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'Alien’ invasion of Asian beetles sweeps UK - and it's bad news for drinkers
behavior biology damage ecology editorial grape insect invasives photographs risk_analysis specialty_crops

An invasion of beetles could lead to a shortage of your favourite tipple in Europe and wreak havoc on the gardens and homes of people in the UK.

Control of Egyptian Broomrape in Processing Tomato
behavior biology damage definition ecology fact_sheet impact ipm management pesticide photographs reference research specialty_crops treatment weed

Broomrape cause severe damage to vegetable and field crops worldwide.

APHIS Provides an Update on Spotted Lanternfly (Lycorma delicatula (White)) Activities
insect management prevention treatment

The Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) provides this update of spotted lanternfly (SLF) activities in Pennsylvania, Virginia, New Jersey, and Delaware

Aquatic invaders: Learn how to spot the enemy
behavior cost prevention weed

Become aware of these species so you know what to look for

The problem with phragmites
cost identification pesticide photographs prevention weed

The invasive variety of phragmites, also known the common reed, are growing at a quick rate in Niagara-on-the-Lake

Researchers from three universities conducting study about how people perceive risks from beetle-killed forests
insect photographs

The mountain pine beetle outbreak devastated pine forests in the High Country and across North America the past couple of decades, with ashen-grey blight running through forests all over North and Central Colorado

Fruit Fly Infestation In Sacramento Will Disrupt Region’s Farmers
insect map pesticide quarantine specialty_crops

You can’t call the “oriental fruit fly” a picky eater. It feasts on more than 200 fruits, vegetables and plants

Invasive Mosquito Known To Carry Zika Virus Found In Michigan
disease insect spread

The invasive Asian tiger mosquito has been identified in Wayne County again this year

Late blight detected in western NY
definition disease identification pesticide photographs prevention specialty_crops

Late blight is a devastating, airborne disease of tomatoes and potatoes

Urban forester
forest_oak insect

most mitigation money is thrown at agriculture, not urban forests. So private operators like his company are frontline when it comes to fighting the bad bugs and trying to save ravaged trees

Fall Webworm
definition identification insect photographs

So what should you do if you have fall webworm in your landscape?

NZ bans importation of Australian fruit and veg after virus found
cost disease photographs specialty_crops

In yet another blow for farmers, New Zealand has temporarily banned the importation of some Australian produce after a plant virus was spotted on a batch of Australian watermelons

WSU scientists clone virus to help stop overwhelming grape disease
biocontrol disease genetics grape insect prevention

A new discovery by Washington State University scientists could help grape growers roll back a devastating virus that withers vines and shrivels harvests

FMC: Confronting corn rootworm takes multi-point strategy
corn insect pesticide photographs prevention

For farmers who grow continuous corn, corn rootworm is a pest that growers must deal with on an annual basis. And over the decades, growers have learned you can’t really rely on one single tactic

Dutch elm disease found in Isle of Man's oldest tree
disease photographs prevention

Evidence of Dutch elm disease has been found in what is believed to be the Isle of Man's oldest tree

Concerns over Dutch Elm disease
damage definition disease photographs

A "devastating" disease could be putting the Island's elm tree population at risk

Monkton Residents Take Up Arms (Shovels) Against 'Poison Parsnip' Invasion
audio identification photographs prevention weed

Wild parsnip is a danger to all and Vermont citizens are heading into battle to get rid of the threat

Soy natural: Genetic resistance against aphids
biocontrol cost genetics insect pesticide photographs prevention soybean

researchers have taken a big step toward identifying new soybean genes associated with aphid resistance

Air cleared for WA potato exports
photographs prevention specialty_crops

After being hit with disease and deregulation, the potato industry has reached a positive milestone in the battle against the tomato potato psyllid

Agencies investigating whitefish decline in the Great Lakes
audio mollusk photographs prevention

quagga mussels are blanketing the bottom of the lakes and commercial fisheries are dealing with the decline of the fish market

The pink bollworm menace adds to Maharashtra cotton farmers' distress
cotton pesticide prevention

pink bollworm is a minor pest but can still be damaging to cotton yields

Monarch caterpillar killer outbreak in Kingsley
eradication identification pesticide photographs video weed

There is a monarch killer on the loose in Kingsley, which prompted officials to launch an all-points bulletin to identify and eradicate the culprit

APHIS Posts Updated Federal Domestic Soil Quarantines Map

Removed the Mexican fruit fly (Mexfly) quarantine in the Brownsville area of Cameron County, Texas

APHIS Removes the Mexican Fruit Fly (Anastrepha ludens) Quarantine Area in Encinitas, San Diego County, California
insect quarantine

APHIS Removes the Mexican Fruit Fly (Anastrepha ludens) Quarantine Area in Encinitas, San Diego County, California

APHIS Establishes an Oriental Fruit Fly (Bactrocera dorsalis) Quarantine in Sacramento and Yolo County, California
insect quarantine

APHIS established an Oriental fruit fly quarantine in the Sacramento area of Sacramento County and Yolo County, California

Availability of the Proposal to Remove the Domestic Quarantine for Emerald Ash Borer
insect quarantine

APHIS is proposing to remove the domestic quarantine regulations for the emerald ash borer (EAB)

APHIS Removes the Mexican Fruit Fly (Anastrepha ludens) Quarantine Area in San Perlita, Willacy County, Texas
insect quarantine

APHIS and the Texas Department of Agriculture removed the Mexican fruit fly quarantine area in the San Perlita area of Willacy County, Texas

APHIS Removes the Mexican Fruit Fly (Anastrepha ludens) Quarantine in San Ygnacio Area of Zapata County, Texas
insect quarantine success

Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) removed the Mexican fruit fly (Mexfly) quarantine in the San Ygnacio area, Zapata County, Texas

APHIS Approves California FRSMP Petition for Allium Leafminer

California becomes the second state to participate in FRSMP, and allium leafminer becomes the third FRSMP pest

USDA Declares Monroe Township Ohio Free of the Asian Longhorned Beetle
eradication insect quarantine success

On September 12, 2018, the U.S. Department of Agriculture's APHIS and the Ohio Department of Agriculture announced that they have eliminated the Asian longhorned beetle from Monroe Township in Clermont County, Ohio.

New sugarcane variety featured at AgCenter field day
damage ecology genetics insect management pesticide photographs risk_analysis small_grains specialty_crops treatment

A new sugar cane variety that will be available for Louisiana farmers to plant this year was highlighted at the 36th annual sugarcane field day at the LSU AgCenter Sugar Research Station on July 18.

Federal Domestic Soil Quarantines Map
disease insect invasives map mollusk nematode prevention quarantine survey weed

This map is to assist laboratories receiving domestic origin soul samples for chemical/physical analysis from areas where soil is regulated by USDA.

Life history traits in a capital breeding pine caterpillar: effect of host species and needle age
biology ecology forest_health forest_pine insect research

A series of studies have suggested that the larval host species or varieties dramatically impact their development and reproductive output. However, few studies have reported the role of foliar age and adult mating success has often been ignored in these studies.

Indian Swampweed: Ecological Risk Screening Summary
biocontrol biology climate distribution ecology epidemiology fact_sheet history impact invasives ipm management map native pesticide photographs prevention reference research resistance risk_analysis spread survey treatment weed

Certainty of this assessment is medium. Information on the biology, invasion history and impacts of this species is available, including some peer-reviewed literature.

Limnophila sessiliflora Aquarium Characteristic
biology ecology photographs weed

This plant has large stems with crowns of leaves. These leaves are 2 to 3 cm long, are finely cut and are sometimes difficult because they can obstruct the suction cannula of the filter.

Morphological Variation of Maize Downy Mildew from Different Locations in Java-Indonesia
biology corn disease genetics identification management pesticide research

Maize downy mildew is one of the major constraints for maize production in Indonesia. Peronosclerospora maydis is known as the causal agent of downy mildew in Java, Indonesia. The use of fungicides yielded different reactions to the disease at various locations in Indonesia.

Wasp Size and Prey Load in C. fumipennis: Implications for Biosurveillance of Pest Buprestidae
beneficial biocontrol ecology insect management research

Cerceris fumipennis Say is a solitary, ground-nesting wasp that typically nests in aggregations. Females provision their nest with beetles in the family Buprestidae, which they capture in nearby vegetation, paralyze, and transport back to their nest as food for their offspring.

Butterfly beauty, sexy scents and solar-powered wings
behavior biology ecology history insect photographs specialty_crops

The cabbage white butterfly is a multifaceted insect – if only it would keep off my brassicas

New tree pest found at UOG site in Yigo
distribution ecology identification insect management photographs reporting risk_analysis specialty_crops spread stone_fruit

Lobate lac scale, a pest found on woody trees, has been found at the University of Guam's 47-acre Yigo Experiment Station, confirmed UOG entomology professor Aubrey Moore.

Black Locust trees turning brown?
behavior biology ecology insect ipm management

In some areas of the state, black locust trees have taken on a brown color. This is due to activity of locust leafminer, which results in trees that appear scorched.

12 Important Willow Species
biology climate ecology fact_sheet forest_health identification native photographs weed

Willows include more than 400 trees and shrubs from the Salix genus of plants. These moisture-loving plants are native to temperate and cold regions in the northern hemisphere. In addition to the many separate species, willows easily hybridize, producing crosses between species.

Growing Grapes: How To Get Epic Amounts Of Fruit From The Vine
behavior biology damage disease ecology grape insect ipm management pesticide photographs treatment

Whether you want to make wine, dry raisins, eat fresh grapes or drink grape juice, you’ll begin by growing grapes.

First report of natural occurrence of groundnut bud necrosis virus in Solanum torvum Sw. in India | SpringerLink
disease ecology epidemiology reference research specialty_crops spread

This is the first report of GBNV in S. torvum in India.

Horned Oak Galls Pop
behavior biology ecology forest_health forest_oak identification insect photographs

Horned oak galls are formed under the direction of the gall-wasp, Callirhytis cornigera. The vast majority of the insect and mite galls found on oaks cause little to no harm to the overall health of their host trees. However, these galls are an exception.

Gardenia Insects
behavior biocontrol biology damage ecology fact_sheet identification insect ipm management pesticide photographs specialty_crops

In addition to problems resulting from improper growing conditions, gardenias are also susceptible to several diseases, insect pests and other problems.

Asian wasp's arrival in S. Jersey brings hope to scientists, farmers fighting stink bugs
insect pesticide photographs prevention stone_fruit

Entomologist Anne Nielsen looks for stink bugs on Rutgers University experimental peach orchard in Bridgeton, N.J.

Golden apple snails invade village rice fields, spread rapidly in Ayeyarwady
cost mollusk pesticide photographs prevention specialty_crops spread

Armies of golden apple snails are feasting on hundreds of acres of rice, destroying the crop

​NT melon disease found in NZ | North Queensland Register
disease map photographs prevention

Katherine in the NT has confirmed cases of the plant disease in watermelons now causing export restrictions

Emerald Ash Borer Found in Kewaunee County
alert insect

Emerald ash borer has been detected for the first time in Kewaunee County

Maine Needs Public's Help Rooting Out Bug-Infested Trees
insect photographs prevention public_response

State officials are asking for the public's help in locating several ash trees sold by a major retailer in Maine this summer that may contain emerald ash borer

Corn Tar Spot Update
corn definition disease identification map photographs

Local epidemics of corn tar spot have growers worried in Indiana about how their corn will finish out the season.

Knotty problem – On Japanese knotweed and other unwelcome guests of the Irish countryside
pesticide photographs prevention weed

“Knotweed seems to have displaced ragwort as the Irish plant world’s public enemy number one"

Orange River farmers suffer Oriental fruit fly outbreak
insect photographs quarantine trapping

Several detections of the oriental fruit fly has been reported in the Orange River area

Oriental Fruit Fly Quarantine Expands in Northern California
insect photographs quarantine specialty_crops spread

A portion of Sacramento and Yolo Counties have been placed under quarantine for the Oriental fruit fly following the detection of 15 flies

Oak wilt detected in Ontario County
disease forest_oak prevention quarantine tree_removal

Oak wilt has been detected in Ontario County

Beware of European Pepper Moth
audio behavior damage ecology insect management photographs specialty_crops treatment

Audio snippet with guest, Blake Layton, Entomologist.

New “Endangered Flora Species” series launches with the four-leaf clover on silver Proof coin
history native photographs weed

The Impresa Nacional Casa da Moeda (INCM) has launched a new series of collector coins whose focus will be on the endangered flora once prevalent in Portugal and on the Iberian Peninsula in general

Mumbai’s world of small insects
behavior ecology history identification insect native photographs

The Sanjay Gandhi National Park may be known for its leopards, but there’s much more to see.

Norway’s New Invaders: The Garden Lupin
biology ecology history impact invasives management photographs spread weed

In 2004, there were more than 873 alien species of plant in Norway, most of which are simple garden species. Next week, Malene Nygård will take us through some of the introduction pathways and problems that they present. But now, we look at one of Norway’s most ubiquitous plant invaders, the Garden Lupin.

This year, caterpillars in tents intense
definition identification insect photographs

Deciduous trees across Columbia County seem covered in thick, gooey appearing tents coating the branches and turning foliage brown because of the fall webworm

New outbreaks of devastating crop disease confirmed in UK
cost disease photographs prevention

Lettuce Fusarium wilt have been confirmed at sites in Lancashire and Ireland, with a further case identified in Cambridgeshire this summer

Zebra mussels take last of area's recreational lakes
mollusk photographs prevention treatment

Center Lake is one of the latest in the state to have a confirmed case of zebra mussels

UMass-Amherst scientists claim victory over winter moth, coastal menace now a 'non-pest'
cost damage insect pesticide photographs specialty_crops success

The bug that has caused defoliation of trees and blueberry bushes across coastal New England apparently has met its match: a parasitic fly introduced to affected areas

South Africa, Argentina partially suspending EU-bound citrus exports
disease interception prevention

South Africa and Argentina are this month suspending part of their citrus exports to the European Union for the remainder of the season, according to the Valencian Farmers Association

APHIS Removes the Mexican Fruit Fly (Anastrepha ludens) Quarantine Area in Brownsville, Cameron County, Texas
insect quarantine

Mexfly quarantine is removed fro Cameron County, Texas

Reintroduced Natural Enemies Take Fight to Pests
definition insect pesticide photographs prevention weed

URI has been conducting biocontrol research for several decades and has released numerous pest enemies through the years

Utah Gov. Gary Herbert urges boaters' help in quagga fight |
cost management photographs prevention quarantine slides

Utah Gov. Gary Herbert is urging every single registered boat owner in Utah to decontaminate their vessel upon leaving Lake Powell, warning of an increasingly critical problem threatening the state's water supply

Infectious disease killing oak trees is widespread in Central Texas
behavior definition disease prevention replanting spread

An infectious disease called oak wilt is a silent killer that knows no boundaries

Council learns more about ideas to control Lake Ballinger vegetation; transportation improvements public hearing Sept. 4
cost map pesticide prevention weed

That study, funded by the State Ecology Department, found two non-native invasive plants — Eurasian watermilfoil and fragrant water lily — that have put a damper on boating, swimming and fishing, and have also impacted habitat and water quality for fish and other aquatic species

Farmers warned over rampaging pest
insect pesticide photographs prevention specialty_crops

Mr Pedzisai said tests are being conducted to establish effective insecticides that can be used to control the pest

Govt releases Rs 16.97 cr to check pink bollworm attack on cotton
cotton insect photographs prevention trapping

Following the reports of pink bollworm infestation in cotton-growing areas of Maharashtra, State Government has released Rs 16.97 crore to check the infestation

Managing corn earworm is easy with these tips
behavior corn identification management pesticide photographs specialty_crops

if you grow your own sweet corn, or even if you buy it from a local farmer’s market, you’ve likely come across Public Enemy No. 1 in the corn patch: the corn earworm

Oriental Fruit Fly Quarantine in Sacramento County
citrus insect photographs quarantine specialty_crops

The California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) has established an Oriental fruit fly quarantine covering 123 square miles in Northern California

Invasive Aedes mosquitoes spreading across Southern California
definition identification insect pesticide photographs prevention

Aedes mosquitoes are responsible for itchy, painful bites across greater Los Angeles

Cooter Pond to lose some unwanted Hydrilla
biocontrol management municipal photographs prevention weed

Hydrilla is the bane of Cooter Pond, like unwanted weeds in an otherwise pristine garden

Answer Man: I see musk thistle; does anyone still care about it?
pesticide photographs prevention weed

In this battle against the musk thistle, I wondered, who ensures the plant is controlled?

Giant daddy long legs start hatching this month and they want to come in your house
behavior biology ecology history insect photographs

Daddy long legs, the flying sort also known as crane flies, are insects that look like massive mosquitos. Don't be afraid, however, because crane flies can't bite humans, or even other insects. They are in fact incapable of even killing other insects.

Zebra Mussels found in Bull Shoals Tailwater
cost definition identification mollusk photographs prevention

Biologists with the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission’s Fisheries Division confirmed the presence of zebra mussels in the portion of the White River just downstream of Bull Shoals Dam last week

Senator McGuire passes bill to cut red tape and implement Quagga and Zebra Mussel inspection programs
cost mollusk municipal ordinance prevention

Senator Mike McGuire’s legislation that cuts through red tape and expedites Quagga Mussel inspection programs at Lake Mendocino and Lake Sonoma is now headed to the Governor’s desk after receiving bi-partisan support in the Legislature

Field Tour Offers Close-Up Look at Invasive Species Security
insect meeting photographs

Goats to help 1000 Islands Environmental Center in Kaukauna
biocontrol pesticide prevention weed

Goats eat just about anything, and 1000 Islands Environmental Center is taking advantage of that

Know how Thailand's premium export fruits are protected?
male_sterile photographs prevention

Five million irradiated fruit flies burst out of white boxes every Saturday and race to stop female flies from breeding larvae-filled eggs in Trok Nong, a small rural town in eastern Thailand

Gujarat’s cotton farmers ward off pink bollworm
cotton insect pesticide photographs prevention

The insect pest, which wreaked havoc two years ago, is viewed today as a threat that can be ‘managed'

More problems with invasive plants
complex management municipal prevention weed

Kirksville’s Lakes, Parks and Recreation Department is concerned about the Russian olive that has taken root in the area around Hazel Creek Lake

Park Service turns to goats to combat kudzu in Thurmond area
biocontrol photographs prevention treatment weed

The National Park Service is experimenting with four-legged weed-eaters to get rid of kudzu and other fast-growing, invasive weed species in the Thurmond area

Chikungunya cases rise in India along with temperatures
disease insect photographs

As average temperatures rise in India, so does the risk of frequent and large-scale chikungunya cases spreading in the South Asian country via misquitos

Michigan chestnut update
behavior damage ecology forest_health insect management photographs specialty_crops survey

Chestnut trees around Michigan are starting to push leaves.

Chilli Thrips (Scirtothrips dorsalis Hood)
behavior biology damage ecology fact_sheet identification insect ipm management pesticide photographs specialty_crops treatment

Thrips can enter greenhouses through migration, or via contaminated cuttings or seedlings.

September rose tending brings blooms later in fall
biology damage ecology identification insect ipm management photographs specialty_crops treatment

Unfortunately, there is some very bad news for San Diego gardens, and that is the arrival here of chilli thrips.

A Yearbook Of Seeds 
biology ecology identification photographs weed

From the Uncarina seed’s fashionable coat to the flowing orange locks of the Bird of Paradise seed, we present this year’s seed superlatives.

The ways of watercress
ecology editorial history photographs reuse weed

How watercress arrived in Australia remains open to debate. Likewise whether it was a deliberate or accidental introduction—or some combination of both.

Faba Greens, Globe Artichoke’s Offshoots, Crenate Broomrape and Summer Squash Greens: Unconventional Vegetables of Puglia (Southern Italy) With Good Quality Traits
biology ecology research reuse specialty_crops weed

Crenate broomrape (Orobanche crenata Forssk.), a root parasite plant that produces devastating effects on many crops (mostly legumes), is used like asparagus (Asparagus officinalis L.) to prepare several traditional dishes.

Citrus Root Weevil Identification and Control in Southern Highbush Blueberry
behavior biocontrol biology citrus damage ecology fact_sheet identification impact insect ipm management pesticide photographs reference specialty_crops spread treatment

Citrus root weevil (Diaprepes abbreviatus) has been a destructive pest in citrus trees for many years. More recently, it has become a pest in blueberry in central Florida, at times causing significant damage.

A caterpillar outwits corn defenses by gorging on fattening ‘junk’ food | Science News
behavior biocontrol biology corn cotton ecology insect photographs

Here’s the story of a caterpillar that foils gruesome violence orchestrated by corn.

City fighting birch borer beetle
behavior damage ecology forest_health forest_restoration insect ipm management municipal ordinance pesticide photographs survey treatment tree_removal

Albany's birch trees are fighting off an invader bent on destruction, but city officials are fighting back.

Super Spindle Apple Plantings Pique Interest at IFTA Tour Finale
climate damage ecology insect management organic pesticide photographs specialty_crops trapping treatment

“You do not want this thing,” grower Brian Witzke says. “A lot of guys aren’t spraying for them.”

The gastropods are coming
biology ecology epidemiology invasives mollusk photographs public_response

Gardeners revile snails and slugs for their habit of eating vegetables and fruit; however, their diet is not limited to the crops we enjoy.

Singapore Rhododendron: Bees, a lizard and a bird
biology ecology identification impact native photographs public_response weed

The Singapore or Straits Rhododendron (Melastona malabathricum) is a common weedy shrub that is found all over Singapore. The fruits are sought after by at least 8 species of birds

What did African Black Beetle ever do to anyone anyway?
behavior damage ecology insect management treatment

If you observe 50 –100 beetles wandering across your lawn don’t panic. It’s time to panic only when there is more beetle than lawn visible. This is an extremely rare occurrence.

Citrus Scale Pests: Information On Citrus Scale Control
behavior beneficial biocontrol biology citrus ecology insect ipm management pesticide photographs treatment

So your citrus tree is dropping leaves, twigs and branches are dying back, and/or the fruit is stunted or distorted. These symptoms may indicate an infestation of citrus scale pests. Let’s find out more about citrus scale control.

Garden Huber Q&A
identification photographs public_response reference weed

Q: I hope you can help identify the pretty white wildflower we see around a nearby retention pond and now in our backyard. I have searched the internet several times and could not find a match.

Major diseases of maize | Agri News India
biology corn damage disease ecology fact_sheet identification ipm management photographs training treatment

Take note of the symptoms and control methods of several notable corn diseases.

Fall is time to control a spring pest
ecology forest_oak identification insect photographs

Dear Helen: This spring, in our Garry oak meadow, there have been what looked like large numbers of little black bits like coffee grounds falling from the oaks. What were they? Could they be coming from the green worms hanging from the trees?

How the call for red coats turned a county into a cactus
behavior beneficial biocontrol ecology history insect invasives management photographs specialty_crops trapping treatment

Australia was in a pickle. Once excited to have their first export, the brilliant red dye produced by beetles, Australians found themselves overrun by the insects’ food, the prickly pear cactus, according to islander Terry Domico, author of “The Great Cactus War.”

Emeralds only part of this boring story
damage ecology forest_health identification insect management photographs

Emerald ash borer has been in the news so much in recent years, many homeowners have forgotten there are several native boring insects that attack ash trees. In fact, you may be surprised how many potential attackers exist!

Molecular Detection and Genetic Diversity of Casuarina Moth
forest_pine genetics insect research technology

The casuarina moth, Lymantria xylina Swinhoe, once belonged to the family Lymantriidae in superfamily Noctuoidae. But recent classifications have lowered Lymantriidae to the subfamily Lymantriinae under the family Noctuoidae, and then it was incorporated into Erebidae.

The fas operon of Rhodococcus fascians encodes new genes required for efficient fasciation of host plants
biology disease genetics reference specialty_crops technology

enetic analysis revealed that fas encodes, in addition to the previously identified ipt, at least two new genes that are involved in fasciation development, one of which is only required on older tobacco plants.

Invasive weed found in Idaho’s Lake Coeur d’Alene
definition weed

State officials say they‘ve found an invasive, noxious weed in Lake Coeur d‘Alene in northern Idaho, the curly leaf pondweed

DEC seeks pool owners to assist in survey of invasive beetle
eradication identification insect photographs prevention success

The New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets has worked diligently to manage the Asian longhorned beetles infestations in our state and succeeded in eradicating the invasive beetle from Staten Island, Manhattan, Islip and Eastern Queens

Working together to save Michigan’s valuable hemlock trees
behavior insect pesticide quarantine treatment

Now, Michigan's hemlock resource, estimated at 170 million trees, is threatened by a tiny invasive insect – the hemlock woolly adelgid

Soybean Rust Control Market Overview and In-Depth Analysis with Top Key Players 2028
biology cost disease ecology funding management photographs soybean technology treatment

Over the years, soybean plantations have been terrorized by a disease known as soybean rust. Soybean rust is mainly caused by two fungi, Phakopsora pachyrhizi or the Asian soybean rust and Phakopsora meibomiae, or new world soybean rust. The disease is listed amongst possible weapons for bioterrorism.

Global warming could spur more and hungrier crop-eating bugs
behavior climate damage ecology insect photographs

A warmer world likely means more and hungrier insects chomping on crops and less food on dinner plates, a new study suggests.

Watch Out For Japanese Knotweed
photographs weed

This is the time of year to keep an eye out for Japanese knotweed.

Complete Asian hornets’ nest removed from St Lawrence tree
insect prevention

Asian hornets’ nest was carefully removed from a tree in St Lawrence on Friday by specially trained pest controllers in what is believed to be the first capture of a living colony since the invasive insect arrived in the British Isles in 2016

Officials give warning about the dangers of wild parsnip
definition photographs video weed

The Reedsburg Fire Department is warning the public about a poisonous plant that causes painful blisters.

Need to combat invasive alien species stressesed
eradication mollusk

Indonesia, supported by the ASEAN Member States, made a statement on the issue of the proliferation of invasive alien species (IAS) during the 22nd Meeting of the Subsidiary Body

Invasive, tree-killing pest found in Cole, Callaway counties
insect pesticide photographs prevention treatment

Since EAB was first detected in Missouri in July 2008, the exotic, tree-killing pest has spread to a total of 53 Missouri counties and the City of St. Louis, according to an MDC news release

Is Florida Finally Rid of the Giant African Land Snail?
definition mollusk photographs quarantine success survey video

The war against the Giant African Land Snail maybe coming to an end in Southern Florida.

The Japanese barberry isn't the only invasive shrub in Pennsylvania. See the others
definition photographs weed

The Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources maintains a list of invasive shrubs.

Watch for these corn diseases
corn definition disease management pesticide prevention treatment

Given the wet growing conditions over the last month, corn in parts of Iowa will be susceptible to Physoderma brown spot and node rot, caused by the fungus Physoderma maydis.

Biosecurity battle: Measures against yellow crazy ants succeeding
definition eradication insect photographs prevention spread

NSW DPI have said that movement restrictions in Lismore CBD will remain in place while there is still a risk of the ants spreading, but will be regularly reviewed.

Blueweed Blitz 2018 a success!
pesticide photographs success volunteer weed

Another incredibly successful battle in the war against blueweed was held on July 7, with dozens and dozens of volunteer soldiers heading out into the field to take down the invasive plan during the annual Blueweed Blitz

Center Celebrates the Fruits of Its Labor
disease insect specialty_crops

Over the past century, Pennsylvania fruit growers have faced diseases that killed trees, insects that ruined fruit, shortages of farm labor and changes in growing methods. But through it all, Penn State’s Fruit Research and Extension Center has been there to help.

In two regions of Ukraine revealed cancer potato
definition disease photographs

Synchytrium endobioticum (Schilbersky) Percival is recorded in three districts of Ivano-Frankivsk in the area of 4.45 hectares and the area of Chernivtsi region on the area of 7.59 ha

15 invasive plants that could be wreaking havoc on your yard or garden in Upstate NY
definition pesticide photographs prevention treatment weed

Take a look below at 15 invasive plants that could be right in your backyard or garden wreaking all kinds of havoc

Popular rice variety gets extra gene power to fight bacterial attacks
biocontrol biology disease ecology genetics ipm management photographs research small_grains

Scientists at the Hyderabad-based Indian Institute of Rice Research have developed a new variety of the popular Improved Samba Mahsuri (ISM) rice that can resist bacterial blight (BB) disease.

5 invasive plants to watch out for in Michigan
damage disease ecology history identification management photographs weed

The Michigan DNR says species that are not native and also have the potential to harm human health or to harm natural, agricultural or silvicultural resources can be listed as prohibited or restricted by the State of Michigan.

Fungal diseases may be cause of brown spots on tree leaves
disease ecology editorial forest_health forest_oak identification management photographs

Numerous cankers (localized, injured areas) may appear on stems and branches, and are of greater concern than the symptoms that show up on the foliage.

Keeping apple maggot out of your fruit | Lifestyles |
behavior ecology insect management organic photographs public_response success trapping treatment

Apple maggot is a problematic insect for Clinton County fruit growers this time of year, and can also wreak havoc on apple trees in your yard. With a little bit of management, you can protect your trees from this fly so you can harvest more apples at home this fall.

Assessing the current and future biological control potential of Trichogramma ostriniae on its hosts Ostrinia furnacalis and Ostrinia nubilalis
behavior beneficial biocontrol biology ecology insect management reference research treatment

Understanding interactions between biocontrol agents and their pest hosts under climate change should assist implementation of biocontrol strategies, by identifying appropriate biocontrol agents for release or determining the optimal timing of releases.

FISH hooks, lands big boost from FWC for preserve
cost ecology funding invasives management meeting municipal ordinance photographs tree_removal weed

The Florida Institute for Saltwater Heritage received another much-needed injection of funding at its June 4 meeting.

Birdsfoot trefoil blankets fields and lawns in yellow
biology ecology weed

The flowering period usually lasts for at least one month adding colour to our environment, while all the while providing a desirable, environmentally friendly ground cover.

Bacterial infections
biocontrol citrus disease insect invasives management pesticide specialty_crops treatment

Regularly check crops along bed edges and pathways.

Proposal bans sale of invasive plants in Indiana
ecology interception invasives management ordinance photographs prevention spread weed

Indiana might soon prohibit dozens of plant species from being sold or transported into the state.

Soil Underneath Reveals Hidden World of Communication and Chemical Warfare
behavior biology disease ecology

When the bacterial wilt species Ralstonia solanacearum attempts to contaminate the fungal pathogen Fusarium fujikuroi, the fungus reacts with plethora of antibacterial compounds to maintain the distance from the invader.

TROPICSAFE project present at the 5th “bois noir” Workshop
disease grape management meeting treatment

The 5th “bois noir” Workshop will be held on September 18-19, 2018, at the City hotel in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Control of Citrus Flush Timing Could Improve Psyllid Control
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They say timing is everything in life, and that’s certainly true of the Asian citrus psyllid, which has devastated Florida agriculture for the past decade by transmitting citrus greening disease, also known as huanglongbing

Potato blight confirmed in Monroe County
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Michigan State University agriculture experts “strongly recommend intensive monitoring of potato crops for late blight detection.”

Owen Sound Treats Trees For Emerald Ash Borer
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Owen Sound will resume Emerald Ash Borer treatments on trees within city limits

Nest of up to 5,000 Asian hornets found in St Aubin
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FOLLOWING sightings of Asian hornets around St Aubin over the weekend a nest containing up to 5,000 of the invasive insects has been found in the roof of a property in the village

State invites public to second ash borer session in Frenchville
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The public is welcome to attend and learn more about the emerald ash borer and impacts of its arrival in Maine

After years of caterpillar attacks, 'the trees are dying'
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The trimming and removal of dead or weakened trees due to gypsy moth caterpillar damage in recent years is becoming a widespread - and expensive - endeavor, according to state and utility experts

Plainfield Township hires survey firm to check on gypsy moths
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Plainfield Township has hired a firm to do a survey of gypsy moths to determine how widespread the infestation of the insects is

Invasive Stiltgrass Threat to Be Addressed at Public Meeting
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Japanese stiltgrass is an invasive grass that is very aggressive in displacing native species and resources for wildlife

DNR says check trees for Asian longhorned beetle
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The biggest tree threat in Indiana is the Asian longhorned beetle (ALB), an invasive pest that attacks over a dozen types of trees and those tree need to be checked

Bloomington Lake to Disappear for Winter in Effort to Combat Invasive Weed
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Officials with the Nine Mile Creek Watershed District and the City of Bloomington are getting aggressive about getting rid of the curly leaf pondweed there

Huge Number Of Dead, Dying Trees In Connecticut At Increased Risk Of Falling Due To Years Of Drought, Insects
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Millions of aging trees across Connecticut are dead or dying as a result of years of drought, invasive insects and major storms

Laws have unintended consequences
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In 1972 a woman environmentalist Margaret Sanger went to then President Richard Nixon complaining about DTD, a commonly used pesticide for decades that killed the bark beetle that killed trees in all forests. Nixon then by executive order at the request of this woman banned all use of DTD

Hundreds of trees to be cut down before invasive species strikes
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Hundreds of ash trees are being cut down in one Vermont community before an invasive species strikes

Officials warn of increasing danger of dead trees
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The Hartford Courant reports many of the trees are suffering from years of drought and damage from invasive insects such as the gypsy moth and emerald ash borer

Water hyacinth weed found in Mission Heights Reserve
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An eradication project is underway to rid a waterway in Mission Heights Reserve of the invasive water hyacinth weed

Bid to tackle tree-damaging large pine weevil
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The large pine weevil, Hylobius abiestis, can cause fatal damage to young trees

Spending Millions to Stop the Spread of a Destructive Insect Invader
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Southeastern Pennsylvania is ground zero for an invasive species outbreak that’s threatening trees and crops. Can it be contained?

'Disgusting' invasive water plant part of Lake Simcoe's biodiversity
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Eurasian water-milfoil looks harmless ... But out in nature, the plant becomes invasive and dangerous to the biodiversity

Crop-destroying Weevil a major concern for New Mexico farmers
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Farmers have been trying to stop the pecan weevil from infesting New Mexico

Jake Price: Citrus Greening Disease devastating Florida and threatening Georgia citrus
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Citrus Greening Disease or Huanglongbing disease, is a very serious bacterial disease of citrus

Not quite a plague, but grasshopper destruction looms across state
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The parts of the state lacking rainfall are likely to experience grasshopper infestations soon and could be “the likes of a biblical plague this summer.”

Pennsylvania officials, residents trade tips, stories on dealing with the spotted lanternfly
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Pennsylvania officials, residents trade tips, stories on dealing with the spotted lanternfly

Trying to Stop Spotted Lanternfly from Damaging Crops in NJ
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Three New Jersey counties have been quarantined because of the spotted lanternfly

Take a stand against Japanese stiltgrass
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Stiltgrass control in a nutshell

Spread of emerald ash borer worries First Nations basket makers hoping to pass on skills
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As the emerald ash borer continues to kill swaths of ash trees across Canada, First Nations communities are concerned about the cultural ramifications it will have on the resurgence of basketry

Poughkeepsie Trees Being Taken Down due to Ash Borer
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Be aware of the emerald as borer

Scab returns to Upper Midwest
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The Fusarium Head Blight, an old enemy to Upper Midwest grain farmers is returning in force this growing season

Rutland leaders approve plan to take down ash trees
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Rutland will remove hundreds of ash trees before the emerald ash borer gets to them. The Board of Aldermen voted Monday night for the removal of trees in the urban areas.

Caterpillar damaged trees removed by Eversource
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The power company says the tree trimming is being done six days a week.

Real-time diagnostics for devastating wheat rust
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Wheat yellow rust is currently considered the most damaging disease of wheat globally

Beetles, mites threaten area trees and roses
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The beetle was first discovered in North America in 2002 in Michigan and first detected in Texas — Harrison County to be exact — in 2016

Clarinda Council addresses EAB confirmation
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Clarinda is the first Page County community to have a confirmed case of the Emerald Ash Borer

Bark beetles attacking drought-stressed douglas-fir trees across Washington
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The Department of Natural Resources says they have received an uncharacteristically high number of reports of dead and dying Douglas-fir trees in Washington. The culprits: drought and bark beetles

Japanese Knotweed: the ‘Godzilla Weed’
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Japanese knotweed infestation in the UK is a huge problem

Citrus trees in Southern Alabama facing devastating disease
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A tiny bug called the Asian Citrus Psyllid is causing big problems in Alabama

Emerald ash borer confirmed in three more Iowa counties Invasive insect now found in 64 counties
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The emerald ash borer’s march across Iowa continues, with confirmation of the invasive insect’s presence in three new Iowa counties

Spain declares war against tiger mosquito with sterile males
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SCIENTISTS in Valencia are conducting tests designed to eradicate Spain’s tiger mosquito population

Gypsy moth numbers drop, prompting DNR to suspend spray program
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The Department of Natural Resources is suspending the spraying program due to the decline of the gypsy moth

In Maine, like Worcester 10 years ago, eyes open for Asian longhorned beetle
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Authorities in Maine and elsewhere in the country are asking residents to be on the lookout for the destructive Asian longhorned beetle this month

Site-specific technology aids nematode control when cotton fields turn to soybeans
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Thousands of acres of soybeans in eastern Arkansas are under attack from the root knot nematode

Lackawanna County government accepts requests for gypsy moth spraying
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Lackawanna County government is accepting requests for areas to spray next spring in an effort to control gypsy moth populations

Oak Wilt disease killing trees in state
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A fast-spreading, extremely fatal disease is infecting and killing oak trees throughout the state of Michigan, be aware of the oak wilt disease

Invasive water chestnut clogs local waterways
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The water chestnut -- an invasive aquatic plant that can choke up a place and fast - is growing in full force in Little Brook, CT.

Invasive weed from Asia identified in Iowa
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officials announced that the invasive “mile-a-minute” weed was positively identified in Marion County, in the central part of the state

Florida researchers use fungus in HLB fight
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Researchers also are attacking the source: the Asian citrus psyllid that spreads the disease, also known as huanglongbing (HLB)

Moth provides hope against invasive swallow-wort
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Pale and black swallow-wort are rapidly invading fields and forests across the Northeast, including New York, but a moth from the Ukraine holds promise to keep the weed in check

August is Tree Check Month: Public’s Help Needed to Find the Asian Longhorned Beetle
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This is the best time of year to check your trees for signs of the Asian longhorned beetle (ALB) – a destructive invasive pest that kills trees

Poison lurks beneath the petals of some Shuswap plants
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Two prolific weed problems in the Shuswap are wild parsnip and poison hemlock

URI’s Biocontrol Laboratory heading project to fight invasive weed
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After more than 10 years of research, scientists at the University of Rhode Island’s Biocontrol Laboratory have released a species of moth to help control invasive black and pale swallow-worts

Brazilian peppertree puts Florida child in danger
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After a family moved into their new home in southwest Florida, they noticed a Brazilian peppertree right next door

Anthracnose Destroys Tomato Fruit!
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August in the Lehigh Valley has seen higher than normal rainfall as well as high humidity, and this can affect tomato plants in various ways. One of the diseases that tend to show up with excessive moisture is anthracnose

Nematodes can create serious problems for gardens in Eastern NC
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Nematodes, particularly root-knot nematodes, can create serious problems for home vegetable gardens in Eastern NC

Asian tiger mosquito found in MI, no evidence of Zika
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The invasive Asian tiger mosquito, which is capable of spreading the Zika virus, has been found in Michigan

Destructive Asian gypsy moth eggs found on ships in port of Baltimore
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Three egg masses of the destructive Asian gypsy moth were discovered on a vehicle transport ship in the port of Baltimore earlier this month

Physician, state entomologist weigh in on mosquito-borne disease risk and protection
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The Culex mosquito is one species of mosquito in Charlottesville that could potentially carry and transmit West Nile Virus. There are many more

What Hong Kong could learn from Taiwan in the battle against dengue fever
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The area of Hong Kong infested by the dengue fever vector, the Asian tiger mosquito, was larger this July than the previous 11 years

Farmers concerned as officials work to eradicate invasive fruit fly
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The California Department of Food and Agriculture has set up a quarantine across much of Sacramento and parts of Elk Grove and Yolo County to prevent the spread of the invasive Oriental fruit fly and the Mediterranean fruit fly

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USFS manages national forests and grasslands, conducts forestry research, and provides technical and financial assistance to state and private forestry agencies.

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Established in 2005 at the National Agricultural Library, the NISIC web site serves as a reference gateway to information, organizations, and services about invasive species.

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The Nature Conservancy's Don't Move Firewood Campaign

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