This pest presents a significant threat to food or forest plants. Click the photo to learn more about this exotic pest.
The Cooperative Agricultural Pest Survey (CAPS) program is sponsored by the Plant Protection and Quarantine division of USDA Animal and Plant Inspection Services. Surveys to detect and prevent the spread of this pest are being supported in the higlighted states.
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Stopping exotic
invaders is a
community effort.
Cooperation to Manage Exotic Weed
Onionweed is a tenacious invasive weed that grows well in poor soil and has established in the Southwest. It can degrade pasture land as it crowds out native grasses and is unpalatable to livestock. A dedicated group of Arizona homeowners working with APHIS Plant Safety and Research staff members removed onionweed from their landscapes. In 2008, there were 116 sites with no onionweed plants found and numerous others with visible efforts at control of this invasive plant.
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