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Two Down and One to Go
eradication insect success

On September 12, USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) and its partners declared Monroe Township in Clermont County, Ohio, free of Asian longhorned beetle (ALB).

APHIS Removes the Mediterranean Fruit Fly (Ceratitis capitata) Quarantine Area in Half Moon Bay Area of San Mateo County, California
insect prevention quarantine

Effective October 4, 2018, the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) and the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) removed the Mediterranean fruit fly (Medfly) quarantine in the Half Moon Bay area of San Mateo, California.

APHIS Adds Pale Cyst Nematode (Globodera pallida) Infested Field in Idaho

Effective October 10, 2018, the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) added an 87-acre field to the pale cyst nematode (PCN) infested area in Bingham County, Idaho.

Devastating termite infestations threaten more damage in the wake of post-hurricane floods
behavior damage definition history insect photographs spread

There might be more to clean up after the damage of Hurricane Florence due to the Formosan termites

Informational meetings scheduled to fight invasive plant in Florida Parishes
definition prevention treatment weed

The Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry is implementing a new cogongrass treatment program for Livingston, Washington, St. Helena, St. Tammany and Tangipahoa parishes.

Fungal Diseases that Can Impact Soybean Pod and Seed Quality
disease fact_sheet identification pesticide photographs prevention soybean treatment

There are a number of fungal soybean diseases that can greatly impact seed quality to lookout for

On the trail of hogweed and other invasive plants
damage definition photographs slides weed

The giant hogweed, a new threat to Moore County

APHIS Updates Federal Domestic Soil Quarantines Map
insect quarantine

Removed the Mediterranean fruit fly (Medfly) quarantine in the Half Moon Bay area of San Mateo County, California.

ALB eNewsletter | October 26, 2018
eradication insect inspection prevention survey tree_removal

This eNewsletter is designed to keep you up-to-date with Asian longhorned beetle (ALB) eradication efforts and serve as a meaningful resource for the most current information.

APHIS Removes a Portion of the Township of Monroe, Clermont County, Ohio, from the Asian Longhorned Beetle (Anoplophora glabripennis) Regulated Area
definition insect quarantine survey

Removal of a Portion of the Township of Monroe, Clermont County, Ohio as a Quarantine Area for the Asian Longhorned Beetle

APHIS Amends Requirements for Fresh Blueberry Fruit (Vaccinium spp.) Imported from Chile into the United States
import insect inspection prevention treatment

To prevent the introduction of EGVM into the United States, APHIS requires blueberry shipments from EGVM-affected regions of Chile destined to the United States to be fumigated with methyl bromide at the point of origin or at the first U.S. port of arrival.

Researchers to save Queensland's banana industry
biocontrol cost disease prevention specialty_crops

New funding announced today by Innovation Minister Kate Jones will help Queensland researchers develop a non-genetically modified Cavendish banana that’s able to resist the insidious Panama disease

APHIS Posts New Pale Cyst Nematode (PCN) Eradication Program Report
eradication insect prevention

APHIS’ Plant Protection and Quarantine (PPQ) Pale Cyst Nematode (PCN) Eradication Program in Idaho has posted its 2018 third quarter report (July 1 – September 30).

Boxwood Blight Found in Indiana
behavior definition disease photographs prevention

The DNR Division of Entomology & Plant Pathology has discovered that a shipment of boxwood plants infected with boxwood blight was shipped to Indiana in May.

Fishermen in hospital after being trapped in lake waters
photographs weed

Boats submerged in water hyacinth at Kendu Bay in Homabay County.

What is happening to our pines?
behavior definition forest_pine insect management prevention spread

People are noticing dying pines on Jekyll Island, Sea Island and St. Simons Island and the culprit is one of five beetles

Growers should keep a lookout for vine mealybug
biocontrol damage definition grape insect

As the table grape harvest hits the home stretch in many San Joaquin Valley vineyards, growers are urged to keep an eye out for infestations of the vine mealybug, the crop’s most significant pest.

20 years of Bt corn hybrids
biocontrol insect photographs prevention

Growers are armed with more powerful, more precise tools than ever in history — but the war on corn pests is far from over

Defense mechanisms in corn actually attract its worst enemy
corn cost definition insect treatment

The Western corn rootworm causes more than two billion dollars in corn production losses annually, making it one of the biggest pests in agriculture.

Western bean cutworms a problem in corn, as usual
corn pesticide photographs prevention trapping

Western bean cutworms are a pest that corn farmers must be aware of this year.

APHIS Story Map: Emerald Ash Borer (EAB)
definition insect photographs

Check out the new APHIS story map about the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB)

Disease sickens Charlotte County palm trees
disease prevention treatment video

The Texas Phoenix Palm Decline is in Charlotte County, treat the palms to prevent spread

More than maple
disease insect photographs prevention

Help keep the biodiversity of Michigan by learning about how to prevent the invasion of the emerald ash borer and the beech bark disease

Clare County forest update
definition disease identification insect pesticide prevention

Proper identification can help you treat or manage a disease or issue early on and prevent further damage to help the local trees.

Martinique faces citrus threat
citrus disease

Citrus producers in five Martinique municipalities are facing up to the threat of the citrus canker disease after the disease was detected.

What you can do about ants in your home
definition identification insect management photographs prevention

Argentine ants are the main nuisance ant in the Bay Area.

Raising stink about bugs
cost insect photographs prevention

A new potentially devastating pest to the wine and fruit industry has arrived in Kelowna and BC Ministry of Agriculture officials are very concerned

Gardening With Allen: Birch trees dying from beetle damage
identification insect pesticide prevention

Attacks of the bronze birch borer on white bark birch trees have increased this year due to our hot, dry summer weather.

Tomatoes 'mixing chemical cocktails': Early detection of disease resistance in food crops
disease photographs prevention specialty_crops treatment

Bacterial wilt devastates food crops all over the world. It destroys major crop plants such as tomatoes, potatoes, bananas, ginger and pepper.

West Tisbury Tree Warden Sounds Alarm Over Invasive Vine
eradication pesticide photographs prevention weed

An invasive plant called kudzu has cropped up in West Tisbury and requires an urgent response

Tar Spot Continues to Surface in Corn
corn disease identification photographs spread

There’s a new corn disease that’s continuing to spread across the Corn Belt this year.

Southern Utah Gardening: How to control Colorado potato beetles
insect pesticide photographs prevention specialty_crops

One day, every thing looks great, and the next, your plants are almost destroyed. Here’s how to control Colorado potato beetles

Gardeners beware: A red pest is preying on Red Deer-area lilies
insect management photographs prevention

The red lily beetles are a threat to lilies

Peace Region Pest Update – meet the click beetles
definition insect photographs slides

Hello folks, we’re here this time with some information on an interesting pest we have been monitoring, the Click Beetle.

Watershed Stewards, City Release Beetles to Control Leafy Spurge
biocontrol disease photographs success

According to the City, the male beetles feed off the leaves and shoots, while the larvae go after the roots, therefore weakening the plant and making it harder for leafy spurge to spread.

If your viburnums are full of holes, viburnum leaf beetle is probably to blame
behavior definition insect pesticide photographs prevention

Signs that the viburnum leaf beetle has infested your viburnums

Road Closure While City Removes 7th Case of Dutch Elm Disease
disease insect photographs prevention

Pruning Elm trees attract the Elm Bark Beetle which spreads the fungus that causes Dutch Elm Disease.

Sterile codling moths offer fruitless sex to help wipe out the pest
insect male_sterile photographs prevention video

Thousands of sterile codling moths are being dropped by drone onto central Hawke's Bay apple orchards to help wipe out the destructive wild population of the pest.

JoAnne Skelly: Invasive moth species hazardous to trees
definition identification insect pesticide photographs prevention slides

Keep an eye out for the white satin moths

How to Spot the Cactus Moth
identification insect photographs

Spot the cactus moth to help the prickly pear population

When is it too late to spray for soybean aphid?
insect pesticide photographs prevention treatment

Soybean aphid is the most important insect pest of soybean in Iowa. Regular scouting and timely treatments will protect yield.

Experts issue urgent notice on soybean aphids
pesticide prevention soybean

Scouting for soybean aphids in Minnesota soybean fields should be underway.

Fruit Fly Fighters: Israeli Green Tech Firm Saves Crops By Tackling Infestations Worldwide
insect pesticide photographs prevention

Fruit flies are a nuisance, and researchers are developing eco-friendly pest control methods as alternatives to pesticides.

Tar Spot is affecting more Midwest corn
audio corn disease photographs

A seed company agronomist says corn tar spot is impacting a larger area in the Midwest this year.

Government looks at abandoning bid to halt rampant tree disease
damage definition disease map photographs prevention tree_removal

Officials tasked with stopping a disease that could wipe out a significant proportion of Northern Ireland’s trees are looking at giving up efforts at eradication.

Citrus canker detected in five Martinique communities
citrus insect prevention tree_removal

Five Martinique municipalities are threatened by citrus canker, caused by the bacterium Xanthomonas axonopodis, local news reports say

GARDENING: Controlling the hickory shuckworm
definition insect pesticide prevention specialty_crops

The hickory shuckworm destroys pecan kernels and causes economic lose. Here is how to manage them

Bid to tackle tree-damaging large pine weevil
cost insect pesticide photographs

The large pine weevil, Hylobius abiestis, can cause fatal damage to young trees.

Time To Start Thinking About Pecan Weevil Control
identification insect pesticide prevention trapping

Now is the time to start preparing for managing pecan weevils as they will soon be emerging from the ground and into your pecan trees.

China's adoption of GMO cotton launched 25-year decline in 'hazardous' pesticide use
insect pesticide

Reducing the amount of pesticide used has reduced the infestation of the cotton bollworm

The Nuisance Of The Elm Seed Bug
definition insect pesticide photographs prevention

The elm seed bug, although not threatening, are a nuisance.

We must stop the relentless march of pests that attack crops
corn cost insect photographs specialty_crops

In a span of two years, the fall armyworm has taken a giant bite out of the African economy.

Disease With Unknown Yield Impact Pops Up Across Eastern Corn Belt
corn definition disease photographs

Researchers are making a call for all farmers to send samples of suspected tar spot to learn more about the diesease

Colombia and Honduras lead the way in tackling devastating coffee rust disease
cost disease prevention success

Colombia's coffee industry is rising again despite the toll taken by the coffee rust

Research on the Yampa River seeks to slow spread of highly invasive plant
photographs prevention slides spread video weed

Since the 1960s, leafy spurge has been spreading downstream on the Yampa River west of Hayden.

The Weed Warrior: Knapweed and blueweed don’t need no herbicide
management pesticide photographs prevention weed

For effective knapweed or Blueweed control, from spring to fall, if you do not want to use herbicide, you can employ the millennia-old hand-pull method.

Changing the Landscape – Invasive Plants
photographs prevention slides weed

This post is part of a series about the research of faculty members who are seeking to understand the impact of climate change here in Connecticut, and to work toward environmentally sustainable solutions.

Several dozen head out for Pahrump Saltcedar Control Workshop
complex management photographs prevention slides treatment

Nevada Department of Agriculture Noxious Weeds Coordinator Sean Gephart teamed up with M.L. Robinson of the UNR Cooperative Extension to host a Saltcedar Control Workshop with the aim of teaching locals how to tackle these tough-to-kill plants.

Field bindweed control for yard and garden
pesticide prevention treatment weed

Over the summer the number one weed in South Dakota gardens and yards has been field bindweed

Worse than knapweed
identification prevention weed

Hoary alyssum is a weed worse than the infamous knapweed

One more reason to grow soya bean
soybean weed

a lecturer at Maseno University’s Department of Agriculture says soya beans produce some repelling chemical that induces suicidal germination of the striga weed.

Understanding striga and how to curb the weed
damage definition management prevention weed

Over the years, striga weed has been a threat to food security in the country, affecting mainly the maize crop in western Kenya, where it is prevalent.

The lesser of two weevils
biocontrol insect pesticide photographs prevention

Weevils are being released in Banff National Park to fight the spread of yellow toadflax.

Conservation groups battling invasive water soldier
damage photographs prevention slides weed

Water Soldiers are deadly to the inhabitants of the Canadian waters

Warmth brings more pests and pathogens to Finland's forests
biology insect photographs

Finland's forests are under the threat of these pests

This tiny worm has saved South African companies more than R400 million
biocontrol forest_pine insect male_sterile prevention

These tiny worms are one of the country’s major weapons in the fight against the pine-tree-killing invasive Sirex wasp.

What Is A June Bug?
behavior definition insect photographs

Information on the June BUg

West Fork Watershed Council holds meeting
damage mollusk weed

Vernon County held a meeting to discuss pests that came with the rainfall

Russian Wheat Aphid found in Northern Mallee
insect photographs

Russian Wheat Aphid has been found on wheat crops in the northern Mallee

Xylotrechus chinensis
damage definition grape history insect photographs specialty_crops

Xylotrechus chinensis is an Asian wood borer which has recently been found in two EPPO countries, causing mortality of Morus trees.

SNC continues restoration efforts at Leitrim Wetland
invasives photographs weed

invasive Glossy Buckthorn continues to threaten the sensitive and rare ecosystem.

Search for Asian Longhorned Beetle continues in Brooklyn streets and yards
eradication identification insect photographs prevention quarantine

Brooklyn this week as part of the ongoing battle against a devastating pest called Asian Longhorned Beetle

Two Redwood City palms to be removed
cost disease municipal pesticide prevention treatment tree_removal

Two palm trees in downtown Redwood City will be removed next week after they succumbed to a fungal infection.

Plan now for the 2019 wheat crop
definition disease pesticide prevention treatment

If you are planning on growing wheat or really any small grain there are a few things you want to consider.

State working to contain milfoil discovered in East Winthrop end of Cobbossee Lake
definition identification prevention weed

The infestation of Eurasian water milfoil was discovered late last month by surveyors from the Friends of the Cobbossee Watershed in the key central Maine lake

Invasive starthistle continues to migrate to new locations in Mother Lode;
history management pesticide photographs prevention slides weed

Dealing wit hthe yellow starthistles

Researchers Test Fungus To Treat Weeds, Protect Orchids At Filoha Meadows
audio biocontrol prevention weed

The Canada thistle, a notorious noxious weed, grows in tall, thick patches and covers a lot of ground.

The silent killer lurking in a bale of hay
definition photographs weed

ragwort, a noxious weed and the bane of farmers, widely perceived as the responsibility of local authorities as it persists on road verges, traffic islands and abandoned public places.

What you can do when bugs and rodents move in for the winter
insect management photographs trapping

Cold weather is driving hordes of Multicolored Asian Lady Beetles inside Mainers' homes, where they are not always welcome guests

Taking on issue of cheatgrass
definition pesticide weed

Cheatgrass or downy brome is an aggressive grass species from Asia and is one of the most problematic weeds in the west

Array of Management Methods Needed to Curb the Pesky Squash Vine Borer
biocontrol insect photographs prevention specialty_crops treatment

The squash vine borer is a menace to squash, zucchini, and pumpkins and presents major challenges for gardeners and smaller-scale farmers

Caterpillars in Corn: Earworm, Western Bean Cutworm or Corn Borer?
biocontrol corn cost insect photographs prevention

The end of the summer is a good time to scout for caterpillar damage in corn

Think Ahead for Corn Rootworm
corn cost damage insect pesticide photographs prevention

Resist the damage of the corn rootworm

Tiny beetle is killing SA's trees – and nothing can stop it
identification insect photographs prevention tree_removal

The polyphagous shot hole borer, a native of southeast Asia no bigger than 2mm, has found its way to South Africa and is infesting trees at an alarming rate.

Just what might be showing up in your summer soybeans?
disease insect

This time of year, several soybean samples are sent to the diagnostic clinic for disease and pest identification

Green waste could boost rhino beetle population
insect photographs prevention specialty_crops trapping

The population of the invasive coconut rhinoceros beetle boomed in 2015 because of green waste caused by Typhoon Dolphin

Thousand Cankers Disease: What does it mean for your woods?
disease history photographs prevention treatment

TCD has been discovered in Ohio, it is not prevalent and there is no need to start cutting walnut trees due to this tree disease.

DEC Announces Ecological Services Project To Combat Southern Pine Beetle Infestation On Long Island
insect prevention tree_removal

New York State is combating the spread of the Southern Pine Beetle by conducting ecological forest operations on Rocky Point Pine Barrens State Forest

Western Bean Cutworm reaching record numbers
biology corn pesticide photographs prevention soybean trapping

Michigan State University Extension is encouraging farmers in northeastern Lower Michigan to scout their dry beans and corn for western bean cutworm over the next two weeks.

US Forest Service (USFS)

USFS manages national forests and grasslands, conducts forestry research, and provides technical and financial assistance to state and private forestry agencies.

Plant Protection and Quarantine (PPQ) Plant Pest Program Information

PPQ safeguards agriculture and natural resources from the risks associated with entry, establishment, or spread of plant pests and noxious weeds.

The National Invasive Species Council

The NISC provides interdepartmental coordination of invasive species actions and works with other federal and non-federal groups to address invasive species issues at the national level.

Bugwood Network

Consolidation and dissemination of information and programs focused on invasive species, forest health, natural resources and agricultural management at the state, regional, national and international levels.

Bugwood - Bark and Wood Boring Beetles of the World

Information and images of economically important beetles that feed on trees and shrubs.

Bugwood - Invasive Species

Invasive and exotic species whose introduction does or is likely to cause economic or environmental harm or harm to human health.

Pest Detection

National Plant Diagnostic Network (NPDN)

National Plant Board

The National Plant Board is a non-profit organization of the plant pest regulatory agencies of each of the states and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. Member agencies must be members in good standing of the Regional Plant Board in which their state or commonwealth is located.

USDA, National Invasive Species Information Center

Established in 2005 at the National Agricultural Library, the NISIC web site serves as a reference gateway to information, organizations, and services about invasive species.

Save our Citrus

The Nature Conservancy's Don't Move Firewood Campaign

A national awareness-building effort to stop the movement of firewood which is spreading invasive pests and killing trees.