and reproducible differences in verticillium wilt infection levels occur between oilseed rape varieties, according to new research

Eichhornia crassipes: Water hyacinth breeds vectors at Vishrantwadi
disease photographs prevention weed

Living in fear of diseases borne by mosquitoes, local residents clain PMC has failed to clear the aquatic weed, water hyacinth, on rivers for months

Ash dieback tree disease to cost country £15bn study warns
cost disease photographs prevention

AN INVASIVE fungal disease killing ash trees will cost the British economy nearly £15 billion in total, Oxford University researchers have warned.

Miniplum variety suitable for the Sicilian summer heat
disease overwinter specialty_crops video

A new event to promote Endevory miniplum tomatoes, a variety developed by Eugenseed Gemetics suitable for both long winter and short summer cycles, has recently taken place

Climate Change Favors Growth Of Fungus That Causes Banana Disease Black Sigatoka
damage disease photographs specialty_crops spread

Climate change has not only caused the rapid melting of the world's largest ice shelves and the endangerment of animal species, but it also has a huge impact on food

Maharashtra may give farmers subsidy to combat pink bollworm attacks
cotton insect management pesticide prevention

The Maharashtra government is likely to provide 100% subsidy to farmers on purchase of selected pesticides and pheromone traps to check pink bollworm attacks on the BT cotton crop

AHDB launches £300,000 drive to control downy mildew and blight
disease funding photographs prevention specialty_crops

AHDB has launched a three-year research programme to revolutionise understanding and improve the control of downy mildew and late blight in horticultural crops and potatoes

Wheat varieties susceptible to new strains of yellow rust fungus: study
damage definition disease management pesticide prevention small_grains spread

Agriculture scientists have cautioned about the likely spread of extremely virulent strains of fungus that causes yellow rust in wheat

Small bugs killing hundreds of palm trees in Lakeland
damage disease insect photographs prevention slides tree_removal video

the iconic palm trees of Florida are under attack by a tiny bug called a plant hopper, which spreads disease and kills them

Keeping a close eye on yellow rust populations
disease photographs success

The harvest 2018 season was relatively quiet in cereal disease terms with low to moderate yellow rust pressure, moderate to high but late brown rust pressure, and only occasional reports of mildew

TN VALLEY AGRICULTURE AND OUTDOORS:The popular dogwood has many environmental enemies
disease pesticide prevention

The enemies of the dogwood

Fighting Phragmites: New techniques being used to battle invasive plant species at Utah Lake
cost eradication photographs prevention weed

Over the time that Utah Lake has been treated for phragmites, techniques have changed as more research is done on the best way to get rid of the weeds

Asian Gypsy Moth (AGM) – 2019 Risk Period
insect reporting spread

The club would like to remind its members on the upcoming high risk season for Asian Gypsy Moth (AGM)

Aggressive Japanese Knotweed is Making Its Way Across U.S., Pushing Out Native Species in its Path
definition identification pesticide photographs prevention spread weed

A killer is stalking the U.S., terrorizing victims as it makes its way from from big cities to the suburbs, from populated areas to isolated forests. It's name is Japanese knotweed.

Noxious Weed Season - Hoary Cress (Whitetop) Control
cost eradication pesticide photographs prevention spread weed

If you have what seems to be an outgrowth of pretty white flowers that appear to be attractive ground cover vegetation growing on your property, you might want to think again

It's tough to control musk thistle
climate prevention treatment weed

Ranchers have fought infestations of musk thistle for many years.

Brits Confident In Buying Property Infested With Japanese Knotweed
cost history prevention spread treatment weed

Nearly a third (32%) of Brits who are aware of Japanese knotweed are still prepared to buy an affected property, according to new YouGov research commissioned by Environet UK.

Goat herd helps remove buckthorn, garlic mustard from Flaundrau State Park
biocontrol prevention video weed

The invasive plants at Flandrau State Park never stood a chance Friday as a herd of goats was deployed to clear the area

Analysis of historical specimens shows single origin of Australian Potato Cyst Nematodes
eradication nematode photographs quarantine specialty_crops

Potato cyst nematodes (PCN) are quarantine soilborne pests that damage potatoes around the world, stunting plants and reducing yields.

Lakewood seeks Eurasian watermilfoil control contractors for American Lake
management prevention weed

The City of Lakewood is requesting proposals for professional services from qualified contractors for the purpose of Eurasian watermilfoil control in American Lake

Experts warn of invasive phragmites
eradication prevention reporting weed

Invasive phragmites, or Phragmites australis, is a common reed that looks different than the native reed

Locals try to curb black swallow wort's spread
cost pesticide photographs prevention treatment weed

Petoskey city officials and local invasive species experts say they’re making another concerted effort this year to tackle a pesky plant that has taken root in Petoskey — the black swallow wort.

New diagnostic tool developed for global menace Xylella fastidiosa increases specificity
disease identification prevention specialty_crops technology

The bacterium Xylella fastidiosa is notable for having a wide host range, with the ability to infect more than 300 plants.

Plant hormones help battle purple witchweed, major threat to sub-Saharan Africa's staple crops
eradication identification photographs prevention weed

Striga hermonthica, also known as purple witchweed, is an invasive parasitic plant threatening sub-Saharan Africa’s food production.

Aerial Spraying for Cheatgrass Proposed in Wyoming Forest
damage forest_health technology weed

Managers of a national forest in western Wyoming propose the use of crop-dusting techniques to control an invasive species of grass.

Staving off Striga, the ‘violet vampire’
biology cost pesticide photographs prevention small_grains specialty_crops weed

Among the threats to food security in sub-Saharan Africa is Striga hermonthica, or purple witchweed, called the ‘violet vampire’ because it wreaks havoc on fields of maize, millet, sorghum and rice.

Corn tar spot could have ridden in on 'bomb cyclone'
definition disease history photographs reporting

A new disease affecting corn might have blown in on the recent “bomb cyclone”

Belchim Crop Protection USA Announces Exclusive Distribution of Rice Insecticide
insect pesticide small_grains

Belchim Crop Protection USA (Belchim USA) has announced that it is the exclusive distributor in the U.S. of Tenchu 20SG, a leading insecticide used to protect rice crops against the rice stink bug.

Free testing for red leaf syndrome
disease pesticide photographs prevention soybean survey

FARMERS who suspect red leaf syndrome in their subterranean clover are reminded free testing is available again this season

Year-round gardening: Myrtle splurge is a beautiful hazard
eradication photographs prevention weed

Myrtle spurge also known as donkey-tail spurge, is one of the earliest perennials to appear each spring. It is a highly invasive.

Wine growers beware the harlequin ladybird is likely near
cost grape insect management photographs prevention

The Government has given up monitoring an invasive species that could spell disaster for New Zealand's lucrative wine industry

Climate change is putting this invasive species to good use
pesticide photographs prevention weed

Phragmites, an invasive species, line this marsh at Sachuest Point in Middletown, Rhode island

Prescribed burn to deal with invasive plant planned April 1-5 at Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge
management pesticide prevention quarantine spread treatment weed

A prescribed burn to treat an invasive plant on the Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge will take place next week.

Invasive Himalayan balsam has overtaken native species in British woods
damage weed

Invasive Himalayan balsam is now so widespread it has overtaken native species in British woods, experts have warned

Baltimore implements walnut quarantine as thousand cankers disease spreads
disease photographs quarantine

Baltimore officials have implemented a 185-square-mile lumber quarantine in the city and the surrounding area

Super bloom coincides with super invasive species boom
biocontrol management prevention weed

California is alive with color this spring but the super bloom isn't limited to wildflowers, it's also bringing with it a super boom in invasive species

When buying new trees, think beyond maple
definition disease insect

Things to consider when replanting trees

Tom Glasgow: Stressed dogwoods become a prime target for dogwood borers
disease photographs

Dogwoods are a target for a common fungal disease known as spot anthracnose

behavior damage definition history identification insect management photographs prevention survey treatment

About the Goldspotted Oak Borer

$11.5 million secured to eradicate boll weevil
cost eradication insect prevention

U.S. Rep. Henry Cuellar, D-Laredo, helped secure $11.52 million to eradicate the boll weevil, an invasive pest that harms agriculture in the Rio Grande Valley.

Broom eradication a community project in Powell River
eradication photographs prevention weed

Spring flowers are one of the joys of the season, but the vibrant yellow blooms of the scotch broom plant signal the ideal time to try and cut it down

Effort to control Scotch broom also spurs job growth
photographs prevention weed

A new effort to control the nonnative and invasive Scotch broom infestation

Warning Over Giant Hogweed Which Is Set To Thrive This Summer
invasives photographs spread weed

A warning has been issued across the UK for people to take extra care when outside as 'Britain's most dangerous plant', giant hogweed, has returned due to the warm weather.

Meeting to address leafy spurge as threat to Northwest Colorado agriculture
definition management pesticide photographs prevention weed

Leafy spurge, an aggressive exotic perennial weed found in the Yampa Valley, will be the focus of an upcoming public meeting held by the Yampa River Leafy Spurge Project

Scotch broom busters: SYRCL hosts Scotch Broom Challenge (PHOTO GALLERY)
management photographs prevention slides weed

Eradicators of invasive species were out in force over the weekend, taking part in the South Yuba River Citizen’s League’s Scotch Broom Challenge at Purdon Crossing Saturday.

Refrigeration used to fight bee colony collapse
disease insect pesticide photographs prevention success

Scientists at Washington State University (WSU) are targeting the varroa mite by refrigerating bees

Extended varroa surveillance comes to end
biosurveillance insect reporting

Nine months after Victoria’s bee population was threatened by Varroa mite, Agriculture Victoria’s extended surveillance has come to an end

Group warns of hogweed spread | Rome Daily Sentinel
definition identification pesticide photographs prevention weed

Partners of the St. Lawrence Eastern Lake Ontario - Partnership for Regional Invasive Species Management will again be busy controlling Giant Hogweed plants in the eastern Lake Ontario region

Giant Hogweed: what it looks like, how to treat burns and everything else about the UK's 'most dangerous plant'
damage definition identification photographs weed

Giant Hogweed has made headlines in previous years, and now it’s back

Hope grows in lanternfly-killing fungi found near Berks fruit farm
biocontrol cost grape insect photographs prevention spread success trapping

A batch of dead lanternfiles on trees of heaven near the Angora Fruit Farm in Lower Alsace excites researchers

Campaign Launched Against The Mexican Fruit Fly In The Texas Counties Of Hidalgo, Webb And Zapata
citrus insect

The Mexican fruit fly, an invasive and destructive species, is attacking and putting at risk citrus fruits such as grapefruit, oranges and lemons, especially in the counties of Hidalgo, Webb and Zapata

Did You Know? Lake Mud Can Tell Us The History Of Spruce Beetle Outbreaks In The Wasatch Plateau
audio history insect

In the 1990s, Utah experienced its first recorded severe spruce beetle outbreak. Over 122,000 acres were infested and over 3 million spruce trees were killed.

Quarantine ordered for walnut wood in Baltimore City and County to prevent spread of thousand cankers disease
inspection photographs prevention quarantine specialty_crops spread

State agriculture officials ordered a quarantine Wednesday on walnut wood in an effort to prevent a blight that kills walnut trees from spreading beyond Baltimore and Baltimore County.

DOD to address rhino beetle infestation on military land
insect specialty_crops tree_removal

The coconut rhinoceros beetle, a voracious pest that leaves coconut trees devastated, was discovered on Guam in 2007, and since then the problem has gotten only worse.

New Guide Offers IPM Tips for Japanese Beetles in Soy and Corn
damage insect management pesticide photographs prevention spread treatment

Since its accidental arrival in New Jersey in 1916, the Japanese beetle has successfully adapted to its new surroundings, expanding through all eastern U.S. states and crossing the Mississippi river.

Ladybugs vs. Asian lady beetles: Know the difference
behavior damage definition identification insect photographs

The differences between the ladybugs and the Asian lady beetles

New Study Documents Wildlife Adapting to Bark Beetle Outbreaks
forest_health insect map spread

Spruce beetle and mountain pine beetle outbreaks may have changed the way you recreate, but have you thought about how wildlife are responding?

Harlequin ladybirds are waking up from hibernation – here’s what to do
photographs prevention

A non-native beetle, the harlequin ladybird (Harmonia axyridis) was introduced to the UK as a form of natural pest control.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection agriculture specialists intercept Destructive Beetle Larvae
identification insect prevention

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Office of Field Operations Agriculture Specialists intercepted Khapra beetles at the Pembina port of entry

Beetles and silver flies rescuing hemlocks in Finger Lakes
biocontrol insect management pesticide photographs prevention survey video

Natural enemies of an invasive tree-killing bug are being used to save Hemlock trees

Column: Defending against the chafer beetle
biocontrol management photographs prevention

This destructive insect was introduced to the Lower Mainland in 2001. It has become a very serious pest in our lawns.

Corn & alfalfa growers: Apply biocontrol now
biocontrol corn cost insect nematode prevention specialty_crops

Science-built biocontrol nematode protocol significantly reduce alfalfa snout beetle populations, and it also has shown management capacity for dealing with corn rootworm, wireworm, and white grubs.

Using sensor technology to tackle red palm weevils
definition history insect photographs prevention spread technology

In an effort to tackle this natural challenge, the Saudi Ministry of Environment, Water & Agriculture contacted KAUST to investigate new ways of detecting the red palm weevil threat at an early stage.

Boring into study of beetles and rapid apple decline
insect prevention specialty_crops

The beetles are attracted to the ethanol emitted by stressed trees, but Villani wanted to see if they were contributing to the decline as well, since pathologists suspect it may be caused by a confluence of tree stress factors.

Volunteers pull 80 pounds of poison hemlock from Fuji Park, second weed pull set for June 8
management photographs prevention public_response weed

On Saturday, May 4, volunteers help pull 80 pounds of poison hemlock around Bailey’s Pond

Little Forks Conservancy to attack invasive garlic mustard
definition photographs prevention slides spread weed

Last year, garlic mustard, an invasive plant, was found growing at the Little Forks Conservancy's Albert and Virginia Szok Preserve and Pine Haven Recreation Area along the Salt River.

Weed issues confront landowners west of Canby
ordinance prevention spread weed

Township and county officials in Yellow Medicine County are trying to meet a May 15 deadline to have the best possible 2019 weed control in at least two local townships

'The best defense is consistency:' Here's how to deal with that pesky Kudzu plant
damage prevention video weed

Greg Israel from U.S. Lawns in Macon-Bibb says once it starts growing, it's difficult to control; but there are ways you can manage it

Herbicides might be used to kill milfoil in Lake Ballinger
cost eradication pesticide photographs prevention weed

the city of Mountlake Terrace and other jurisdictions are hoping to bring the Eurasian milfoil and two other non-native noxious weeds under control.

Those “pretty white flowers” aren’t what you think
cost definition eradication identification pesticide photographs prevention weed

If you have what seems to be an outgrowth of pretty white flowers that appear to be attractive ground cover vegetation growing on your property, you might want to think again

Noxious weed of the month: downy brome
behavior pesticide prevention weed

Cheatgrass is the common colloquial name for downy brome in Archuleta County

Invasive Himalayan balsam feeds on air pollution, chokes native flowers
photographs survey weed

The Himalayan balsam, which was introduced to the UK in 1839, is more frequently reported than some native plants, according to an annual survey of wild plants in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland

Noxious weeds continue to spread across Minnesota
cost eradication management prevention weed

The Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA) confirmed over the past year four species of weeds on the state’s Noxious weed prohibited eradicate list for the first time in six counties

This Tiny Bug Could Put a $625 Million Hole in Sweden's Forests
cost damage definition insect photographs

While the spruce bark beetle is not a new arrival, it now poses a bigger threat because global warming is having a direct effect on the natural defenses against parasites

Gardening: What to know about the bacterial disease infecting trees in the LA area
disease history prevention specialty_crops

There is a bacterial disease that is infecting certain trees, especially in the San Fernando Valley, but throughout the greater Los Angeles area as well

Be vigilant in the fight against Boxwood blight
damage definition disease history pesticide prevention spread

The grim news is that sooner or later, boxwood blight could descend on Boyle County

A chestnut grows, flowers in St. Anthony Park
definition disease stone_fruit

Once a dominant species across the eastern United States, today American chestnut trees that survive long enough to mature and produce flowers are exceedingly rare due to a devastating disease known as chestnut blight

The perils of phytophthora
damage disease history impact prevention specialty_crops

Different diseases and their perils

Map reveals evolution of potato disease in Europe in 2018
map specialty_crops spread

An international consortium has updated the distribution of the pathogen by adding new data that visualises the distribution and diversity of dominant clones in the 2018 crop.

Scotland's ancient pine forests at risk from 'endemic' disease
disease forest_health forest_pine

Dothistroma Needle Blight (DNB) is now “endemic” across the country and represents a “significant threat” to Caledonian pinewoods

Australia puts its foot down on the brown marmorated stink bug
cost damage insect photographs

Seasonal measures that have seen ships being turned away have kept Australia and New Zealand free of the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug

Stinky pest thwarted
insect management prevention public_response

The Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (BMSB) is one of the biggest risks facing New Zealand’s horticultural sector and outdoor way of life

Cut down and destroy dead pines
disease forest_pine nematode prevention spread

Got dead pine trees? If you are in the eastern half of Kansas, they probably died of pine wilt, a disease that is widespread in that part of the state.

Keep an eye out for gypsy moth trappers this month
insect photographs prevention trapping treatment

Gypsy moth trappers will be setting traps mid-May through early July to gather data that the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection will use to plan future gypsy moth treatments

Have toxic caterpillars hit the UK?
damage insect map spread

Fears have been raised that toxic caterpillars are returning to the UK after homeowners reveal they have broken out in mysterious rashes triggered by a brush with the insect

Take care of your pecans now to help ensure a good crop this fall
history insect prevention specialty_crops treatment

In order to count on a good crop of nuts, keep an eye out for the pecan nut casebearer in the spring, and the pecan weevil later in the summer

Local History Thursday: The Infamous Codling Moth
behavior insect photographs specialty_crops

The Codling Moth was a major pest to the Mesa County fruit industry in the early 1900s.

Squash vine borer control
definition identification insect overwinter

Did you find your vining crops suddenly wilting and dying last summer? If so, you may be suffering from a squash vine borer

Africa: FAO Guide Outlines How to Protect Forests From Invasive Insects
biocontrol damage eradication forest_health history insect prevention spread

Bugs such as the Winter moth and Asian Chestnut gall wasp are the bane of valuable trees and the people who rely on and benefit from them.

Climate Change Has Increased Risk of Devastating Banana Disease Black Sigatoka by Nearly 50 Percent
cost damage disease pesticide specialty_crops

Bananas are one of the world’s most important crops, but in recent decades, the plant has been severely affected by a devastating fungal disease known as Black Sigatoka

“Black Sigatoka banana disease boosted by climate change”
disease history specialty_crops spread

According to new research, climate change has raised the risk of a fungal disease that ravages banana crops

State-of-the-Art USDA Facilities Keep Invasive Pests Out of the Country
eradication insect photographs prevention

This week, I want to celebrate two milestones that are important to our efforts. The first is the opening of our new Sterile Insect Rearing Facility in Sarasota, Florida, which is a vital part of our Mediterranean fruit fly (Medfly) preventative release program.

Ash dieback: one of the worst tree disease epidemics could kill 95% of UK’s ash trees
cost disease photographs spread

Ash dieback – a fatal disease of Britain’s native ash trees (Fraxinus excelsior) – is one of the worst tree disease epidemics the UK has ever seen.

Ash dieback: Deadly tree fungus spreading ‘more quickly‘ – Hanahan Herald
damage disease management prevention

A deadly fungus is spreading “more quickly and lethally” through the UK‘s ash trees than experts had anticipated, Wales has learnt.

Psyllid Movements Revealed Via Gut Content Analysis
insect photographs specialty_crops

Scientists seeking the off-season whereabouts of a group of insects called psyllids have found that what the insects eat suggests where they ate it

Nearly $2.2 million earmarked to fight hydrilla in Harris Chain of Lakes
cost pesticide photographs prevention treatment weed

A state and local partnership is behind a nearly $2.2 million fight against hydrilla, an invasive plant that impedes boat navigation, on the Harris Chain of Lakes

Black Cutworm Moths Have Begun Their Arrival
insect reporting trapping

Black cutworm trap cooperators have detected that moths are beginning their traverse to Indiana this past week.

Honeysuckle Market Understanding the Key Product Segments and their Future 2017-2027
history weed

Understanding the honeysuckle market

Japanese hops
definition identification photographs weed

Understanding the Japanese Hops

Costa Rica: Measures taken to protect the banana sector from Fusarim R4T
disease import prevention specialty_crops

The State Phytosanitary Service (SFE) announced the application of special measures for the importation of certain banana plants due to the global threat of the Fusarim R4T pest

Buddleia is a symbol of our national neglect
definition identification photographs weed

The purple shrub thrives in dereliction and decay. How much better things would be if it had nowhere to grow

Don't prune, injure oak trees during greatest risk period for oak wilt
disease photographs prevention reporting spread

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources, however, is asking people to hold off pruning oak trees from mid-April through the summer because that time period is the key time for infection with oak wilt.

Dutch elm disease found on Takarunga / Mt Victoria
definition disease prevention replanting tree_removal

Around fifty elm trees on the northern boundary of Takarunga / Mt Victoria in Devonport are infected with Dutch elm disease and must be removed to prevent the disease from spreading further.

Growers face battle against herbicide resistance
cost pesticide photographs prevention resistance weed

Usually, it only takes a few ounces of herbicide to kill the weed downy brome, however, a recent study shows that it might take seven times more.

Canada thistle is a hearty invasive that can be difficult to kill — and how to get rid of ants in a houseplant
pesticide photographs prevention weed

Canada thistle, like many invasive plants, looks so harmless when it first appears, but watch out!

Effort to control Scotch Broom also spurs job growth
definition prevention weed

A new effort to control the non-native and invasive Scotch broom infestation in the dunes and on the Ocean Shores peninsula was demonstrated last week

CRISPR could save banana, major food source for 500 million people, from deadly disease, climate change
disease genetics prevention technology

CRISPR/Cas9‐based genome editing is offering new hope for protecting a critical food security crop by developing climate-smart banana varieties.

Black Cutworm Pressure is On the Way
damage insect photographs prevention

Black cutworm infestation could be an issue for Indiana growers this year, and our delay in fieldwork is making the situation worse.

Spraying of Oak Processionary Moth in Bexley
forest_oak insect pesticide photographs prevention treatment

Spraying will start later this month in the London Borough of Bexley to combat Oak Processionary Moths

ALB eNewsletter | April 26, 2019
eradication insect prevention survey tree_removal

This eNewsletter is designed to keep you up-to-date with Asian longhorned beetle (ALB) eradication efforts and serve as a meaningful resource for the most current information.

Foliar Diseases of Wheat and Fusarium Head Blight (Scab) Management
definition disease map pesticide photographs prevention

Even though rainy conditions continue to slow planting across the state, we need to keep an eye on winter wheat.

Latest DATOC Report Highlights ACP/HLB Projects
citrus disease prevention quarantine survey

The DATOC report summarized some of the current projects related to combating Huanglongbing (HLB) and the Asian citrus psyllid (ACP) in California citrus.

Be on the lookout for the Asian citrus psyllid
citrus definition identification photographs reporting

Butte County is known for its delicious citrus. However, a tiny flying insect the size of an aphid poses a grave threat to our local citrus.

Watch for Cottony Cushion Scales
citrus definition identification insect pesticide photographs prevention

Cottony cushion scale is an exotic pest that has been in the US for over a century.

Citrus contact group debates impact of commercial agreements with third countries
citrus disease insect prevention

At the meeting, in which Portugal has participated for the first time, citrus industry professionals from the four countries, which account for most of the EU production, have carried out an analysis of the current 2018/19 campaign and have discussed the impact of the EU trade agreements with third countries.

Maui Now : Little Fire Ant Found on 10 Properties in Happy Valley, Maui
insect photographs survey treatment

In early April, a Wailuku resident met inspectors with the Hawaii Department of Agriculture at their office with a sample of ants he had collected from a family property on Mokuhau Street.

Don’t Let Fire Ants Ruin Your Outdoor Plans!
cost definition insect photographs quarantine

The red imported fire ant is a formidable pest.

Electric ant infestation shuts down shopping centre construction
insect photographs quarantine

Electric ants have shut down the construction of a shopping centre near Cairns.

Kāpiti residents continue fight against Argentine ants with a 'no go zone'
eradication insect photographs prevention spread

Kāpiti Coast residents have upped the ante in their war on six-legged invaders.

2019 Federal Budget: Government spends $9.2 million on killing yellow crazy ants
cost definition insect photographs prevention

$9.2 million [will go] towards controlling yellow crazy ants in an and adjacent to the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area in Queensland, building on a 2016 election commitment

Magic Valley county commissioner meet to discuss invasive mussel battle
cost invasives mollusk prevention

Cassia County Commissioner Leonard Beck led a meeting with other Southern Idaho county leaders regarding the challenges invasive species

Invasive Giant Salvinia Eradicated from Lake Fork, Lake Athens
cost eradication pesticide photographs prevention weed

Recent vegetation surveys conducted by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s Aquatic Habitat Enhancement Team have revealed that giant salvinia is believed to have been eradicated from Lake Fork and Lake Athens.

Zebra mussels in Shoal Lake will not impact Winnipeg drinking water, says city
mollusk treatment video

The possible arrival of zebra mussels in the City of Winnipeg water supply will not impact city water quality.

Gypsy moths to bring low-flying planes over Licking County
definition forest_oak insect prevention trapping treatment

The Ohio Department of Agriculture was expected to begin aerial treatments against the gypsy moths.

Courtney Tours Gypsy Moth Damage at Pachaug State Forest
biocontrol damage insect video

The gypsy moth caterpillar has been one of the biggest demons to Connecticut trees recently.

Aerial gypsy moth spraying to begin this week in North Surrey
definition eradication insect pesticide photographs prevention video

Here are five things you should know about the gypsy moth and the insecticide spraying operation.

How Drones With Bio-Enzymes Are Saving Hyderabad's Lakes
insect pesticide prevention weed

Choking the life out of lakes and ponds and turning them stagnant, these noxious weeds also pave the way for the water bodies to become the ideal breeding haven for mosquitoes.

Hydrilla treatments will be taking place over next month at ponds in The Villages
pesticide photographs treatment weed

Hydrilla treatments will be taking place over the next month at ponds in The Villages.

MPs query Sh4b water hyacinth cash
cost eradication photographs prevention weed

Members of Parliament are probing how the Ministry of Environment spent Sh4 billion to eradicate the stubborn hyacinth which continues to choke Lake Victoria.

Wildlife officials update reservoir managers on Giant Salvinia eradication efforts
eradication pesticide prevention spread video weed

Wildlife officials say they’re having luck eradicating giant Salvinia out of Pelahatchie Bay.

Louisiana lowers the boom on Lake Bistineau giant salvinia
pesticide prevention weed

An 1,800-foot floating boom has been deployed at Lake Bistineau in Webster Parish, LA, in an experimental effort to control giant salvinia.

The tiger mosquitoes causing skin conditions you need to watch out for
insect photographs

UK holidaymakers heading abroad this year have been advised to be on the look out for the Asian tiger mosquito.

Spain holiday warning as tiger mosquito bite cases SOAR in Costa Del Sol
insect prevention treatment video

BRITONS travelling to popular tourist destination Costa Del Sol are being advised to take precautions after cases of severe insect bites dramatically increase

What’s at stake if milfoil spreads in central Maine? Declining property values, recreation opportunities
cost management prevention weed

The Maine departments of Environmental Protection and Inland Fisheries and Wildlife have issued a temporary ban on watercrafts in portions of those bodies of water to suppress the growth of variable-leaf milfoil.

Yellow Fever, Asian Tiger Mosquitoes Both Adept at Transmitting Zika
definition insect photographs prevention

Yellow fever and Asian tiger mosquitoes found in Florida -- and infected with the Zika virus -- are good at transmitting the virus, new University of Florida research shows.

Tipperary alert not to cut Japanese Knotweed to prevent it spreading
cost damage eradication photographs prevention weed

Tipperary County Council has issued an alert on the dangers of cutting Japanese Knotweed and other noxious weeds.

APHIS Establishes a Mexican Fruit Fly (Anastrepha ludens) Quarantine in Edinburg, Hidalgo County, Texas
citrus insect prevention quarantine spread treatment

Effective March 14, 2019, the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) established a Mexican fruit fly (Anastrepha ludens or Mexfly) quarantine in Edinburg, Hidalgo County, Texas

APHIS Establishes a Mexican Fruit Fly (Anastrepha ludens) Quarantine in Zapata, Zapata County, Texas
insect prevention quarantine spread survey treatment

Effective March 9, 2019, the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) established a Mexican fruit fly (Anastrepha ludens or Mexfly) quarantine in a residential area of Zapata, Zapata County, Texas.

US Forest Service (USFS)

USFS manages national forests and grasslands, conducts forestry research, and provides technical and financial assistance to state and private forestry agencies.

Plant Protection and Quarantine (PPQ) Plant Pest Program Information

PPQ safeguards agriculture and natural resources from the risks associated with entry, establishment, or spread of plant pests and noxious weeds.

The National Invasive Species Council

The NISC provides interdepartmental coordination of invasive species actions and works with other federal and non-federal groups to address invasive species issues at the national level.

Bugwood Network

Consolidation and dissemination of information and programs focused on invasive species, forest health, natural resources and agricultural management at the state, regional, national and international levels.

Bugwood - Bark and Wood Boring Beetles of the World

Information and images of economically important beetles that feed on trees and shrubs.

Bugwood - Invasive Species

Invasive and exotic species whose introduction does or is likely to cause economic or environmental harm or harm to human health.

Pest Detection

National Plant Diagnostic Network (NPDN)

National Plant Board

The National Plant Board is a non-profit organization of the plant pest regulatory agencies of each of the states and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. Member agencies must be members in good standing of the Regional Plant Board in which their state or commonwealth is located.

USDA, National Invasive Species Information Center

Established in 2005 at the National Agricultural Library, the NISIC web site serves as a reference gateway to information, organizations, and services about invasive species.

Save our Citrus

The Nature Conservancy's Don't Move Firewood Campaign

A national awareness-building effort to stop the movement of firewood which is spreading invasive pests and killing trees.