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Scientist says zebra mussels partly to blame for toxic algae bloom
mollusk video

Zebra mussels could be partly to blame for the algae problem in Lady Bird Lake.

Why invasive zebra mussels are costing taxpayers
cost mollusk prevention spread video

Small and sharp zebra mussels have taken over 17 Texas lakes, and the invasion is costing taxpayers.

Austin's zebra mussel problem could cause more toxic algae blooms, experts say
damage impact mollusk photographs

It turns out the same toxins that make blue-green algae dangerous to humans and other animals can also make them unpalatable to zebra mussels

Zebra mussels confirmed in two Minnesota lakes
mollusk photographs treatment

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has confirmed zebra mussels in Grants Lake in Douglas County and West McDonald Lake in Otter Tail County.

Ash dieback is just the start of killer plagues threatening Britain’s trees
disease grape prevention spread survey

Deadly diseases are marching across Europe unchecked – all in the name of free trade

Commissioners could OK study on gypsy moth issue in Plainfield Twp.
cost insect survey treatment

The Iosco County Board of Commissioners Committee of the Whole voted unanimously to move a resolution, seeking a study on gypsy moths in the northwestern section of the county, to the full board.

Fighting back against the emerald ash borer
insect management

The emerald ash borer, an invasive, exotic beetle discovered in southeastern Michigan in 2002, has killed hundreds of millions of ash trees in North America

Emerald Ash Borer Discovered in Three More Iowa Counties
insect prevention treatment

Emerald ash borer (EAB) has been confirmed in Chickasaw, Franklin and Jones counties for the first time, bringing the total to 69 counties in Iowa where this invasive insect has been detected.

Lower Nazareth considers offer for free federal help to kill spotted lanternflies
funding pesticide photographs spread treatment

Lower Nazareth Township is considering whether to allow the U.S. Department of Agriculture to treat trees on township-owned property in order to contain the spread of spotted lanternflies

Dewitt looks to introduce wasp to combat emerald ash borer in one city park
biocontrol insect video

The emerald ash borer has wreaked havoc on ash trees in the United States of more than two decades, spreading to more than 30 states. But now another insect could be the key to stopping it.

Battling the Emerald Ash Borer
cost insect photographs treatment

Exotic beetle still causing damage in region

City to decide fate of ash trees in Fredericton as emerald ash borer inches closer
cost insect management treatment tree_removal video

City staff will examine which trees are worth saving and put together a management plan for the fall

Local officials react to emerald ash borer confirmation
insect management quarantine spread treatment

Emerald ash borer was confirmed in Worthington on Monday. What does this mean for Nobles County, Worthington and homeowners?

We Need to Talk About Japanese Knotweed
damage management pesticide survey treatment weed

For those of you that may not know, Japanese knotweed is now a well established and increasing known invasive plant that can be commonly found in residential surveys.

Japanese knotweed a mixed blessing for Newfoundland and Labrador
damage eradication photographs spread weed

Invasive shrub can be a nuisance, but it gets put to good use by local foragers

We met Edinburgh's Giant Hogweed-busters: The team working to defeat 'health risk' plants
eradication pesticide video weed

A team of dedicated Giant Hogweed-busters have been working tirelessly to eradicate the dangerous plant from the banks of the Water of Leith.

Giant hogweed alert for Oban residents after four receive medical treatment
photographs treatment weed

A popular area of common ground in Oban has been declared a no-go area after at least four people were injured by toxic plants.

Limerick project to control spread of Giant Hogweed
eradication photographs spread weed

Limerick city and county councils have embarked on a three-year project to control the spread of Giant Hogweed on the River Loobagh near Kilmallock.

Help slow the destructive invasion of knotweed
photographs prevention spread weed

The Thompson-Nicola Invasive Plant Management Committee wants the public to keep an eye out for an invasive plant that has sprung up in patches throughout the area.

Giant hogweed, knotweed and butterfly bush among plants Powell River region aims to remove
eradication funding pesticide spread weed

Eradicating destructive plants takes education

Understand the Invasive Japanese Knotweed before doing battle
eradication history management pesticide weed

This is the time of year when the invasive plant Japanese knotweed is blooming in large clusters of greenish-white flowers.

'The monster is underneath': Interior district steps up fight against Japanese knotweed invasion
audio damage management pesticide photographs weed

Roots of the invasive species can extend 20 metres underground and penetrate home foundations

Agency warns of mosquitoes after local dengue case
insect photographs

The Centers for Disease Control reminded the public to be alert to mosquitoes, following confirmation of the first indigenous case of dengue fever in New Taipei City this year.

Second Aedes variety behind rapid spread
insect spread survey

Suspect experts citing growing number of dengue cases outside Dhaka; recommend extensive survey

Delco Areas Being Treated For Spotted Lanternfly
cost insect photographs treatment

Treatment for Spotted Lanternfly in Delaware County is underway as the invasive species plagues the region, according to officials.

Spotted lanternfly, a new invasive pest, aims to consume our grapes, hops and fruit trees
grape insect pesticide photographs specialty_crops

Southwestern Michigan is serving up a menu of the most delectable treats for the nation’s newest invasive species — the spotted lanternfly

APHIS provides an update on spotted lanternfly activities
grape photographs specialty_crops spread treatment

The Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) provides this update of spotted lanternfly (Lycorma delicatula, SLF) locations in Pennsylvania, Virginia, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland.

Spotted Lanternfly Management and Pesticide Safety
insect management pesticide

Lycorma delicatula, commonly known as the spotted lanternfly (SLF), is an invasive insect pest present in Pennsylvania and some other eastern states.

All-out effort needed to combat spotted lanternfly in Pa.
cost funding insect photographs

The spotted lanternfly continues to pose a threat to Pennsylvania's economy and farmers.

What is that Smell? Keeping Your Home Stinkbug Free This Winter
insect management overwinter photographs prevention treatment

as fall and winter approach, the cooler temperatures will drive pests into your home, where they will take shelter against the colder months.

Native insect employed against brown marmorated stink bug in Piedmont
biocontrol insect

The insect was identified as a natural antagonist to the marmorated stink bug and its action has already been tested in laboratories.

Stink bug threatens Italian fruit
cost insect photographs specialty_crops spread

Country's entire pear crop said to be in danger following unprecedented outbreak, with apples and kiwifruit also at risk

APHIS Expands the Citrus Greening Quarantined Area in California, Texas, and Louisiana.
citrus disease prevention

Effectively immediately, APHIS, in cooperation with the CDFA, the California citrus industry, the TDA, the Texas citrus industry, the LDAF, and the Louisiana citrus industry is expanding the area quarantined for citrus greening in California, Texas, and Louisiana.

How to know if we’re winning the war on Australia’s fire ant invasion, and what to do if we aren't
eradication funding insect photographs spread survey

Recent reports on the ABC suggest the invasion is spreading beyond containment lines in south-east Queensland, and there are delays in responding to public reports of new ant infestations.

Biting, stinging fire ants nest throughout Hampton Roads. And they're still spreading.
insect photographs quarantine slides spread treatment video

Ants can really ruin a picnic. But put a blanket down on this species and it's really going to be a problem. Fire ants.

Kempsey Shire Council focus resources to target tropical soda apple threat
funding inspection photographs weed

Kempsey Shire Council, with funding from North Coast Local Land Services (NCLLS), are running a Tropical Soda Apple (TSA) 'seek and destroy' mission along the Macleay River from Blackbird Flat to Temagog.

Lodgepole pines fire off a chemical alert to other trees when mountain pine beetles attack, researchers find
forest_pine insect

While ravenous mountain pine beetles continue to wreak havoc on Alberta forests, research shows that at the very least, some pines are getting a little help by leaning on their family trees.

Late blight confirmed in Pa. tomatoes
disease identification pesticide prevention

Over the past few days, there has been an increasing number of confirmed reports and suspected outbreaks of late blight.

Lily beetle infestations frustrating Edmonton gardeners
insect slides

Scarlet lily beetle infestations appear to be on the rise in Edmonton, according to Classic Landscapes manager Perry Stothart.

PRICE: Beware of citrus greening in your trees
citrus disease insect photographs spread

If you have purchased a citrus tree from or originating from Florida or coastal Georgia in the past few years and they are in poor health, yellowing or dying, there is a chance your tree has citrus greening.

Lake Shawnee’s use of herbicide to combat Eurasian milfoil draws criticism
cost pesticide photographs weed

Blue-green algae is probably the most prominent issue with aquatic vegetation that many Kansas lakes and reservoirs have dealt with, often making headlines when a new case of the toxic algae springs up. But another type of difficult-to-control vegetation rarely garners much attention from the media — Eurasian watermilfoil.

Japanese beetle population confirmed in Weld County
pesticide trapping video

The Japanese beetle has been thriving in Boulder and Denver suburbs since the 1990's, but has remained relatively contained, until now.

Asian longhorned beetle poses potential ‘economic disaster’ for CT
damage insect photographs slides spread tree_removal

Experts in Connecticut are warning residents to be on the lookout for the Asian longhorned beetle and report any potential sightings of the insect, which could be devastating to trees and to the state’s economy.

Elk migration affected by pine beetle impacted areas, but not the only factor
forest_pine impact insect

According to a recently finalized study, elk in the Elkhorn Mountains are using less pine beetle impacted forest areas, but it’s only one factor determining their habitat.

Stemming the spread of PCN
nematode photographs survey treatment

The continued spread of potato cyst nematode (PCN) was high on the agenda at Potatoes in Practice

State & Union: DEC asks for help in watching for Asian longhorned beetle
insect photographs survey

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation issued its annual summer request for participation in the Division of Lands and Forests’ Asian longhorned beetle Swimming Pool Survey this month.

Smart gardening to prevent oak wilt
disease forest_oak management photographs prevention spread

Learn to recognize oak wilt and how to prevent and control this devastating disease. A timely response can mean the difference between losing one tree or many.

Without bees, foods would become rare, less nutritious, more expensive
disease impact

40% of US honeybee colonies disappeared last year. This is what the world would look like without any bees at all.

Asian longhorned beetle larvae eat plant tissues that their parents cannot
damage eradication insect

Finding explains how recently overshadowed invasive pest expands its territory

Asian longhorned beetle larvae eat plant tissues that their parents cannot
cost damage eradication insect photographs

Finding explains how recently overshadowed invasive pest expands its territory

Check trees this month for signs of Asian longhorned beetle
damage insect management photographs

Take a few minutes to check trees for Asian longhorned beetles and the damage their larvae leave behind.

Cleveland Metroparks helps landowners fight invasive hydrilla in area waters
funding photographs weed

Hydrilla is an invasive species that can clog waters, killing other aquatic plants.

Hydrilla detected in Clear Lake Keys area; survey planned
management photographs survey weed

County officials reported that a recent detection of the invasive aquatic weed hydrilla in an area of Clear Lake is triggering additional survey and study efforts.

Eco Talk: How to help stop hydrilla in Cayuga Lake
photographs prevention treatment weed

Hydrilla is an invasive aquatic plant that threatens all of New York state’s lakes and rivers.

Adilabad: Pink bollworm back to attacking cotton
cotton insect photographs prevention

The cotton crop was cultivated in eight lakh acres in the old Adilabad district and in three lakhs acres in the new Adilabad district.

Town is bringing in the big guns to fight invasive Phragmites
pesticide photographs weed

Phragmites control pilot project enters the second year of three-year pilot project; 'We think it was very effective,' says town official

City tackling phragmites along Pottawatomi
management reporting spread weed

Owen Sound is bringing in reinforcements in its battle against invasive phragmites.

Invasive viburnum leaf beetle spreads into Minnesota
insect photographs spread

The viburnum leaf beetle, an invasive insect that feeds on viburnum plants, has been found for the first time in Minnesota.

Controlling common mullein and Canada thistle
cost pesticide treatment weed

Due to the wet springs we’ve had, common mullein and Canada thistle have been especially prolific the last several years.

Be On The Lookout For Water Chestnut In RI Lakes, Ponds
photographs weed

State's Department of Environmental Management says invasive species can establish itself and spread quickly to damage ecosystem.

Federal Order for U.S. Imports of Hosts of Tomato Leaf Miner (Tuta absoluta)
insect prevention spread

The purpose of the attached Federal Order is to prevent the entry or introduction of the tomato leaf miner (Tuta absoluta) into the United States.

APHIS adds portions of Alabama, Minnesota, Nebraska, and Maine to the Emerald Ash Borer (Agrilus planipennis) Regulated Area
insect prevention spread

Effective immediately, the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) is adding the following counties to the list of regulated areas for the emerald ash borer (EAB)

Grant Lake treated for flowering rush; Zebra mussels confirmed on same lake
mollusk treatment weed

While treating Grant Lake in southwest Douglas County for flowering rush, authorities with the Department of Natural Resources confirmed the lake has zebra mussels.

NID program looks to protect local reservoirs from invasive aquatic mussels
mollusk prevention

With boating season in high gear, efforts continue to protect local reservoirs from aquatic invasive species.

Zebra mussels found at two new lakes in Central Texas
mollusk prevention spread video

The invasive species was found in Lake Lyndon B. Johnson and Lake Pflugerville.

APHIS Ammends Entry Requirements for Importation of Tomato and Pepper Seeds from all Counties
alert disease import specialty_crops

APHIS is requiring that all shipments of tomato and pepper seed from all countries be accompanied by a phytosanitary certificate of a re-export phytosanitary certificate with an additional declaration.

The Secret Life of Kudzu
definition history photographs weed

Kudzu is now often seen as a blight on the southern landscape of the United States, but like many invasive plants it was first introduced deliberately

Glimmer of hope as Italy battles ‘olive tree leprosy’
cost disease history specialty_crops spread

Since 2013, the disease has torn through Apulia's olive groves, leaving thousands of skeleton-like trees in its wake, and little hope for farmers.

New mosquito species raises concerns
eradication insect management photographs

San Diego County ecologist Chris Conlan isn’t surprised that a particularly vicious genus of mosquitos has invaded Southern California. He’s surprised it took them so long to get here.

These beetles are responsible for wiping out more than 24k city trees
insect photographs quarantine

Inspectors from the United States Department of Agriculture climbed over fences and combed through bushes on Thursday, binoculars in hand, to inspect the trees for Asian longhorned beetles, the scourge of city trees.

NCLC volunteers go deep into the weeds
photographs weed

A “spectacular number” people showed up to pull policeman’s helmet, or Impatiens glandulifera

Officials vow to take a bite out of phragmites ... despite budget cuts
cost management photographs public_response weed

Plans are in place to start removal this month; 'We can still participate, we just have to be more creative with accessing resources to do them'

Ash borer alert: It's now time to take action
insect quarantine

Addison County communities need to be making plans — right now — to manage the emerald ash borer, which was detected in Bristol

Meet the Beetles: Newly Discovered Brooklynites Have 6 Legs
insect photographs

The familiar immigrant story appeared to be the provenance of a new nonnative species of jewel beetle that was discovered recently in Brooklyn by scientists from the United States Forest Service

This Voracious, Unstoppable Bug Is Killing Off Vineyards
cost grape insect photographs quarantine spread

In Amityville, Pennsylvania, 10 acres of grapevines sprawl across the family-owned Manatawny Creek Winery.

Zebra mussels found in Maple Lake
mollusk photographs

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources confirmed zebra mussels have been found at Maple Lake in Wright County.

Spotted lanternfly could become a problem here
cost grape insect photographs

Spotted lantern flies are not a problem in Tioga County, and the state Department of Agriculture would like to make sure they don’t become one.

You can help monitor Okanagan lakes for invasive mussels with this program
damage mollusk photographs spread

If you have a dock on a lake in the Okanagan, a local society would like you to keep your eyes peeled for invasive mussels.

Growing Concerns: Birds, bacteria good weapons against tent caterpillars
definition insect photographs

This week I want to focus on tent caterpillars.

BAHA takes precautionary measures against disease affecting banana farms
disease quarantine specialty_crops spread

Stakeholders of the banana industry, government agencies, agricultural partner organizations and the public are informed of a suspected detection of Fusarium wilt of bananas in La Guajira Province in Colombia

The rains came and crop disease pathogens couldn’t be happier
disease pesticide

Scouting regularly and intensely gives you the best chance of hitting the ideal fungicide window

Spanish slugs: Moscow alarm over giant invasive pests
identification mollusk photographs spread video

Giant orange slugs up to 15cm (6in) long are causing alarm in central Moscow - the latest place they have turned up since spreading from Spain.

Spotted Lanternfly Quarantine Training Coming To Delco
insect photographs treatment

All residents and businesses must comply with regulations required by the Spotted Lanternfly Order of Quarantine and Treatment.

Spotted lanternfly: invasive species found in Maryland
insect photographs

The Maryland Department of Agriculture is asking residents to be on the lookout for adult spotted lanternflies.

Beating the emerald ash borer
insect prevention treatment

Smitty’s employees are trained to battle invasive pest

Emerald ash borer found in Oromocto, N.B.
insect inspection video

An invasive beetle that has been destroying ash trees in North America for almost 20 years has been spotted in Oromocto, N.B.

The emerald ash borer continues to devastate Guelph's ash trees
cost insect photographs spread treatment tree_removal

It is expected that close to 100 per cent of Guelph’s untreated ash trees will die over the next two to four years

Biosecurity insider warns fire ants spreading past south-east Queensland detection zones
cost eradication funding insect management pesticide photographs spread treatment

Fire ants are spreading into new areas across south-east Queensland according to a Biosecurity Queensland insider who says the war to eradicate the potential killers is all but lost.

Time to plan for controlling pecan weevil
damage insect pesticide

now is the time to start preparing for managing pecan weevils as they will soon be emerging from the ground and into your pecan trees

Asian Stink Bugs Are About To Swarm Quebec, Biologists Warn
biocontrol damage insect pesticide photographs

You might've seen (and smelled) a few of them around the city this summer, but biologists at the Université de Montréal warn that the Asian stink bug is about to pose a serious problem for Quebec.

Three nations similar strategy to battle pink bollworm
biocontrol cotton insect photographs

Three nations utilized a similar strategy to battle a similar irritation on a similar harvest, however they had uncontrollably various outcomes. Why? Featuring in this set of three is the pink bollworm (Pectinophora gossypiella), a caterpillar bother that can crush cotton.

Bollworm found in cotton in Maharashtra
cotton insect survey

Field study by private crop analysts finds pest infestation on flowers in two regions

Trees in Boylstn found damaged by Asian longhorned beetles, but not recently
eradication identification insect inspection photographs quarantine

Surveyors have found six trees this year that were infested by Asian longhorned beetles, but no adult beetles or recent beetle activity, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture

Mosquitos rendered infertile by biological engineering
eradication insect male_sterile photographs treatment

Male mosquitos in the container for release at the company’s laboratory in Guangzhou

Councils take action against Ash Dieback disease
damage disease

A task force is to be set up by Adur and Worthing Councils to help manage a deadly disease which could wipe out the towns' entire stock of Ash trees

Pesky emerald ash borers killing local ash trees
damage insect pesticide quarantine treatment

Oh my yes, it is killing trees," responded Beth Wilson, horticulture Extension agent for Pulaski County, when asked about presence of emerald ash borers.

Phragmites spraying beginning on Tuesday
eradication management pesticide photographs weed

The city will be temporarily closing several areas this week in order eradicate phragmites in the municipal storm water management facilities.

Citrus black spot quarantine area expands in Florida
citrus disease overwinter photographs quarantine spread

The USDA is increasing the number of areas in Florida under quarantine to halt the spread of citrus black spot (CBS).

Monkton fights the 'Wild Parsnip Battle'
photographs weed

Monkton residents have at one time or another this summer gathered in small groups to fight what is being called the Wild Parsnip Battle.

The invasive yellow crazy ant problem sweeping far north Queensland
cost damage eradication insect photographs prevention video

Yellow crazy ants are causing serious injuries

Himalayan Balsam Is Choking Fields In Shropshire
damage history photographs weed

The invasive pink plant, Himalayan Balsam, is choking fields, watercourses and verges across the countryside in Shropshire.

Quebec farmers should prepare for Asian stink bug invasion, says biologist
cost damage photographs

Insect first arrived in North America in the 1990s, has been in Montreal since 2014

Hawaii Ant Lab extension office established in West Hawaii
eradication funding insect photographs

A new West Hawaii extension agent was hired to expand the fight against the invasive little fire ant on Hawaii Island.

How to Manage Boxwood Blight
disease management pesticide photographs

Boxwood blight can be a devastating disease on American boxwood cultivars which are extremely common in the home landscape.

Holes in your viburnum leaves? It may be a new invasive beetle
insect photographs spread treatment

The Minnesota home garden has a new enemy — the viburnum leaf beetle — and officials are asking the public to help them keep an eye on it.

disease management

IFA Farm Forestry Chair, Vincent Nally said that farmers that have been affected by the ash dieback disease must be given the option not to replant, without penalties.

Bug watch: Looking out for pesky gypsy moths and caterpillars
insect photographs treatment

There are plenty of pests to be on the lookout for over the next few months, but one that can be especially hard to manage is the gypsy moth and gypsy moth caterpillar.

Pine trees in Wichita being cut down due to disease
management nematode survey video

Pine trees are being cut down in west Wichita due to a disease known as pine wilt that can clog the tree's water and nutrient channels.

Giant Salvinia: The non-native plant in Louisiana waters
eradication management pesticide photographs treatment weed

On the surface, it seems like just another plant, when in reality, it’s anything but.

Field Bindweed is A Struggle to Control
management pesticide weed

Field Bindweed is a struggle in the summer months.

USDA expands Florida’s citrus black spot quarantine area
citrus disease photographs quarantine

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has expanded a citrus black spot quarantine in four Florida counties.

Pesticides bring honeybee colony collapse disorder to an all-time high
damage disease pesticide video

The mass loss of honeybee colonies every year is known as the colony collapse disorder, and if effects more than people realize.

Signs of invasive Asian longhorned beetle found in Boylston; USDA asks public for help
definition eradication identification insect spread

With antennas stretching 3 inches and symmetrical white spots on it’s shinny black shell, the destructive Asian longhorned beetle, may not be gone from Massachusetts quite yet.

Localised fire ant eradication shows promise
eradication insect spread treatment

The National Red Imported Fire Ant Eradication Program’s efforts to eradicate the ‘super pest’ west of Brisbane appear to be paying off.

In celebration of Silphium, the Compass Plant of the prairie
management photographs weed

Compass plant has been one of my favorite prairie plants even before I was fortunate enough to find a flowering specimen along a Missouri roadside in 1967.

Fruit tree pests: codling moth larva
insect inspection photographs

What’s worse than finding a worm in your apple? Answer: Finding half a worm.

Pink bollworm: Farmers opt out of early sowing of cotton
cotton insect pesticide

Farmers from Karjan, Dabhoi and Shinor talukas of Vadodara, which are part of Kanam cotton growing belt, rich in black soil most suitable for growing cotton, heavily relied on the pre-monsoon period for sowing

Asian longhorn beetles have been eradicated in the UK after six years of trapping and monitoring
eradication insect

Asian longhorn beetle which threatens British oak and birch trees has been ‘eradicated‘ in the UK after six years

Detection of Hemlock Woolly Adelgid at the Harold Mitchell Nature Reserve in Wainfleet
insect prevention survey

Detection of Hemlock Woolly Adelgid (Adelges tsugae) at the Harold Mitchell Nature Reserve in Wainfleet, Ontario

APHIS Updates the Citrus Black Spot (Guignardia citricarpa) Quarantine Area in Florida
citrus disease quarantine

Effective immediately, the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service is adding eight sections in Charlotte County, nine sections in Lee County, 28 sections in Hendry County, and five sections in Collier County to the citrus black spot (CBS) quarantine area in Florida.

APHIS Removes the Mexican Fruit Fly (Anastrepha ludens) Quarantine in the Long Beach Area of Los Angeles County, California
eradication insect quarantine

Effective July 25, 2019 the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) and the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) removed the Mexican fruit fly (Anastrepha ludens, Mexfly) quarantine in the Long Beach area of Los Angeles County, California.

Residents urged to report sightings of Japanese knotweed
management photographs spread weed

Locals are asked to keep an eye out for Japanese knotweed, an aggressively invasive plant that has taken root in the region.

Japanese beetles lay waste to rose gardens, grape vines, fruit trees along Front Range
eradication insect pesticide photographs

Japanese beetles are laying waste to rose gardens, grape vines and fruit trees up and down the Front Range.

Federal Grants Allows Local Organizations To Begin Control, Removal Of Invasive Phragmites In Macomb County
funding treatment video weed

The United States Forestry Service recently awarded a grant to the Six Rivers Land Conservancy to assist in the organization’s efforts to control phragmites in Macomb County

Invasive viburnum leaf beetle discovered in Minnesota
insect photographs reporting

State has received several reports and confirmed a sighting in Eden Prairie.

SCORES & OUTDOORS: Was it an emerald ash borer, or a 6-spotted green tiger beetle?
insect photographs quarantine

Of all the animal species on earth, approximately 40 percent of them are beetles.

CFIA says emerald ash borer will continue to spread through the Maritimes
eradication insect management spread video

A biologist with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) says that the emerald ash borer will continue to spread across the Maritimes, but that its progress can be slowed.

Wireworms, the small pest with a big appetite that's waging war on maritime growers
definition insect trapping

They’re small, hard to kill and grubby little buggers that are causing big problems for some farmers. The wireworm is making a comeback in Nova Scotia.

Invasive Water Chestnut Plant Choking The Life Out Of Once-Thriving Westchester County Lake
video weed

An invasive species is choking the life out of one of the biggest lakes in Yonkers.

Pine beetle infestation under control, Forest Service says
forest_pine insect photographs

The southern pine beetle outbreak that destroyed thousands of pine stands in national forests in Mississippi in 2017 and 2018 apparently is under control, according to U.S. Forest Service officials.

Southern Rust and Tar Spot Update on Corn in Indiana: We need your help!
corn disease map photographs public_response

Due to the need to monitor both southern rust and tar spot in Indiana, there will be no charge for southern rust and tar spot samples submitted to the PPDL for diagnostic confirmation

European Corn Borer, Trapping and Monitoring
corn damage insect video

For the last several years, we have heard from pest managers about European corn borer (ECB) infestations and damage catching the producer, or themselves, off guard when growing non-traited corn.

Dutch Elm Disease Detected in Weyburn
disease prevention spread

The City of Weyburn is dealing with Dutch Elm disease within the city limits.

Southeast Minnesota seeing another wild parsnip outbreak
photographs weed

Wild parsnip is back in southeast Minnesota and that’s not a good thing for man nor beast

Eco Talk: What to know about giant hogweed in Cayuga County
photographs video weed

Giant hogweed has become newsworthy as more locations are identified and people are exposing themselves to it.

Invasive Viburnum Leaf Beetle Found For 1st Time In Minnesota
insect spread video

The viburnum leaf beetle, an invasive insect native to Europe, has been found for the first time in Minnesota

Invasive viburnum leaf beetle makes its way into the metro
insect photographs spread

The Minnesota Department of Agriculture is warning metro area residents of an invasive beetle first noticed in Eden Prairie in June.

Invasive emerald ash borer makes its way into Chatham
damage insect photographs quarantine

Emerald ash borer (EAB) was recently discovered in Chatham County for the first time

Mite fight
insect pesticide photographs

LIKE OTHER RUINOUS pests, Varroa started to cause trouble after it moved to a new host

Zebra mussels don't stop large ND walleye restocking effort

The recent discovery of zebra mussels in Lake Ashtabula didn't stop the North Dakota Game and Fish Department this year from completing one of its largest walleye stocking efforts in the agency's history.

10 things you should know about the spotted lanternfly
definition insect photographs quarantine

You probably know that the spotted lanternfly is a threat to agriculture in Lebanon County, but do you know how this ‘bad bug’ got here?

Pheromones give nematodes a boost in controlling pests
biocontrol cost nematode pesticide photographs

Beneficial nematodes are used as biological control agents to fight a variety of insect pests that severely damage crops

Canada and US issue joint warning on Asian Gypsy Moth sanitation
insect inspection photographs

Norwegian P & I insurer Gard has advised that ship operators are being warned about possible delays and penalties in Canadian and US ports due to presence of the Asian Gypsy moth (AGM) on vessels arriving from East Russia, Japan, Korea, and Northern China.

Japanese beetles
insect pesticide quarantine

It is interesting that we have two pests that are metallic green that cause so much widespread problems in the gardening world. They are also both invasive pests too.

Plants That Give You A Rash Besides Poison Ivy, Oak
definition photographs weed

Here’s a quick guide to some of the unfriendly forest flora you could meet on your summer adventures. Be safe out there!

Kamloops biologist ready to test new fire ant control method in South Okanagan
insect photographs

Thompson Rivers University biologist Rob Higgins hopes to test a new concept for treating European fire ant nests later this summer in the South Okanagan.

Asian gypsy moth infested vessels delayed in North American ports
insect inspection

“Possessing a valid certificate in no way precludes a ship from being ordered out of port if AGM is detected” warns the North American authorities.

California’s bad romance with Bromus fuels wildfire
biocontrol damage definition management pesticide photographs prevention weed

When wildfires burn in California, people often call them forest fires or brushfires, but the odds are high that an invasive weed is an unrecognized fuels component, says a UC Agriculture and Natural Resources scientist.

Town of Tyre issues warning about wild parsnip plants
photographs weed

hrough the town’s website, Tyre officials have issued a warning to avoid wild parsnip plants, saying contact can cause skin burns.

Zebra mussels spark water restrictions at Canyon Lake
mollusk photographs

The zebra mussel infestation is causing more problems across Central Texas.

First Statewide Native Mussel Survey In 40 Years Shows Mixed Results
mollusk photographs survey

Some Wisconsin Waterways Have Seen Promising Resurgence, While Others Experience Declines

Don’t move a mussel: Boaters key to preventing dangerous infestation in Colorado
cost inspection mollusk

The zebra and quagga mussels are the most concerning species to state officials.

National group goes after invasive mussels in the Great Lakes
audio mollusk photographs

A renewed effort to fight invasive mussels in the Great Lakes is underway.

Some 8,000 Toronto-owned trees may survive emerald ash borer invasion
damage insect pesticide spread trapping

City injected ash trees with TreeAzin to fight invasive beetles

North Cowichan taking on Somenos Creek invader
funding management pesticide weed

Efforts to bring the outbreak of parrot’s feather in Somenos Creek under control, using a variety of strategies, are expected to begin soon.

This invasive bug is terrorizing Pennsylvania growers (and it’s coming for your wine)
climate cost damage grape insect photographs spread

In Amityville, Pennsylvania, 10 acres of grapevines sprawl across the family-owned Manatawny Creek Winery.

Trees to be removed in Roath Park Gardens, Cardiff to deal with Oak Processionary Moth
insect photographs treatment tree_removal

Evidence of Oak Processionary Moth (OPM) has been found on an oak tree in Roath Park Gardens in Cardiff as a result of proactive inspection by Natural Resources Wales of seven newly planted oak trees.

Contractors sought to eradicate knotweed and other invasive plants in Cork
cost eradication management pesticide photographs treatment weed

A €100,000 tender for the treatment of invasive plant species has been issued by Cork City Council.

Stirling branded 'hogweed capital of Scotland' by conservation charity
cost photographs weed

The programme to stop the spread of hogweed has ran out of money.

ALB eNewsletter | July 23, 2019
eradication insect survey

This eNewsletter is designed to keep you up-to-date with Asian longhorned beetle (ALB) eradication efforts and serve as a meaningful resource for the most current information.

USDA Declares August Tree Check Month; Urges Public To Look For Invasive Asian Longhorned Beetle
eradication insect

August is the height of summer, and it is also the best time to spot the Asian longhorned beetle (ALB) as it starts to emerge from trees

Great Lakes groups endorse Invasive Mussel Collaborative
mollusk pesticide photographs

Zebra and quagga mussels have been around the Great Lakes for a very long time. They have created many problems in the region, and it’s a complex problem to solve

National Group Goes After Invasive Mussels In The Great Lakes
mollusk photographs

Invasive quagga and zebra mussels aren’t new to the Great Lakes. But according to some experts, they’re among the greatest threats to the ecosystem.

Dogs Search for Zebra Mussels in Yellowstone
biocontrol cost mollusk

While Yellowstone Lake may be threatened by invasive species, the park’s problems could become yours, and cost you a lot of money.

Boaters beware: mussel-sniffing pooches are here
biocontrol inspection mollusk

Working Dogs for Conservation animals are being stationed at Grand Teton and Yellowstone watercraft check stations.

Looking for help in nature itself to defend potatoes against nematodes and scab
cost funding nematode specialty_crops

Helping safeguard the Northwest’s valuable potato crop from emerging threats two scientists at Washington State University are launching new research this spring into better plant defenses based on genes and vaccines.

Colorado Master Gardener: Witches’ broom
disease insect photographs treatment

Witches’ broom is the name given to the strange looking knot of growth on trees and shrubs.

The Emperor Has No Clothes when it comes to cows and cheatgrass
management pesticide prevention spread treatment weed

Recently Nevada Bureau of Land Management (BLM) State Director Jon Raby suggested that the agency will try “targeted grazing” among other methods to reduce wildfires in the sagebrush ecosystem.

Corps' Tiny Weapon Winning the Bio Control Battle
biocontrol cost insect pesticide photographs prevention treatment

Alligator weed outcompetes native plants throughout the state of Florida.

Kudzu Prevents Climate Change
climate impact weed

The explosive recovery of kudzu from its winter siesta finally started gobbling up more CO2 through photosynthesis than is being spewed out by cars and lawn mowers.

Ash Dieback disease will cost landowners €800m
cost disease

The final cost of the Ash Dieback disease outbreak will top €800m, a forestry group has claimed.

USDA Declares August Tree Check Month; Urges Public to Look for Invasive Asian Longhorned Beetle
eradication identification photographs

August is the height of summer, and it is also the best time to spot the Asian longhorned beetle (ALB) as it starts to emerge from trees.

GARLIC could be used to repel insects from crops as experts find plant odours are natural pesticides
biocontrol insect organic pesticide photographs prevention video

The pungent smell of garlic is supposed to ward off vampires of fiction — but in the real world, it seems the vegetable has a similar repellent effect on insect pests.

Garlic on Broccoli: A Smelly Approach to Repel a Major Pest
biocontrol insect photographs

A new study from the University of Vermont published in Scientific Reports offers a novel framework for exploiting plant odors to repel insect pests.

Earth Matters: Rockland Lake Chestnut Rescue
photographs weed

Like the rest of New York State, Rockland County is no stranger to harmful invasive species.

Zebra mussels confirmed in Lake Oscar in Douglas County
mollusk photographs

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has confirmed reports of zebra mussels in Lake Oscar in Douglas County.

Beating back Japanese knotweed in Hamilton County
cost definition management pesticide photographs spread weed

The Regional Inlet Invasive Plant Program has gained ground in its fight against Japanese knotweed

Soybean School: Scouting key to aphid spray decision
insect pesticide photographs video

Will 2019 be a soybean aphid year?

Dutch elm disease suspected in one of Somerville’s elm trees
disease funding

One of Somerville’s largest and oldest trees may have Dutch elm disease

Dutch Elm Disease Confirmed in Regina, Testing in Estevan to Begin Next Week
disease spread

According to a number of sources, the deadly disease affecting American Elm trees, Dutch Elm Disease, has been confirmed in a small number of trees in the province's capital after testing.

Australian flies found in London
insect photographs

Cryptochetidae are a family of flies new to Britain, and its scale parasite fly (Cryptochetum iceryae) has been found in the Museum's Wildlife Garden.

A Beetle Has Triggered a State of Emergency in Vanuatu
insect photographs specialty_crops

The coconut rhinoceros beetle could pose a threat to the country's entire coconut industry.

'1 moth can lay 1,000 eggs': Caledon homeowner dealing with invasive gypsy moth caterpillars
cost insect

We found out one moth can lay between 1,000 to 1,500 eggs

Corps plans to restore lake with native American Water Willow
eradication video weed

Declining vegetation is the result of carp being added to the lake to eradicate Hydrilla

New free Japanese knotweed valuation tool launched
pesticide photographs treatment weed

Environet UK has launched a valuation tool for assessing the value of properties affected by Japanese knotweed.

A deep dive into the world of garlic mustard plants
definition pesticide photographs weed

The garlic mustard, known as Alliaria petiolata, is a non-native biennial plant native to northeastern Europe.

New study on citrus greening disease: Climate change is a factor
citrus disease insect

Orange juice is a staple on many breakfast tables, but the future availability of citrus products is threatened by the global spread of huanglongbing, also known as citrus greening disease.

Water Hyacinth, An Aquatic Nightmare In Niger Delta
management photographs weed

Throughout the Niger Delta region , rivers, streams and ponds have been covered from shore to shore by water hyacinths. ANAYO ONUKWUGHA writes that this invasive killer of aquatic biodiversity also poses a danger to humans and livestock

Invasive yellow crazy ants found at gateway to Whitsundays and Great Barrier Reef
eradication insect photographs

Yellow crazy ants are considered one of the world's top 100 most invasive species and form in large densities to create 'super colonies'.

Getting Eaten Alive By Mosquitoes? Here's All You Ever Needed to Know
insect map photographs

The aggressive bloodsuckers, which officials believe arrived on a container ship from Asia, are slowly colonizing Southern California.

Experts warn public about invasive tree-killing insect found in N.S.
insect video

Natural Resources Canada is warning the public about a tree-killing insect that has made an appearance in Nova Scotia

Hawaii ag officials find little fire ant infestations in Lanikai and Kualoa Ranch
insect photographs spread treatment

State officials from the agriculture department confirmed the detection of little fire ants in Lanikai as well as at Kualoa Ranch in Windward Oahu.

“This is not something I thought I would see,” two new little fire ant infestations pop up in Windwa
insect video

There are two new little fire ant infestations in Windward Oahu located on Kualoa Ranch and Lanikai

Eradication Program announces plans for fighting Asian longhorned beetle and reminds public of the quarantines
eradication insect pesticide quarantine treatment

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service is announcing the latest plans to combat the Asian longhorned beetle

Minister Must Outline Plan To Deal With Ash Dieback Losses – Cahill
cost damage disease

the Agriculture Minister has been called on to engage with forest owners who have suffered serious financial losses they have incurred as a result of Ash Dieback.

Invasive species spreading across Nova Scotia
damage insect pesticide photographs

A couple of insect species now in Nova Scotia pose a threat to trees in Truro’s parks and the community's lawns.

The 15 Worst Invasive Plants in America
complex definition photographs weed

Many of the most invasive plant species thriving in the United States came from elsewhere—mostly Europe and Asia

Waging battle against unwelcome invasive species buckthorn
definition insect photographs

Taking over. Shading out other plants, especially new little ones trying to establish. Buckthorn is its common name.

Nightshades All Around Us
definition identification photographs weed

Personally, there is no group of plants that is more interesting both magickally and chemically than the Nightshades.

Citrus Roundup
citrus insect treatment

State’s Citrus Crop Rebounded, Growers Optimistic for Future

UC ANR on California’s Bad Romance With Bromus Fuels Wildfire
map photographs prevention spread weed

When wildfires burn in California, people often call them forest fires or brushfires, but the odds are high that an invasive weed is an unrecognized fuels component

Vanuatu declares a state of emergency as beetles threaten crucial coconut industry
biocontrol insect photographs

A state of emergency has been declared in Vanuatu not because of a natural disaster or civil unrest, but because of a beetle.

Emerald ash borer invasion spreads to another New Brunswick community
insect photographs

Federal officials won't say where the invasive beetle has been spotted until a private landowner is informed

Simcha Fisher: The emerald ash borer and the priest
insect quarantine spread

The emerald ash borer is beautiful metallic green beetle that’s been making its way from state to state

Homeowners again offered cash to join battle against ash borer
cost photographs prevention tree_removal

The City of Ottawa and a local conservation authority are teaming up once again to recruit residents in their fight against the destructive emerald ash borer.

Mussel Research Shows Exciting Results
eradication mollusk photographs prevention

since the 1980s the reef has been plagued with invasive zebra and quagga mussels to the point reef-dependant fish species are greatly diminished or completely absent.

Don't fret over local mussels
cost management mollusk photographs

The Okanagan Basin Water Board is reminding residents and tourists not to move a mussel.

Western bean cutworm and spider mites in field corn
insect pesticide trapping treatment

Western bean cutworm (WBC) moths began to emerge in most part of northeastern Colorado.

Corn School: Western bean cutworm still a threat in late-developing crop
corn insect pesticide video

Western bean cutworm (WBC) moths typically hit peak flight this week in Ontario — but not this year

Locals battle smelly snail in lake
mollusk photographs

There is an unwanted visitor at Wicwas Lake and elsewhere in New Hampshire — it’s called the Chinese Mystery Snail

Pink Bollworm Versus Bt Cotton: Three Countries, Three Results
cotton insect photographs

Starring in this trilogy is the pink bollworm (Pectinophora gossypiella), a caterpillar pest that can devastate cotton.

Use of Fungus Found Effective Against Carriers of Xylella
disease pesticide specialty_crops spread

Preliminary results of a field trial demonstrated that the Beauveria bassiana fungus appeared to be beneficial against the meadow spittlebug, a known carrier of Xylella fastidiosa pauca.

Isle of Wight town features in Top 10 Japanese Knotweed hotspots
map photographs spread

This invasive non-native plant can pose a major threat to buildings and should be declared when selling your home.

Invasive pests and plants continue to pose problems in Midcoast
photographs spread weed

As we move past the worst of the 2019 brown-tail moth invasion, there are still myriad invasive pests and plants in our midst and on the horizon that require vigilant attention.

LA starts drawing down Lake Bistineau to fight salvinia
video weed

This year’s drawdown of Lake Bistineau is underway to once again fight off the invasion of Giant Salvinia.

Invasive giant snails found in Katy community

An invasive and aggressive species of snail has popped up in the Tamarron community in Katy.

Work begins on very large swath of phragmites in area of Barrie Island
definition management weed

Work began late last week to eradicate a very large swath of phragmites in the Salmon Bay area of Barrie Island.

Emerald ash borers meet their predator during biological control release
biocontrol cost insect video

More than a year after the invasive species emerald ash borer was discovered in Maine along the St. John River in the Valley, the Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry released three parasitoid species of wasps to fight the bug that is bringing death to the ash trees there.

Mbarara: Leaders, Residents Launch Drive to Clear River Rwizi of Water Hyacinth
photographs weed

Mbarara municipality have combined efforts to clear River Rwizi of the water hyacinth that has covered sections of the river

Scientists Use Radiation And Bacteria To Wipe Out Invasive Asian Tiger Mosquitoes In China
cost insect male_sterile photographs technology

Chinese scientists have successfully reduced mosquito numbers in tropical islands near Guangzhou City in southern China with the use of low-level radiation and bacteria.

The spotted lanternfly poses significant danger
definition grape identification insect photographs spread

The spotted lanternfly could quickly decimate a vineyard in less than two years.

The Bug Box: Pale cyst nematode
definition identification nematode photographs specialty_crops

The pale cyst nematode is a small roundworm that can only be seen under a microscope.

Dozens of people with serious eye problems due to oak processionary caterpillars
damage insect photographs

NOS reports that dozens of people in the Netherlands are suffering from serious eye problems due to the stinging hairs of the oak processionary caterpillar.

Mormon crickets are invading Southeast Idaho
insect photographs treatment

Mormon crickets, which have a place in the heritage of the pioneers that will be celebrated next week in Cache Valley, have made an unexpected appearance between the towns of Dayton and Oxford in Southeast Idaho’s Franklin County.

Bad News: A Banana-Killing Fungus Has Likely Reached the Americas
definition disease quarantine

A new story in the magazine Science finds that Colombian authorities have quarantined four banana plantations after noticing symptoms of fusarium wilt tropical race 4 (TR4), a variation of Panama disease that the Cavendish is not resistant to, amongst the crops.

Early Detection, Collaboration Key to Invasive Fruit Fly Eradication in Florida
eradication insect photographs quarantine treatment

Fruit flies are among the most significant threats to global agriculture and are of particular concern to the state of Florida, which deals with roughly 30 new exotic arthropods and/or plant pathogens every year.

Drawdown for Lake Bistineau to fight salvinia begins today
pesticide photographs video weed

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries has scheduled a drawdown of Lake Bistineau in Webster, Bossier, and Bienville parishes to reduce the expansion of giant salvinia.

Watch out for wild parsnip
definition photographs weed

Noticing a lot of yellow flowers along the road ditches lately? It could be wild parsnip

Five years later, zebra mussels' impact on Green Lake becoming clear
cost mollusk photographs spread

It was July 21, 2014, when a property owner on the southeast corner of Green Lake found a single, adult zebra mussel on the post of his dock in four feet of water.

Invasive mussels found on 10 watercraft coming into B.C. since April 1
cost inspection mollusk photographs

The Okanagan Basin Water Board is sounding the alarm after nine boats and a kayak infested with invasive mussels were intercepted on their way into B.C. waters over a period of about three months.

ConCom Allows Adding Sand and Eradicating Phragmites
definition pesticide weed

The Marion Conservation Commission on July 10 closed the public hearings for two tandem applications, one for beach nourishment and both for the application of herbicide to eradicate everyone’s least favorite invasive species, phragmites.

Bruce Kreitler: Fighting oak wilt is a team effort
disease forest_oak treatment

Recently, I attended an oak wilt class put on in cooperation with the International Society of Arboriculture

City of Ottawa launching program to battle Emerald Ash Borer after successful pilot
funding insect photographs spread tree_removal

The city will help to pay for the removal and replacement of ash trees on residential properties.

Maine Forest Service is hard at work releasing parasites to fight the Emerald Ash Borer
biocontrol insect video

Colleen Teerling is an entomologist with the Maine Forest Service. She is hard at work releasing parasites to stop the spread of Emerald Ash Borer.

Groups combating the spread of knotweed
photographs public_response weed

Hailing from Japan, where its roots cut through volcanic rock like butter, Japanese knotweed — and a few other species including giant and Bohemian — can thrive in the Upper Peninsula and northern Wisconsin

Japanese beetles are ‘tiny terrors’
damage insect pesticide photographs

That’s right, the Japanese beetles are back.

Japanese Beetles On The Move Again In Southwest Missouri
audio damage insect photographs

Japanese beetles typically arrive in the Ozarks area around mid-June or July.

Thom Smith | NatureWatch: Springside Park in fight to bring back chestnut trees
disease history

Long ago, the American chestnut was king!

Reading Fightin’ the Spotted Lanternfly on July 23
definition grape insect photographs

Since 2014, the spotted lanternfly has threatened Pennsylvania’s grape, fruit tree, and logging industries, and has been a threat to the local wine industry due to its negative impact on grapes.

Tackling emerging threat to rice in Pakistan
cost eradication insect management pesticide small_grains spread

In recent years, the export share of Pakistan has declined. Among a number of factors contributing to the decline is the notorious stored grain pest ‘Khapra beetle’.

Buzz off: breakthrough technique eradicates mosquitoes
eradication insect male_sterile technology

A breakthrough technique harnessing two methods to target disease-carrying mosquitoes was able to effectively eradicate buzzing biters in two test sites in China

Monster grasshoppers swarm the Everglades
definition insect

They may well have been aliens from another planet for a French family visiting Everglades National Park: almost frighteningly huge bright orange and yellow grasshoppers all but taking over Anhinga Trail and other spots in the park this summer

Locals beat lily leaf beetle
insect pesticide photographs

Unfortunately, northern New York State has a relatively new pest which specializes in denuding lilies; the lily leaf beetle

Bistineau drawdown part of battle against spread of giant salvinia
management pesticide photographs weed

The drawdown of Lake Bistineau in Webster, Bossier and Bienville parishes of Louisiana will start on Monday.

US Forest Service (USFS)

USFS manages national forests and grasslands, conducts forestry research, and provides technical and financial assistance to state and private forestry agencies.

Plant Protection and Quarantine (PPQ) Plant Pest Program Information

PPQ safeguards agriculture and natural resources from the risks associated with entry, establishment, or spread of plant pests and noxious weeds.

The National Invasive Species Council

The NISC provides interdepartmental coordination of invasive species actions and works with other federal and non-federal groups to address invasive species issues at the national level.

Bugwood Network

Consolidation and dissemination of information and programs focused on invasive species, forest health, natural resources and agricultural management at the state, regional, national and international levels.

Bugwood - Bark and Wood Boring Beetles of the World

Information and images of economically important beetles that feed on trees and shrubs.

Bugwood - Invasive Species

Invasive and exotic species whose introduction does or is likely to cause economic or environmental harm or harm to human health.

Pest Detection

National Plant Diagnostic Network (NPDN)

National Plant Board

The National Plant Board is a non-profit organization of the plant pest regulatory agencies of each of the states and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. Member agencies must be members in good standing of the Regional Plant Board in which their state or commonwealth is located.

USDA, National Invasive Species Information Center

Established in 2005 at the National Agricultural Library, the NISIC web site serves as a reference gateway to information, organizations, and services about invasive species.

Save our Citrus

The Nature Conservancy's Don't Move Firewood Campaign

A national awareness-building effort to stop the movement of firewood which is spreading invasive pests and killing trees.