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APHIS Adds Infested Fields in the Pale Cyst Nematode Regulated Area in Idaho

On November 6, 2019, the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) confirmed pale cyst nematode (Globodera pallida: PCN) in two potato production fields (a total of 169 acres) located in Bingham County, Idaho.

Updated APHIS Launches Updated Citrus Diseases Website

USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service’s (APHIS) new Citrus website delivers a comprehensive, single resource for stakeholders and the public

ENY1000/IN1249: Citrus Pest Quick Guide: Diaprepes Root Weevil
damage definition insect photographs

About the Diaprepes Root Weevil

Crystal Lake and Watershed Association to combat Eurasian watermilfoil
cost pesticide photographs spread treatment weed

The Crystal Lake and Watershed Association is going to put in motion a plan to stop the spread of the invasive Eurasian watermilfoil in Crystal Lake.

The Varroa destructor mite is the greatest threat to US honeybees, and why things could get worse.
cost disease insect pesticide photographs

California’s beekeepers were worried they wouldn’t have enough bees to pollinate the almond bloom, their biggest money-making event of the year.

Southwest Sioux Falls targeted for emerald ash borer removal in 2020
insect photographs

Nearly 3,000 ash trees have been removed since the discovery of an invasive insect in Sioux Falls and thousands more are slated for removal.

Save the Trees! From the Emerald Ash Borer
insect video

We all know planting trees is important for our environment. But, this planting event at East Lake Park goes even beyond just your typical plant a tree to support life.

EAB Continues Spread Across Iowa; Invasive Species Confirmed In Audubon And Guthrie Counties

Iowa State University (ISU) Extension and Outreach announced today (Tuesday) Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) has been confirmed in Audubon and Guthrie Counties.

Mango moratorium frustrates locals
insect specialty_crops

The Oriental fruit fly, scientifically known as bactrocera dorsalis, is a pest that infests mangoes and renders them unfit for consumption, as it breeds disease.

Seeking a New Pest Solution, UF Scientists Study Fruit Fly’s Gut Bacteria
cost insect management

In the home, they seem to appear out of nowhere. A piece of fruit is placed on the kitchen counter, and suddenly there’s a fruit fly. But the bug commonly referred to as a fruit fly, Drosophila melanogaster, may more accurately be called a vinegar fly, with an appetite for rotting fruits.

District forester educates AVA Society on oak tree wilt
cost disease forest_oak

District Forester Eric Brandon paid a visit to the January AuSable Valley Audubon (AVA) meeting to educate locals about oak tree wilt.

Spotted lanternfly could cost Pennsylvania $324 million a year, Penn State study finds
cost insect photographs

The university says the study is the first of its kind to look at the financial impact of the spotted lanternfly, which devours ornamental plants, trees, and other vegetation.

Can Cover Crops Save Florida’s Citrus?
citrus cost disease insect

Citrus greening has devastated the Sunshine State’s orange industry. Researchers and pioneering farmers see cover crops as a road to recovery.

California Citrus Mutual CEO wrapping up eventful first year
citrus disease insect

As February rolls into view, Casey Creamer, president and chief executive officer of California Citrus Mutual, will complete his first year as the top executive of California’s top trade association for the citrus category.

Elodea: Cordova’s most prolific invasive plant
spread weed

Elodea canadensis, also known as Canadian waterweed, is arguably the most prolific invasive plant in Cordova.

Cold snap helpful in the fight against mountain pine beetle

Albertans may have survived last week’s extreme cold, but experts are hoping mountain pine beetles did not.

Around 14,000 trees infected with Ash Dieback to be felled on Salisbury Plain
cost disease

Ash Dieback, an incurable disease affecting ash trees across the country, has infected many of the woodlands across the famous chalk plateau.

Up to 14,000 infected trees on Salisbury Plain to be chopped down
disease tree_removal

Up to 14,000 ash trees will be chopped down on Salisbury Plain in a bid to stop a destructive disease.

Open house on gypsy moth aerial spray program in Lake Cowichan
insect trapping

The public is invited to attend a community open house and participate in a discussion about the 2020 gypsy moth aerial spray treatment program in Lake Cowichan.

Environet UK: Wet autumn prompted spread of Japanese knotweed
photographs spread weed

England’s fifth wettest autumn on record in 2019 will have prompted the spread of invasive plants such as Japanese knotweed, Giant Hogweed and Himalayan Balsam according to Environet UK.

Late blight attack worries potato growers
disease specialty_crops

Potato growers in two northern districts -- Thakurgaon and Panchagarh -- are struggling a lot to save their potato plants and worried about the yield of the winter vegetable this season as the ongoing adverse weather have caused the outbreak of late blight disease in many areas.

Teams sent to 3 districts for early intervention to prevent late blight attack
disease spread

The West Bengal government has sent teams to three districts as part of the state's early intervention programme after receiving reports of late blight symptoms in potato crop, government officials said on Tuesday.

CDFA Hydrilla Eradication Program Seeking Public Comment
eradication weed

Hydrilla (Hydrilla verticillata) is a highly invasive aquatic plant that has the capacity, by forming dense mats that restrict dissolved oxygen levels, to disrupt many of the water-based activities that are synonymous with Lake County.

Japanese Knotweed is knocking down North Wales house prices - and the amount is staggering
cost map photographs weed

Japanese Knotweed - dubbed a homeowner's worst nightmare - is impacting the price of thousands of properties across Wales.

Potato disease: Late blight attack worries growers; state govt sends team to 3 districts
definition disease specialty_crops spread

The West Bengal government has sent teams to three districts as part of the state's early intervention programme after receiving reports of late blight symptoms in potato crop, government officials said on Tuesday.

Department ramps up mite fight

The Department of Agriculture and Fisheries is ramping up its surveillance efforts in an attempt to keep the State free of a damaging mite species detected last year.

Sausages and dogs leading the fight against invasive electric ants in Far North Queensland
insect photographs

Electric ants, native to Central and South America, were first detected in Cairns in 2006 and have since caused a raft of problems for humans, pets and the far north's native flora and fauna.

Poison hemlock confirmed in two Minnesota counties
photographs weed

Poison hemlock, a highly toxic plant that looks like wild carrot and grows in moist areas and along rights of way, has been confirmed in Clay County.

Genomic analysis of Wolbachia from Laodelphax striatellus (Delphacidae, Hemiptera) reveals insights into its “Jekyll and Hyde” mode of infection pattern
genetics research

Wolbachia is a widely distributed intracellular bacterial endosymbiont among invertebrates.

Farmers relieved as invasive fruit fly eradicated in Northern Cape
eradication insect quarantine

An invasive fruit fly species in the Northern Cape has been successfully eradicated, the Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development said on Monday.

Destructive spotted lanternflies found about 15 miles from Ohio’s eastern border
grape photographs

Pennsylvania authorities have treated spotted lanternfly eggs at a rail yard about 15 miles from Ohio’s border. It won’t be known until this spring whether the treatment was successful. The invasive insect is known for killing off grapes, hops and certain trees.

Cold snap was lethal for mountain pine beetle, projections show
insect photographs

Alberta's cold snap was good news in the fight against Mountain Pine beetles

Fighting ash dieback and protecting the future of our woodlands
disease management photographs

The disease is caused by a fungus called Hymenoscyphus fraxineus, and has been identified in ash trees across almost the whole of the UK.

Gypsy Moth spraying will put planes in sky over Licking County in June
insect pesticide treatment

January may seem a bit early to be worrying about bugs, but Granville Council got a preview of efforts to come later this year to exterminate a particular pest.

Famous elm tree named Herbie lives on thanks to clones ... for now
disease insect pesticide resistance

A massive elm tree nicknamed Herbie is long gone, but it is going to live on, thanks to cloned trees that are being made available to the public.

Adambakkam lake dying a slow death?
photographs spread weed

Apart from raw sewage and garbage, spread of water hyacinth on the surface is adding to the woes. The once pristine lake now resembles a swamp. Revival plan still remains undone

Protect your trees from disease
disease forest_oak overwinter spread

Winter is the ideal time for tree pruning while avoiding harmful, disease-carrying pests such as the tiny beetles that carry oak wilt from one tree wound to another.

Species specific insecticide ‘seven-10 years’ away
biocontrol insect pesticide

Using RNA interference (RNAi), a biological process which disrupts the production of an organism’s proteins, Syngenta is looking at a biocontrol method which kills target species but has no impact on any other organism.

Report: spotted lanterfly infestation costs Pennsylvania $50 million a year
insect photographs quarantine

The spotted lanternfly has taken over the better part of southeastern Pennsylvania every summer since 2014, costing the state roughly $50 million every year

Destructive spotted lanternflies found 15 miles from Ohio’s border
insect photographs video

Pennsylvania authorities have treated spotted lanternfly eggs about 15 miles from Ohio’s border. It won’t be known until this spring if the treatment was successful. The invasive insect is known for killing off grapes, hops and certain trees.

Gardening: Emerald Ash Borer research being conducted locally
insect photographs

Emerald Ash Borer, Agrilus planipennis, is an invasive wood-boring beetle that has been attacking ash trees.

No oak wilt found in Douglas County in 2019
disease forest_oak spread

Oak wilt continued to spread through Bayfield, Sawyer and Washburn counties in northern Wisconsin in 2019 with new detections in numerous towns.

Ron Krupp: Identifying and controling invasive plants

Every year, I identify and learn about invasive plants I wasn’t aware of. In 2019, I came in contact with three invasives including Japanese hops and wild parsnips in my community garden, and buckthorn while walking in Red Rocks Park in South Burlington which borders Lake Champlain and Shelburne Bay.

New fungicide offers wide fusarium head blight spray window
disease pesticide specialty_crops

Syngenta recently rolled out Miravis, a brand new fungicide available for the 2020 growing season

Fusarium levels higher in ’19 but manageable
cost disease specialty_crops spread

Seed analysts and plant pathologists say cases of fusarium graminearum in cereals spiked in 2019, pointing to wet weather as the main driver behind the spread.

Rise in dengue due to changing weather pattern - Dr. Anura Jayasekera

The rise in the number of dengue patients in the country, especially during the past two months of 2019 is due mainly to the previously latent serotype 3 (DENV3) becoming active and to the changing weather patterns bringing intermittent rain from August, Dr. Anura Jayasekera, Director, National Dengue Control Unit (NDCU), told the Sunday Observer.

Nematode researcher aiming for plant resistance
nematode photographs

What aquatic, microscopic worm inhabits all of the ecosystems on the earth? While some of its species are beneficial to soil health, others are destructive to crops and the human intestinal tract. What is this parasite species? It is nematodes.

Spotted lanternfly is costing Pennsylvania $50M annually, study finds
biocontrol cost insect photographs spread

The spotted lanternfly, an invasive pest from Asia that is wreaking havoc on valuable trees and vines, is costing the Pennsylvania economy about $50 million and eliminating nearly 500 jobs each year

Managing beech bark disease: Manual applications of glyphosate in conjunction with salvage harvests to control beech dominance
disease research

This study was conducted to evaluate if manual applications of glyphosate in conjunction with salvage harvesting can effectively control American beech (Fagus grandifolia) dominance under operational constraints at Haliburton Forest.

South Dakotans celebrate 'Burning of the Beetle'
forest_pine insect

Since 2014, every January marks the “Burning of the Beetle” in Custer, South Dakota. What’s turned into a fun tradition and artistic celebration, stemmed from a bleak time in the Black Hills.

Ash dieback project launches International Year of Plant Health
cost disease

The Ash Archive initiative is a major step towards maintaining and restoring ash in the British landscape.

'Resistant' trees planted in Hampshire in ash dieback fight
cost disease

A planting scheme has begun to grow trees that it is hoped will be resistant to ash dieback disease.

More killer weeds under consideration for Pennsylvania’s noxious list
prevention spread weed

Another six invasive plant species that post severe threats to native plants and ecosystems will be considered for addition to Pennsylvania’s noxious weed list

Teams sent for early intervention to prevent late blight from hitting potato cultivation
disease specialty_crops

In a bid to avert late blight from hitting potato cultivation, the Bengal government has sent teams to three districts as part of the state's early intervention programme after receiving reports of late blight symptoms in potato crop.

Globodera pallida Pale Cyst Nematode APHIS Adds Infested Fields in the Regulated Area in Idaho
nematode survey

On November 6, 2019, the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) confirmed pale cyst nematode (Globodera pallida: PCN) in two potato production fields (a total of 169 acres) located in Bingham County, Idaho.

Five Ways to Support Threatened Species in Your Garden
pesticide weed

One of the ways that we can ensure that these animals and plants continue for future generations is in the way that we cultivate our gardens and lawnscapes.

Provincial and federal funding to support beekeepers
cost insect

The province’s beekeepers are to receive more than $220,000 in provincial and federal funding to support the honeybee industry.

“Our organic products fight TR4, reducing it up to 90%”
disease specialty_crops

The susceptibility of bananas to disease has been plaguing the industry for a long time – and the fungi TR4 and Black Sigatoka have affected crops all over the world.

A thank you from aquatic invasive species researcher
mollusk treatment

Every Minnesotan knows how important it is to protect our state’s precious water resources from the scourge of aquatic invasive species.

Water hyacinth is a long-term issue for Ekurhuleni dams
photographs weed

“The Benoni lakes are part of the department’s priority area and are being monitored to assess the effectiveness of the envisaged measures.”

Can a War of the Wasps Save Hawaiʻi’s Wiliwili Trees?
beneficial biocontrol insect

The wiliwilis were unable to bloom, their leaves forming strange cysts and their branches sprouting misshapen tumors.

As the importance of honeybees — and the challenge of raising them — maginifies, CT beekeeping classes swell
insect management pesticide

At a time when the importance of bees is more apparent than ever — and raising them is getting more and more difficult — the state’s beekeepers and others with a stake in the game are working to train new generations of beekeepers to help increase their likelihood of success.

Príncipe's Obô snail population declined by more than 75% in the last 20 years
definition identification mollusk photographs

On the island of Príncipe a forest giant, known locally as the Obô snail, has undergone a population decline of more than 75 percent within the last 20 years and its range has decreased by approximately 40 percent, according to a recent report.

Famine in Africa and the Middle East? Devastating stem rust fungus threatens global staple crop, but genomic solution may finally be on the horizon
disease management photographs resistance

over the past two decades, a growing threat has attacked wheat production in Africa, and could in time decimate wheat harvests around the world.

In quake-hit Puerto Rico even the bees are fleeing their homes

The quakes have shifted the position of many hives, confused returning bees and caused destruction inside the wooden boxes, one expert said.

Dramatic Income Gap Seen Between SCN-Infested Soybeans with PI 88788 and Peking Resistance
nematode soybean

The results of a field experiment conducted in 2019 with the soybean cyst nematode (SCN) in southeast Iowa were dramatic and alarming.

New International Partnership to Identify and Develop Resistance to Dangerous Wheat Disease
disease resistance specialty_crops

The WHEAT, led by CIMMYT and the ICARDA, recently announced a partnership with the JAAS in China to open a new screening facility for the deadly and fast-spreading fungal wheat disease Fusarium Head Blight.

Volunteers needed to stem tide of arboreal invaders
insect spread survey

HWA, an invasive aphid-like insect, attacks Eastern Hemlock trees; volunteers will learn to survey for and identify them to slow their spread

HWA affecting Eastern Hemlock trees in Western New York
insect survey

The Erie County Parks is hosting an educational event next month to inform people about hemlock woolly adelgid (HWA) and the the effect it has on our ecosystem.

Morpho-molecular identification and a new host report of Bactrocera dorsalis (Hendel) from the Kashmir valley (India)
definition identification insect specialty_crops

The Oriental fruit fly, Bactrocera dorsalis (Hendel) is here reported to infest apple, apricot, nectarine, pear, peach and quince fruits from the Kashmir valley

First Report of Natural Infection of Cucumber Green Mottle Mosaic Virus (CGMMV) in Siraitia grosvenorii in China
disease research

Seeds of Siraitia grosvenorii (family Cucurbitaceae) are used as a sweetner in beverage and traditional herbal medicine production in China.

Aphid-munching beetle could help save hemlock forests
biocontrol insect photographs

An introduced beetle that eats the eggs of the hemlock woolly adelgid is showing promise.

HrpB7 from Xanthomonas campestris pv. vesicatoria is an essential component of the type III secretion system and shares features of HrpO/FliJ/YscO family members
biology disease research

The Gram-negative bacterium Xanthomonas campestris pv. vesicatoria translocates effector proteins via a type III secretion system (T3SS) into eukaryotic cells.

11 Common House Bugs to Know - What Insects Live in Houses?
insect photographs

11 Common House Bugs and How to Identify Them, According to Insect Experts

Kill the kudzu! Vine grows danger in Sevier County
insect photographs weed

Kudzu has taken over vacant lots and areas hit by wildfires in Sevier County. The voracious vine increases the risk of landslides and worsens wildfires.

DNR Removing Infected Trees at Potawatomi State Park
disease insect

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources will be removing disease- and insect-infested trees at Potawatomi State Park during the coming weeks.

U.S. agriculture employs nearly 3 million honeybee colonies every year. What do those pollinators cost our ecosystems?
disease insect video

As we rely more heavily on managed native bees—largely for California’s $5.6-billion almond crop—wild bees are increasingly under threat.

Beginning beekeepers supported
disease insect

Tampa Bay Beekeepers aim to keep hives healthy

Minn. crops hit with new diseases
corn disease photographs soybean spread

Crop diseases are at an all-time high in Minnesota.

The right soybean cyst nematode-resistant variety can make a $200-per-acre difference
cost nematode resistance

Soybean cyst nematode (SCN) is a devastating soybean pest.

Study: Spotted Lanternfly Costing Pennsylvania $50M Annually
cost insect

The spotted lanternfly, an invasive pest from Asia that is wreaking havoc on valuable trees and vines, is costing the Pennsylvania economy about $50 million and eliminating nearly 500 jobs each year, according to a Penn State study released Thursday.

Plant disease that kills citrus trees is threatening the Fontana area, officials say
insect photographs quarantine

A plant disease that kills citrus trees has been found in several areas of California and is threatening the Fontana area, officials said.

Emerald ash borer permanent quarantine may expand to Miami County
insect photographs quarantine

A public hearing will be conducted at 10 a.m. on Thursday, Feb. 6, to consider the issuance of a permanent quarantine regarding emerald ash borer.

Top Berthoud news stories of 2019
cost photographs survey

Another year has passed us by and as is the tradition we again dug through the Surveyor archives to report the major news stories of 2019. The following

Rejuvenation of lake moves at snail's pace

Though the water hyacinth is being removed the sewage water is still causing malodorous fumes

More Than Wheat to Eat: New Zealand's Wheat Bug Has a Taste for Brassicas, Too
insect management photographs

Nysius huttoni, known by many simply as the wheat bug, is an endemic and widely distributed pest in New Zealand.

Four-Year Project to Address Grape Leafroll Associated Virus
grape spread treatment

A research project is underway looking to answer questions related to grape leafroll associated virus and its vector vine mealybug.

The cryptic impacts of invasion: functional homogenization of tropical ant communities by invasive fire ants

The Red Imported Fire Ant ('fire ant') is a species native to South America which has spread globally, and is listed among the world's worst invasive alien species.

Fusarium oxysporum infection activates the plastidial branch of the terpenoid biosynthesis pathway in flax, leading to increased ABA synthesis
disease research resistance

Upregulation of the terpenoid pathway and increased ABA content in flax upon Fusarium infection leads to activation of the early plant’s response (PR genes, cell wall remodeling, and redox status).

That guy climbing that tree is probably looking for gypsy moths
insect photographs

The European Gypsy Moth is considered a major pest across North America, and trees are left susceptible to disease after the caterpillar munches on its leaves.

Banana killing fungal disease TR4: the day after tomorrow
disease specialty_crops

With Latin America frenetic over the arrival of the banana killing fungal disease TR4, FruiTrop explains how we can finally see a sign, or even an opportunity, to put an end to six decades of ultra-intensive cropping based on a single variety.

The hidden cost of almond milk: ‘Exploited and disrespected’ bees are dying by the billions
cost disease survey

Almonds, blended and strained in substantial quantities to satisfy our collective thirst for nut milk, have travelled a great distance to become a coffee shop staple.

Emerald ash borer isn't the only dangerous invader for Virginia
insect mollusk photographs treatment weed

The fight is on against the emerald ash borer — enough that the Virginia Department of Forestry has hired a coordinator to lead the charge.

Washington's Wildlife Agency Makes Progress with Invasive Species
mollusk spread

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) is congratulating the public on a year well done when it comes to preventing invasive species in the state’s waterways.

Two noxious weeds spread to Rice County

The Minnesota Department of Agriculture confirmed in 2019 five species of weeds on the state’s Noxious Weed Prohibited Eradicate List for the first time in eight counties.

Jalandhar: Wheat farmers warned against Yellow Rust attack
disease specialty_crops

Chief Agriculture Officer Dr Nazar Singh said that yellow rust is a disease that causes loss in crop yield and the disease appears as yellow coloured, powdery linear stripes on the leaves.

Vidarbha Cotton Infested by 20-40 Percent Pink Bollworm

Controlling unwanted cotton is an essential part of good integrated pest & disease management and general farm hygiene.

Potawatomi State Park to combat emerald ash borer, beech bark disease
disease insect

Logging activity is expected to take place for the next several weeks along park roads in Potawatomi State Park to address diseased trees in the park.

Helen Mirren warns public about Xylella

The British star rallies behind efforts to protect UK horticulture from a plant disease ravaging European crops

Identification and molecular characterization of Wolbachia strains in natural populations of Aedes albopictus in China
insect map research

Aedes albopictus is naturally infected with Wolbachia spp., maternally transmitted bacteria that influence the reproduction of hosts.

Scientists bolt down the defenses against ambrosia beetles
forest_oak photographs stone_fruit trapping

Exotic ambrosia beetles are costly pests of ornamental and fruit trees nationwide—from front-yard plantings of Japanese maple and oak to commercially grown orchards of cherry, peach, plum and even avocado.

2019 Research Project Reports Now Available from PD/GWSS Board
cost disease insect photographs

The latest progress report is now available for research conducted on behalf of the Pierce’s Disease Control Program

The surprising tale of our winter moths
insect overwinter photographs

None of our five or six overwintering butterfly species normally venture out in winter, being safely tucked up in hibernation.

Invasive plants persist north of Elmendorf Lake

City crews will be back as early as Wednesday to continue what they did last year along the Elmendorf Lake Park — clearing away highly invasive water hyacinth and the garbage caught in vegetation that remain north of Commerce Street.

Metro working hard to tackle hyacinths

In response to an article the Addie has written titled Hyacinth takes over dam, the metro has responded to our questions.

Genetic characterization and genome-wide association mapping for dwarf bunt resistance in bread wheat accessions from the USDA National Small Grains Collection
disease research resistance specialty_crops

Dwarf bunt-resistant bread wheat accessions and SNP markers associated with DB resistance identified in this study are valuable resources for characterization and deployment of DB resistance in bread wheat.

Erie County looking for volunteers amid spread of invasive species

There’s a threat to western New York’s eastern hemlock trees, and Erie County is looking to educate locals on it.

London tries to get ahead of gypsy moth infestation
forest_oak insect management

Neighbouring woods and a large population of oak trees have made Byron the prime home for the insect

Giant African Snail spreads to Northeast Trinidad
mollusk photographs

The Giant African Snail (GAS), once limited to northwest Trinidad, appears to have spread as far as Arima, posing a danger to crops and humans.

Blitz on electric ants on this weekend in Kuranda
insect photographs

Biosecurity Queensland will go on a blitz this weekend to crack down on electric ants in Kuranda.

Help zap electric ants in Kuranda
eradication insect

Biosecurity Queensland is urging Kuranda residents to join an intensive surveillance blitz targeting electric ants.

Meet our favorite ladybug in disguise
damage insect photographs

One of the most popular topics on my speaking tour is organic pest control. Fewer and fewer homeowners and business folks want to continue using chemicals if low-impact solutions that work are available.

Pet Owners Beware As The Pine Processionary Caterpillar Season Begins In Murcia

These distinctive caterpillars pose a serious threat to curios animals and eve small children

Influence of selected habitat and stand factors on bark beetle Ips typographus (L.) outbreak in the Białowieża Forest
insect research

The European spruce bark beetle (Ips typographus L.) is one of the most critical insect disturbance agents in Europe.

Gowan acquires late blight, rhizoctonia protection agents from Bayer in the US
disease pesticide photographs treatment

Gowan Crop Protection Limited, an affiliate of Gowan Co. LLC., has entered into agreements with Bayer AG to acquire rights to the active ingredients fenamidone and pencycuron in the US.

Montgomery County affected by laurel wilt disease

he Tennessee Department of Agriculture advised forest landowners to monitor their sassafras trees after it detected new cases of laurel wilt disease in Robertson and Hamblen counties, and earlier this year, the disease was detected in trees in Montgomery, Cheatham, Dickson and Williamson counties.

Circadian Clock Genes Help a Crop Pest Adapt to Climate Change
corn genetics insect photographs

As global temperatures rise and winters shorten, caterpillars of the corn borer moth are emerging earlier in parts of the US thanks to changes in two genes, researchers find.

Potato late blight in Europe
cost disease photographs resistance specialty_crops

Didier Andrivon from INRA delves into the disease that once killed 1.5 million individuals in Ireland: Potato late blight, also known as Phytophthora Infestans

Water hyacinth removed from Vandiyur tank
photographs weed

A group of environmental activists along with officials from the Public Works Department (PWD) removed water hyacinth, an invasive aquatic weed, which thrived on Vandiyur tank, here on Sunday.

Intercropping with wheat suppressed Fusarium wilt in faba bean and modulated the composition of root exudates
biology disease research

The causal agent of Fusarium wilt in faba bean is Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. fabae (FOF), which significantly reduces the yield in continuous cropping systems. We aimed to evaluate the role of wheat in alleviating Fusarium wilt in faba bean.

Floating trash collector launched to clean Durgam Cheruvu

To clean the lakes and ensure a clear water surface, the HMDA has procured floating trash collectors which moves in the water body duly collecting the trash and other floating material including water hyacinth and weeds

Invaders everywhere in southern Indiana
insect spread weed

While some plants and animals in Indiana are in the process of disappearing, other plants and animals are making their way into the Hoosier ecosystem

New York Farmers Deal with Crop Pests
damage insect soybean

Now they’re urged to be on the lookout for harmful insects and weeds that are new to the region, with potential for causing significant economic damage.

Late blight and organic crops: Solving the arduous copper equation
disease pesticide specialty_crops

Didier Andrivon from INRA underlines late blight and organic crops, including solving the arduous copper equation

WHEAT DISEASE: Loss of CTL cited as a huge blow to the industry
disease pesticide photographs specialty_crops

A NEW grower survey has given a '2020 vision' into what wheat diseases will be giving growers most grief this coming year.

Rapid detection of Pecan Root-Knot Nematode, Meloidogyne partityla, in laboratory and field conditions using loop-mediated isothermal amplification
biology nematode research specialty_crops

Meloidogyne partityla is the dominant root-knot nematode (RKN) species parasitizing pecan in Georgia.

Alabama Extension, Auburn University Partner with UC Davis in European Grape Studies
disease grape management spread

Alabama wine grape growers will soon have access to disease-resistant bunch grape varieties as new grape varieties send ripples through the entire wine-making community.

3-foot drawdown hopes to curb Lake Columbia's new giant salvinia problem
pesticide photographs weed

With the recent discovery of the invasive plant species giant salvinia making its way into Lake Columbia, an emergency 3-foot drawdown is now underway after local and state authorities met Wednesday and decided on the move.

Giant salvenia may have impact on Magnolia water system, Mayor Vann says
cost photographs treatment weed

Last week’s discovery in Lake Columbia of the invasive water plant, giant salvinia, poses immediate problems for the City of Magnolia.

This winter hasn’t been cold enough to harm the pine beetle – so far
insect overwinter

Cod temperatures in 2019 helped decrease the population, however there are some areas in the forests less affected by the cold where the beetle survived.

Emerald ash borer invasion continues

Emerald ash borer infestations continued in 2019 and are expected to grow in 2020.

Peking resistance shines in SCN yield tests
nematode pesticide soybean

When rounding up data for the annual soybean cyst nematode yield tests, Iowa State University plant pathologist Gregory Tylka said results were surprisingly good

Northern gulf salt marshes vital habitat

Franklin County is fortunate to have an abundance of salt marshes fringing our coastal environs.

High temperatures and narrow temperature ranges slowed down citrus fruit pigmentation
citrus disease

The Sicilian orange campaign is in full swing and it is being affected in terms of quality and volumes by both the weather and factors that characterize the single plots.

New Japanese Hops Study on Arthritis Shows Humulus Japonicus Extract's Protective Effects
beneficial weed

South Korean Universities and Institutes release details of new scientific study where research on the wild hops extract, aka Humulus japonicus, helped relieve arthritis pain.

Citrus Greening bacterium now available in culture
biology citrus disease

A dynamic research collaboration between several labs recently reported an important step in the long-sought culture of the bacterium [Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus (CLas)] associated with huanglongbing (HLB).

California Loses Chlorpyrifos: What’s Next?
insect management pesticide

Despite the Trump Administration’s relaxing of regulatory positions on pesticides — notably the EPA decision over the summer to keep chlorpyrifos — the longer-term trend embraced by many U.S. state lawmakers to phase out certain chemicals, one by one, abides.

Summary of 2019 Insecticide Evaluations for Soybean Pests
insect pesticide photographs soybean

The 2019 growing season was challenging for farmers in many parts of the state, especially because cold and wet soil conditions in April significantly delayed planting.

The hidden cost of almond milk: ‘Exploited and disrespected’ bees are dying by the billions
damage disease

Packed into boxes, loaded onto trucks and transported en masse to a vast artificial forest, California’s $14-billion almond industry depends on bees-for-hire, which are dying at unprecedented rates.

Beetle Species Pose Potential Harm To Tulsa Ash Trees
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The City of Tulsa Parks Department said it's preparing to battle a beetle, which can kill ash trees.

NJ didn’t do enough to stop insect’s destruction of ash trees

Where were you as New Jersey’s ash tree forests were being wiped out by the Asian emerald ash borer?

What Kills Native Oaks in Southern California? - Orange County Registry
damage forest_oak history identification insect

The Golden Spotted Oak Moth, or GSOB, is an invasive beetle that kills native oaks in several areas of southern California.

Chikungunya cases triple in 2019 in Thailand
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Thailand health officials close out 2019 with 11,484 chikungunya cases, more than triple the 3,580 cases reported in 2018. The current outbreak began in October 2018.

Hemlock Restoration Initiative hosting hemlock management workshops
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Hemlock trees in Western North Carolina are an important and irreplaceable component of our forest ecosystems.

Open house on gypsy moth aerial spray program in Surrey
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THE public is invited to attend a community open house and participate in a discussion about the 2020 gypsy moth aerial spray treatment program in Surrey, the Province announced on Monday.

Canadian Wheat Research Coalition Commits Over $9.6 Million To USask Crop Development Centre
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The Canadian Wheat Research Coalition (CWRC), a collaboration of the Saskatchewan Wheat Development Commission, the Alberta Wheat Commission, and the Manitoba Wheat and Barley Growers Association, has committed more than $9.6 million over five years to a core breeding agreement (CBA) with the University of Saskatchewan’s (USask) Crop Development Centre (CDC) for the development of spring wheat cultivars.

Farmers cautioned on yellow rust
disease small_grains

scientists of the Indian Institute of Wheat and Barley Research (IIWBR) and experts of the Agriculture Department asked farmers to remain vigilant as humidity may lead to occurrence of yellow rust

Citrus: Rising above the turbulence
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Every agricultural commodity has to face two perennial challenges: pests and trade issues.

Chronological history of oranges

Today over 140 countries produce citrus fruits — mostly in the semitropical northern hemisphere.

Expect more fire ants than usual this summer, experts say
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We aren’t the only ones enjoying a warmer than usual winter. Fire ants are too. An unseasonably warm winter is keeping the insects active.

Helping Honeybees Adapt
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The main challenge is a parasite called varroa mite

Tennessee Department of Agriculture reports Lewis County Quarantined for Emerald Ash Borer
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Tennessee Department of Agriculture reports another Tennessee county has been quarantined for Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) after detection of the forest-devastating insect.

Conover Latest Site Of Tree-Killing Oak Wilt

Oak wilt is a deadly disease and is being found in more and more areas with the most recent in the Vilas County town of Conover according to letters reviewed by the county Forestry, Land & Recreation Committee last week.

The next durian?
management quarantine

Global problem being addressed: Rising global demand for bananas

Fighting for the Ohio River Watershed’s Mussels
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About 130 mussels species have been recorded in the Ohio River system — the most of any other river system on Earth except the Mississippi, because it includes the Ohio.

FWP considering removing Canyon Ferry AIS classification

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks (FWP) are considering removing Canyon Ferry Reservoir’s suspected aquatic invasive species(AIS) status.

Dutch elm disease found in Epsom
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Approximately fourteen elm trees on Empire Ave, Inverary Ave, Kimberley Ave, Atherton Ave and St Leonards Road in Albert-Eden will be removed after being found to have Dutch elm disease.

Hyacinths on Presidents Dam, a lost cause
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The hyacinth issue on Presidents Dam has become desperate.

Buffalo District fights invasive hydrilla on the Great Lakes
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The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Buffalo District is on a mission to fight hydrilla, an aggressive plant species that has wreaked havoc from Asia to every continent except Antarctica.

Giant salvenia starts to clog coves on Lake Columbia
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Fisheries biologists with the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission have confirmed that giant salvinia, a harmful invasive plant, has been found in Lake Columbia.

Hay! Watch out for fire ants
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THE NSW Department of Primary Industries is warning local livestock owners to ensure all hay and feed from southeast Queensland is free of red imported fire ants.

Landowner assistance available for phragmites, red cedar, Russian olives
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Southwest Weed Management, with the Hayes and Hitchcock County Weed Departments, will have a public meeting to inform landowners of programs to remove eastern red cedar, russian olive trees, salt cedar and phragmites from property in Hayes and Hitchcock Counties.

APHIS Expands the Citrus Greening Quarantined Area in California
citrus disease quarantine

Effectively immediately, the USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS), in cooperation with the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA), and the California citrus industry is expanding the area quarantined for citrus greening (Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus) in California.

Mild winter performs the itchy oak processionary caterpillar
forest_oak insect management

The Dutch winter has been exceptionally gentle to this point and there aren’t any indications that this can change quickly. And that’s to the benefit of the oak processionary caterpillar.

Oriental fruit fly eradicated in Northern Cape municipalities
eradication photographs spread

Joint monitoring and control efforts by both public and private sector role players have resulted in the successful eradication of the highly invasive and destructive oriental fruit fly (Bactrocera dorsalis) from two Northern Cape district municipalities.

Honeybee-devouring giant hornet menacing Wash. likely came from Canada: official
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The Asian giant hornet, a two-inch menace that feasts on honeybees, has invaded Washington state.

Sassafras-killing fungal disease spreading in Tennessee
disease prevention spread

A fungal disease that kills sassafras trees is spreading in Tennessee, and the state Agriculture Department is seeking the public's help to stop it.

How Drones Can Use Multispectral Imagery to Fight Pests
insect management photographs technology

The study found that that stress to soybean crops caused by the soybean aphid (Aphis glycines) can be detected by drone-based multispectral imagery, which photographs reflected light of several electromagnetic wavelengths in the same image.

'Like sending bees to war': the deadly truth behind your almond-milk obsession
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Bees are essential to the functioning of America’s titanic almond industry – and billions are dying in the process

A new invasive species to watch out for in Kandiyohi County
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Kandiyohi County has a new invasive species to be aware of...invasive phragmites.

Grim in the fields, grimmer in the woods

With just a few light frosts, and the squirrels still active, it has been an absurdly mild winter so far in Devon – but a horribly wet one.

Tulsa Has Avoided Emerald Ash Borer, But Officials Say City Must Prepare
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Tulsa has not seen the apocalyptic infestation of emerald ash borers officials feared in recent years.

Lewis county quarantined for Emerald Ash Borer

Lewis County has joined the list of Tennessee counties quarantined for Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) after detection of the forest-devastating insect.

Beekeeping courses for beginners due to get underway in the new year
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This is to control populations of Varroa destructor, a parasite mite that lives on honey bees, that can lead to a range of problems including colony collapse.

USDA: Weather biggest variable for wheat fungus
disease survey

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has determined weather is the main variable in head blight epidemics experienced by wheat and barley growers.

Careful grain sampling key when looking for mycotoxins
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Ontario’s worst-ever year for DON infection in corn may provide some guidance for managing the problem in Western Canada

Late blight disease affects 10% potato crop in regions Jalandhar, Hoshiarpur
disease specialty_crops

After it detected signs of late blight in potato in Jalandhar and Hoshiarpur, the agriculture department has issued an advisory to farmers in the region to save the remaining crop.

Sassafras-killing fungal disease has spread to East Tennessee
disease public_response spread

The best way to prevent the further spread of the disease is to avoid moving firewood or untreated timber around the state.

Southeast Virginia farmers antsy over damaging, disruptive pests
insect quarantine

Fire ants have established themselves in the Southeast. They have spread from Texas to Southeast Virginia, where they have wreaked havoc on plants and animals.

Spotting the spotted lanternfly
insect inspection photographs quarantine spread

As 14 counties in eastern Pennsylvania are under quarantine for the invasive spotted lanternfly, New York state is doing what it can to spot potentially contaminated shipments from the Keystone State.

The Mendocino National Forest Seeks Public Input on a Vegetation Project
pesticide treatment weed

The Mendocino National Forest is seeking public input on the proposed Ranch Fire Broom treatment project.

Range officials fight two new invasive species
eradication weed

“We’re implementing every best-known management practice that exists,” Mealor said. “And we’re inventing some of our own as we go.”

AI fights banana diseases
disease prevention specialty_crops technology

An international team of researchers has developed artificial intelligence (AI) detection models to identify major diseases and pests in bananas.

A Blizzard of Tumbleweeds Caused a 10-Hour Traffic Jam in Washington State
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Not a blizzard or an ice storm, but a terrible confetti of thousands of tumbleweeds.

Implications of Ash Dieback for Associated Epiphytes on JSTOR
definition disease

Ash dieback is a degenerative tree disease

Japanese Beetle Update
eradication insect management pesticide photographs

Last spring, the Oregon Department of Agriculture’s Integrated Pest Prevention & Management (IPPM) program continued its multi-year effort to eradicate the Japanese beetle.

Germplasms, genetics and genomics for better control of disastrous wheat Fusarium head blight
cost disease genetics research

The fast advance in the genomics-based host resistance research and other disease control measures will certainly help to win the fight against FHB in the near future.

Tahoe Regional Planning Agency tags 6 projects with ‘Best in Basin’ awards
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The Tahoe Regional Planning Agency, which is celebrating 50 years on the lake, awarded six projects with Best in Basin awards on Thurs. Dec. 19.

Citrus disease Huanglongbing remains a threat to Ventura County crops
citrus cost disease

Ventura County growers remain vigilant against a disease that’s led to an expanded Southern California quarantine zone aimed at protecting the state’s huge citrus industry.

Doreen Fogle: Beware the surprising dangers of your landscape berries for the birds
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One of our most popular landscape plants can actually kill birds.

Dengue fever: Technique pioneered to tackle disease threatening half the world
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Dengue fever is a viral infection that can look like severe flu, the symptoms of which include high fever, headache, joint pain and a rash.

Fighting For The Ohio River Watershed’s Mussels
mollusk photographs

About 130 mussels species have been recorded in the Ohio River system — the most of any other river system on Earth except the Mississippi, because it includes the Ohio.

Development of specific primers for Fusarium oxysporum causing damping off of Lilium formolongi
biology disease genetics reference

because transposable elements exist randomly in the genome of F. oxysporum, we considered that several of these or related regions would be unique to forma speciales.

Warmer winter causing fire ants to flourish in Volusia and Flagler counties

Due to the unseasonably hot winter, ants – fire ants in particular – have migrated, multiplied and spread across Flagler and Volusia counties

WOLF'S DEN: Yes, horses are an invasive species
mollusk spread weed

Invasive species, such as dalmatian toadflax, zebra mussels, Russian thistle, feral burros and horses, are costing us $1.5 billion each year to deal with their environmental impacts on our public lands.

WETLANDS: Notorious 'terminator weed' might be a climate change savior
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This place might be called the ground zero of climate change.

Invasive plant species Giant Salvinia found in Lake Columbia

Fisheries biologists with the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission confirmed this week that giant salvinia, a harmful invasive plant, has been found in Lake Columbia.

Targeted Mutations in Xylella fastidiosa Affect Acquisition and Retention by the Glassy-Winged Sharpshooter, Homalodisca vitripennis (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae)
disease insect research

In order to stop the spread of X. fastidiosa by GWSS using gene-level targets, complete disruption of bacterial colonization mechanisms is required.

Prevent the spread of pests and diseases by properly disposing of holiday greenery (copy)
disease insect spread

There are several invasive hitchhikers you could have been unwittingly hosting on your greenery over the holidays.

Huge risk of dengue outbreak this year
disease insect management

As authorities concerned have failed to take any visible effective measure so far to control Aedes mosquito outside Dhaka, there is a huge risk of dengue outbreak this year.

TDA: Laurel Wilt Disease Detected On Rob. County Sassafras Trees

The Tennessee Department of Agriculture (TDA) is advising Robertson County landowners to monitor their Sassafras trees after detecting new cases of laurel wilt disease in Robertson and Hamblen Counties

Cold weather damages crops in four districts
disease specialty_crops

The Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE) fears the destruction of paddy seedlings, potato plants and other winter crops with the onset of untimely rain and continuous cold waves.

Ash borer update: Some trees to get reprieve; replanting plans not taking root everywhere
cost insect treatment

Most will still face a death sentence, because the city’s war on the emerald ash borer relies heavily on removal.

CABI teams up with colleagues to pioneer the biological control of Japanese knotweed in the Netherlands
cost management pesticide photographs weed

CABI is sharing its expertise in invasive weed management to help colleagues in the Netherlands control the scourge of Asian knotweeds

What I’ve learned / Japanese knotweed

Bamboo has a bad reputation in Maine, but it’s not bamboo’s fault.

Invasive mussels: Fisheries minister asked to do more to protect Shuswap, Okanagan lakes
cost inspection mollusk photographs prevention

Two Shuswap-Okanagan organizations plan to bring Canada’s new Fisheries minister up to speed on invasive mussels concerns while arguing more must be done at the federal government level.

Water groups ask Ottawa for help in fighting mussels
cost mollusk prevention

The Shuswap Watershed Council and the Okanagan Basin Water Board have sent a letter to the new federal minister of fisheries and oceans, Bernadette Jordan, to express their ongoing concern about the threat of aquatic invasive zebra and quagga mussels and call for more action from the federal government.

More funding needed to combat invasive mussels in the Okanagan
cost mollusk

An open letter was sent to the minister of fisheries demanding the government do more

Spotting the spotted lanternfly
cost insect inspection photographs

The state Department of Agriculture hit a milestone the first week of December: It handed out more than 1 million spotted lanternfly permits.

Researching Materials to Combat Spotted Lanternfly
insect video

The spotted lanternfly is creating significant concern for growers in California, anxiously monitoring what kind of damage the insect is causing in states where it has been discovered.

Dangerously Invasive Spotted Lanternfly Now In 9 NJ Counties
damage insect photographs quarantine

NJ residents are asked to report sightings of the bug that can do some unpleasant things – and was first discovered on a Christmas tree.

Bacterial communities in the gut of wild and mass-reared Zeugodacus cucurbitae and Bactrocera dorsalis revealed by metagenomic sequencing
insect research

We found diverse bacterial composition in the gut of wild and mass-reared Z. cucurbitae (ZC) and B. dorsalis (BD) with varied relative abundance.

The 5 pests that bugged Mainers most in 2019
insect management pesticide photographs

As Maine’s farmers, gardeners and homesteaders reflect on this year and plan for the next, one thing strikes fear into even the most-practiced gardener’s heart: pests.

Minister Urges Public to Protect Fruit Fly Traps
insect photographs trapping

Minister of Agriculture, has urged residents and citizens to help protect crop production in St. Kitts and Nevis from pests such as the Mediterranean Fruit Fly.

Wolbachia delivers a toxin-free death blow to rocketing dengue rates
cost insect video

An investment in some Wolbachia mosquitoes might be a good idea.

Watch out for stink bug this summer
insect photographs

Victorians are reminded to look out for exotic pests like the brown marmorated stink bug this summer

WATCH: Little Fire Ants Are Spreading Across Israel
insect photographs video

A World Israel News video reported that little fire ants which are barely visible to the naked eye are rapidly spreading across Israel.

Livestock owners beware of fire ants
eradication insect photographs treatment

In November 2014, the Commonwealth Department of Agriculture staff at Port Botany detected Red Imported Fire Ants (RIFA) during routine surveillance.

Gypsy moth spraying should not be done
insect inspection trapping treatment

There are most definitely alternative routes to investigate. What is wrong with us?

Aerial spraying planned to prevent gyspy moth problem at Lake Cowichan
insect photographs treatment

Invasive insects can travel widely, and cause significant damage: province

Showy dainty swallowtail spotted in Lake Wendouree wetlands
insect photographs

With a wingspan of about 70mm, the dainty swallowtail butterfly is a showy creature, considerably larger than most local butterflies.

Non-Native Phragmites Are Not Our Friends
beneficial damage weed

My concern is that people may begin to view the non-native phragmites as benign or even consistently beneficial.

Corn, soybean insect updates track new concerns
insect management pesticide photographs soybean treatment

Changes in federal standards on the use of crop products, a finding in Nova Scotia, and the appearance of a new insect in states bordering Wisconsin were among the highlights in the insect review by Extension Service entomologist Bryan Jensen at the 2019 Pest Management Update.

The growing concerns of Saltcedar
photographs weed

Saltcedar (Tamarix ssp.) or tamarisk was introduced to the United States in 1823 on the east coast.

Hawaii officials want to deploy wasp to protect native trees
biocontrol insect

Hawaii officials want to deploy a wasp throughout the state to combat another type of wasp that threatens a species of native trees.

Don’t move ornamental citrus plants across state lines
citrus insect photographs

Among your top New Year’s resolutions: be sure you don’t carry citrus plants into Georgia.

Beach vitex a growing invasive threat
pesticide photographs survey weed

Beach vitex is an invasive plant originally brought from the South Pacific to the South Carolina coast to protect sand dunes from erosion. However, it was quickly realized that its root structure does not anchor the sand nearly as well as native vegetation such as sea oats.

First Study to Compare Citrus Varieties with Combo of Metabolomics, Microbiome
citrus disease

Citrus greening disease, or Huanglongbing (HLB), is deadly, incurable, and the most significant threat to the citrus industry.

Warning over poisonous hemlock as dog is put down

A COUNCILLOR says action is being taken to warn dog walkers of poisonous plants in a Hampshire meadow after a woman was forced to put her pet down.

Grow a summer meadow of pincushion flowers

In the New Zealand climate, it's hard to put on a full-blown wildflower meadow

An ugly fungal disease could spell the end of American peppermint farming
disease specialty_crops

It’s hard to imagine a world without peppermint, especially at this time of year. But while we enjoy our candy canes, stakeholders are hard-pressed to find a solution to the incurable threat called Verticillium wilt.

The Invasive Elongate Hemlock Scale Makes A Return Incursion To Wisconsin
insect photographs specialty_crops

For A Second Year, Christmas Trees And Wreaths Infested With The Conifer Pest Were Shipped To The State

California expands local quarantine to halt citrus disease spread by aphid-like bug
citrus cost insect quarantine spread

Southern California quarantine zone has been expanded in an effort to stop the spread of a disease that threatens the state’s multibillion-dollar citrus industry.

Herbicide spraying proposed to curb broom plants in small parts of Mendocino National Forest
pesticide weed

Mendocino National Forest plans to use herbicides and hand tools to remove and control invasive broom plants now sprouting in the footprint of the Ranch fire, which in 2018 scorched about 288,000 acres in the sprawling forest that spans Lake, Glenn and Colusa counties.

Decade of decline: Mountain Pine Beetle losing grip on local forest area
forest_pine insect photographs spread

The population of mountain pine beetle declined “significantly” for the Grande Prairie forest area over the past decade, according to Alberta Agriculture and Forestry.

Leaf Miners: The Unexpected Conservation Heroes
photographs specialty_crops video

What can a common garden pest have to do with preserving fragile ecosystems on the islands of Hawaii?

Massachusetts bees threatened by pesticides, parasites and climate
cost insect pesticide

Massachusetts beekeepers reported losing more than half of their colonies in the 2015-2016 season, raising concerns for the health and safety of a pollinator central to farming and food production

Yellow rust needs a watchful eye
disease pesticide photographs

Planting varieties of wheat with a robust degree of resistance to yellow rust can allow for reduced fungicide inputs and avoid the need for early T0 sprays to the crop, but yellow rust races often adjust rapidly so ratings can change quickly within a season – which seems to have been the case in 2019.

The tomato leafminer affects 60% of world tomato production
biocontrol insect specialty_crops

The tomato leafminer has become a global disease in the cultivation of tomatoes, the most cultivated vegetable in the world and the one with the greatest economic value

Asian Giant Hornet Invasion Threatens Honey Bees in Pacific Northwest
insect photographs

An expert said of the hornets: “They are sworn enemies of honey bees. I would say a bee’s worst nightmare.”

Chinese mystery snail spotted in Alberta lake — and biologists want your help to keep it there
photographs spread

The Chinese mystery snail, which can grow up to six centimetres, was found in Lake McGregor, about 140 kilometres southeast of Calgary, last summer.

HLB found in residential citrus trees in City of Corona, Riverside County California
citrus disease treatment

A quarantine has been declared following the detection of the citrus disease Huanglongbing (HLB), or citrus greening, in multiple residential citrus trees within the City of Corona, Riverside County.

Corn School: Changing weather patterns create pest challenges
insect video

Changing weather patterns played havoc with corn planting and harvest in 2019 and they also affected insect cycles and how pests impacted the crop.

Invasive Asian giant hornet found in Washington state
insect photographs

The Asian giant hornet, an invasive species which has not been previously found in Washington state, was found in Blaine, according to the Washington State Department of Agriculture.

Invasive Asian giant hornets threaten bees, WA officials say
insect video

Gigantic, invasive hornets could be a big headache for Washington state residents — but not for the reasons you might expect, state agriculture experts say in a release.

Giant African snail already affecting 56 Cuban municipalities

The giant African snail, a plague that has spread rapidly in Cuba, is already present in 56 of the island’s municipalities, said First Deputy Minister of Agriculture Idael Pérez.

Bark beetles control pathogenic fungi
insect photographs

Ambrosia beetles belong to the bark beetles that generally are not popular with the forest industry due to the economic damage they may cause.

Preparation of Red Palm Weevil Rhynchophorus Ferrugineus ...
insect pesticide research

Red palm weevil (RPW), Rhynchophorus ferrugineus Olivier, is a devastating pest of palm trees worldwide.

Succession of macrofaunal communities and environmental properties along a gradient of smooth cordgrass Spartina alterniflora invasion stages
definition research weed

The present study provides important insights into the ecological effect of smooth cordgrass invasion stages on the macrofaunal community, environment and their relationship.

Bark beetles control pathogenic fungi
insect photographs

Ambrosia beetles belong to the bark beetles that generally are not popular with the forest industry due to the economic damage they may cause.

Napa's growers ahead of state-wide ban on harmful pesticide chlorpyrifos
grape insect pesticide

California’s ban on the pesticide chlorpyrifos, used on crops including almonds, wine grapes and walnuts, goes into effect in February.

Agri dept suggests integrated pest management for coconut
cost insect specialty_crops

The agriculture department wants coconut farmers in the district to implement integrated pest management methods to control rhinoceros beetle and red palm weevil.

Citrus Greening Disease Claims More Farm Acreage
citrus cost

California’s multibillion-dollar citrus industry is at risk of losing its harvest to a disease formally called Huanglongbing, named from Asian citrus psyllid

Late blight disease affects 10% potato crop; Jalandhar, Hoshiarpur farmers worried
disease specialty_crops spread

After they detected signs of late blight in potato in Jalandhar and Hoshiarpur, the department has issued an advisory to farmers in the region to save the remaining crop.

Fallen ash tree finds new life at Heritage Oaks

Harrisonburg Parks & Rec and Public Works are working hard to make sure trees lost to the impacts of the emerald ash borer are still put to good use.

UC Davis releases 5 grape varieties resistant to Pierce’s disease
cost disease grape insect resistance

For the first time since the 1980s, University of California, Davis, researchers have released new varieties of wine grapes. The five new varieties, three red and two white, are highly resistant to Pierce's disease, which costs California grape growers more than $100 million a year.

West Cape May Gets Forestry Grant
cost insect management

West Cape May will get $10,000 from the Resiliency planning grant program. It is the only municipality in Cape May County to receive funds from this series of grants, and is one of eight statewide to receive a Resiliency grant.

Lincoln May Move to Save Some Ash Trees From Invasive Bug
cost insect spread

Most of Lincoln's ash trees will end up casualties in the city’s war on the emerald ash borer insect that's killed millions of trees in the United States.

US Forest Service (USFS)

USFS manages national forests and grasslands, conducts forestry research, and provides technical and financial assistance to state and private forestry agencies.

Plant Protection and Quarantine (PPQ) Plant Pest Program Information

PPQ safeguards agriculture and natural resources from the risks associated with entry, establishment, or spread of plant pests and noxious weeds.

The National Invasive Species Council

The NISC provides interdepartmental coordination of invasive species actions and works with other federal and non-federal groups to address invasive species issues at the national level.

Bugwood Network

Consolidation and dissemination of information and programs focused on invasive species, forest health, natural resources and agricultural management at the state, regional, national and international levels.

Bugwood - Bark and Wood Boring Beetles of the World

Information and images of economically important beetles that feed on trees and shrubs.

Bugwood - Invasive Species

Invasive and exotic species whose introduction does or is likely to cause economic or environmental harm or harm to human health.

Pest Detection

National Plant Diagnostic Network (NPDN)

National Plant Board

The National Plant Board is a non-profit organization of the plant pest regulatory agencies of each of the states and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. Member agencies must be members in good standing of the Regional Plant Board in which their state or commonwealth is located.

USDA, National Invasive Species Information Center

Established in 2005 at the National Agricultural Library, the NISIC web site serves as a reference gateway to information, organizations, and services about invasive species.

Save our Citrus

The Nature Conservancy's Don't Move Firewood Campaign

A national awareness-building effort to stop the movement of firewood which is spreading invasive pests and killing trees.