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  • State Plant Regulatory Official

    Harden, Christel (334)240-7226

    Serves on the National Plant Board, oversees state pest detection and regulatory activities and coordinates survey activities between government agencies, public and private organizations. Coordinates the state's initial emergency response if an exotic pest is detected.
  • State Survey Coordinator

    Allen, Brittaney 334-240-7172

    Coordinates CAPS survey planning, execution and reporting as well as community outreach activities.
  • State Plant Health Director

    Head, Jeff (662) 325-3140

    Directs federal APHIS-PPQ pest detection and regulatory activities in cooperation with state officials, and coordinate the initial PPQ emergency response if an exotic pest is detected in the state.
  • Pest Survey Specialist

    Corban, John (662) 323-1291
    Provides technical support in planning, executing and reporting annual surveys and coordinates pest detection activities with neighboring states.


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CAPS 2016 Survey Targets   
Common Name Scientific Name Destinations
Giant African snail Lissachatina fulica Pest Info | NAPIS Maps
Japanese wax scale Ceroplastes japonicus Pest Info | NAPIS Maps
Oleander bacterial gall (knot) Pseudomonas savastonoi f.sp. nerii Pest Info | NAPIS Maps
Red palm mite Raoiella indica Pest Info | NAPIS Maps
Red palm weevil Rhynchophorus ferrugineus Pest Info | NAPIS Maps
Soft wax scale Ceroplastes destructor Pest Info | NAPIS Maps