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Schumer announces $400,000 federal grant to fight potato pest
damage funding industry management nematode ordinance pesticide specialty_crops treatment

Schumer said the potato industry is a crucial sector of the upstate New York economy, with over 20,000 acres of cropland on more than 1,200 farms.

Harvey floodwaters bring weird pink things to the Houston landscape
behavior climate ecology identification mollusk photographs specialty_crops

The large apple snails like to climb vertical surfaces to lay their eggs, said Stuart Kuehn, Texas plant health director for the USDA.

West Michigan tree fruit update – Sept. 5, 2017
insect invasives management specialty_crops survey trapping

Harvest is fast approaching – what you need to consider.

Extinct plant not seen for 60 years found in Peak District
history photographs survey weed

Two small populations of the leek-coloured hawkweed, 62 plants in total, have been found flowering on the banks of the Monsal Trail, in Chee Dale.

Which Ohio Trees Will Survive Next Few Decades?
audio damage disease ecology forest_health forest_oak history identification management photographs reporting spread

The Mayor of Akron recently issued a warning to citizens to be on the lookout for a fungus that kills oak trees.

Root and Basal Stem Rot of Sacha Inchi
disease ecology photographs research

Prof. XU Zengfu and his research team from the Chinese Academy of Sciences conducted a study to incubate and identify the disease.

Emerald ash borer found in 5 more Wisconsin counties
ecology epidemiology history identification insect invasives management municipal photographs quarantine spread survey

The insect originates in China. It The was first discovered in the U.S. in Michigan in 2002. It's suspected the emerald ash borer came into the U.S. in packing material.

Carp Eating Invasive Weeds In Candlewood Lake
beneficial biocontrol ecology photographs success weed

Brought to the lake in an effort to regulate the amount of invasive weeds, the introduction of over 7,000 has been deemed effective.

Shot-hole feeding in leaves above ear leaf tell a story
corn ecology identification insect management photographs spread survey

You never know what you may find if you keep your eyes peeled while scouting cornfields.

Help For Honeybees May Come In Form Of Mushroom Extract
audio beneficial biocontrol insect management organic treatment

Steve Sheppard is a beekeeper and the chair of the Entomology Department at Washington State University, and he says help for the honeybees might come in the form of a mushroom extract.

Decision data for winter cereals released
disease research small_grains survey

Since 2008, MCVET (Manitoba Crop Variety Evaluation Team) has been publishing winter cereal data collected from its trials shortly after harvest to help farmers and seed growers make variety decisions.

APHIS Removes Mexican fruit fly Quarantine in the Palmview Area of Hidalgo Co, TX
alert citrus epidemiology insect invasives management ordinance quarantine

This removal of the quarantine area is reflected on the following designated website, which contains a description of all the current Federal fruit fly quarantine areas:

Pest & Crop Newsletter
ecology insect management soybean survey treatment

Soybean aphids have begun to show up in a few northern Indiana soybean fields, some are reportedly over threshold.

Not a One Night Stand: Wildcrafting in Lane County
beneficial invasives photographs public_response weed

Walking with an herbalist and wildcrafter brings a whole new perspective on what is otherwise a mass of green and yellow vegetation.

Southwest Michigan Vineyard Scouting Report for Sept. 6, 2017
ecology grape insect invasives management pesticide photographs survey trapping treatment

Harvest has started or nearing. Watch pre-harvest intervals if you need to spray.

Mediterranean Fruit Fly detected in Fairfield
alert insect management quarantine survey trapping treatment

As part of the coordinated response, Solano County, the CDFA and USDA are working to determine if this fly represents a breeding population, or, if this is an isolated incident.

Experts Stumped On Dying Pine Tree Problem
ecology forest_pine identification impact insect management photographs survey

Many Moapa Valley homeowners have been noticing a problem with their pine trees. And the problem seems to be spreading.

Apple pest research equipping growers for quality harvest
ecology insect ipm pesticide photographs public_response specialty_crops success treatment

Technical assistance and outreach funded by the farmer-driven Northern New York Agricultural Development Program is informing commercial apple growers to effectively manage key orchard pests.

OH woodlands are under attack; can we save our oaks, pines and hemlocks from destruction?
disease fact_sheet forest_health forest_oak insect management photographs public_response risk_analysis spread treatment tree_removal

Beetles, aphids, viruses and fungi are marching into Ohio, attacking the majestic trees that fill our forests, line our streets and grace our yards.

APHIS Removes Mexican fruit fly Quarantine in the San Ygnacio of Zapata County, Texas
alert citrus impact insect

APHIS has worked cooperatively with TDA and the Texas citrus industry to eradicate the transient Mexfly population through various control actions per program protocols.

APHIS Removes Mexican Fruit Fly Quarantine in various counties of Texas
alert damage eradication impact insect invasives

Effective August 14, 2017, APHIS and the Texas Department of Agriculture removed the Mexican fruit fly quarantine area in Granjeno and Mission, Hidalgo County and Harlingen, Cameron County in Texas.

APHIS' Self-Inspection Gypsy Moth Checklist is Available as a Web-based Form
alert damage dontmovefw fact_sheet impact insect invasives public_response spread

If you are moving from a gypsy moth quarantine area to a non-quarantine area, you must inspect your outdoor household items for the gypsy moth and remove all life stages of this destructive insect before you move.

APHIS Establishes New Oriental Fruit Fly Regulated Area in Los Angeles, California
alert impact insect quarantine

APHIS is working with CDFA and the Agricultural Commissioner of Los Angeles County to respond to these detections following program survey and treatment protocols.

ALB eNewsletter | September 1, 2017
fact_sheet insect

Asian longhorned beetle eradication programs are cooperative programs.

Fire ants use their waxy bodies to survive Hurricane Harvey's deluge
behavior insect

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department shared a video Wednesday of an army of fire ants clinging to each other to form a floating mat amid the deluge at Brazos Bend State Park.

Zebra mussels are poster child of invasive species

Clean, drain and dry. The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission wants to keep reminding anyone with a boat or a bait bucket about the crucial practice.

Seminar on EAB to be organized on August 27

A seminar will be organized by Nebraska Extension in Lancaster County and the Nebraska Forest Service to give out information to homeowners on protection against EAB.

US Forest Service (USFS)

USFS manages national forests and grasslands, conducts forestry research, and provides technical and financial assistance to state and private forestry agencies.

Plant Protection and Quarantine (PPQ) Plant Pest Program Information

PPQ safeguards agriculture and natural resources from the risks associated with entry, establishment, or spread of plant pests and noxious weeds.

The National Invasive Species Council

The NISC provides interdepartmental coordination of invasive species actions and works with other federal and non-federal groups to address invasive species issues at the national level.

Bugwood Network

Consolidation and dissemination of information and programs focused on invasive species, forest health, natural resources and agricultural management at the state, regional, national and international levels.

Bugwood - Bark and Wood Boring Beetles of the World

Information and images of economically important beetles that feed on trees and shrubs.

Bugwood - Invasive Species

Invasive and exotic species whose introduction does or is likely to cause economic or environmental harm or harm to human health.

Pest Detection

National Plant Diagnostic Network (NPDN)

National Plant Board

The National Plant Board is a non-profit organization of the plant pest regulatory agencies of each of the states and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. Member agencies must be members in good standing of the Regional Plant Board in which their state or commonwealth is located.

USDA, National Invasive Species Information Center

Established in 2005 at the National Agricultural Library, the NISIC web site serves as a reference gateway to information, organizations, and services about invasive species.

Save our Citrus

Stop The Beetle

The Nature Conservancy's Don't Move Firewood Campaign

A national awareness-building effort to stop the movement of firewood which is spreading invasive pests and killing trees.